Arsenal show passion and energy to stop Liverpool coming back

Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool Review by Jack Fealy

Pressured Arsenal steal the game from dominating Liverpool after two costly mistakes from Van Dijk and Allison.

Liverpool went ahead with a well constructed goal, finished by Mane. However, the Champions threw the game away as Lacazette and Nelson capitalised from their rare mistakes at the back.

Within minutes of the game, Liverpool had chances and the Gunners were on the back foot. A mistake from Martinez saw his kick deflect of Firmino’s foot to go wide off the post.

Liverpool’s goal was coming, and in the 20th minute, the Arsenal back line melted away as Robertson found Mane in the box for a simple tap in.

Although the Gunners had conceded, Arsenal’s game plan of defending and pressing Liverpool’s back line seemed to have worked on Wednesday night.

Liverpool captain Virgil Van Dijk was at fault for the equalising goal, as Nelson pressed the Dutch defender, forcing him to play the ball to the path of Lacazette, who rounded the keeper.

Liverpool made Arsenals second goal themselves just before half time, as Allison was punished for a poor pass, anticipated by Lacazette, who found Nelson in the box to calmly slot the ball away.

Alexander-Arnold was shown only a yellow card for a poor high challenge on Saka, which was similar to Nketiah’s challenge which cost him suspension.

For the rest of the game, Arsenal defended with passion and energy, as Liverpool came forward with many chances to equalise. Arsenal had only 31% of possession to Liverpool’s 69%, and only 3 shots to Liverpool’s 24.

Although the second half was hard to watch for Arsenal fans, the defending from a labelled vulnerable back line proved their determination and belief, keeping Liverpool out successfully.

After Arsenals defeat to Spurs on Sunday, the Gunners have bounced back by winning a must win game, with a potential Europa League spot now in sight.

7th place is now enough to qualify for the Europa League, with Arsenal needing to gain 6 points from Aston Villa and Watford to have any chance of qualification.

This is the first time Arsenal have beaten Klopp’s Liverpool, who have now lost 3 games this season, and can no longer achieve the 100 point record.

Reiss Nelson spoke to Sky after the game stating that: “[The win] is a big achievement for us. We have been working hard training this season. We will take this result to the next game.”

The goal scorer also spoke on Arteta’s game plan: “The boss said keep pressing and keep them under pressure. It’s something he wants to do and carry on.”

Arteta also spoke to Sky, expressing his happiness with the team and the result: “In terms of energy and happiness in the dressing room, it was a great medicine [after Sunday].

“You have to take your chances and defend, we did that today.”

“The belief, I was worried, but we managed to pick moments and believe again. Here is the reward.”

Arteta also expressed how big the gap is between Arsenal and Liverpool in terms of quality and was asked how much financial backing he will have in the transfer window. He responded: “I don’t know. It is a big concern.”

Is this something Arsenal fans should be worried about in terms of qualifying for the Champions League next season?

Although the quality between the sides is different Arteta stated that: “The energy, the commitment, and the fight of the two teams now is equal, and before it wasn’t like this. I am very proud of that.”

Arsenal have proved that pressure and being solid defensively in big moments can win games, taking chances and having the determination to bounce back from going behind. The team press and anticipation is now seen as a key part to Arteta’s game plan, with it being successful against the Premier League Champions.

Jack Fealy


  1. It is good news,MA is not under any illusions ,in the same way he doesn’t panic after a loss he doesn’t get carried away after a win over Pool or Wolves,he knows the situation we are in and what needs to be done on and off the pitch,I trust him and has my full backing!

    1. Well said 👍
      I love the fact Arteta always carries himself well .
      Yes we are miles behind Liverpool ,we know it ,but the most important thing is that Arteta knows it also.
      A good and I think fully deserved 3 points the way we defended .

  2. After listening to Arteta’s interview yesterday I wonder if the “He got the job because he’s a Yes man” crew will show up.
    This is someone clearly making his own decisions without flinching, someone doing what your previous managers wouldn’t do.
    Publicly put the hierarchy under pressure and under public eyes.
    In simple term, even himself he’s worried and what he said is the fact that he has managed the players he got to the best of them, there’s nothing else he can do anymore if he’s not backed to bring in his own players.
    You gotta admit it’s troubling when your coach publicly admits he was worried after we conceded the first goal, he probably went “Oh here we go again, what do I do with these boys”.
    He needs massive investment.

    Keep piling up the pressure Arteta, we are with you



        Eddie, this man Arteta will take us forward, but needs the backing that Wenger didn’t get – at least it seems the “vast majority” are backing him, but we both commented on how the gloom and doom merchants came out in droves after the spuds defeat.
        It won’t take much for these grim reapers to start telling him who we should buy, sell, give away and swap, despite kronkie’s ownership, just watch this space.

        1. Jon, I suggest you read an article by Lee on the Daily Cannon site – that might just give you an insight into what Wenger has done under kronkie, compared to what the support Pep has been given… and Arteta will face EXACTLY the same situation when trying to compete with city and chelsea.
          You might just grasp the situation one day?!?!

    2. And the gap wont be shortened with the likes of Luiz, Marri and Cedric and Mustafi.Investment required? Yes but for better players. Not what he has chosen, but give credit to the man for handling the injured Ozil situation very well.

      1. Better players are needed yes but we ain’t going to get them at gun point. We need to pay good money for which is in the shortage at the Clubs for now. So what are we going to do

      2. Yes let’s jump at it, we’ve seen Cedric play for half a season.. The Mari you and I never heard about before, we’ve seen him play a full season and he’s terrible.
        I’ve seen you complain and complain about both players as though you’ve seen them play for us for months, somehow Pepe never seems to pop up in your statements.

        David Luiz accepted a pay cut to sign and the consensus is that he’s not meant to be a starter next season, he’s meant to just add experience to the team. We’ll be having Chambers and Saliva back, but keep going on with your agenda as though Arteta has wasted money signing anyone

        1. I agree with you Eddie. We should trust the manager. If we get past Man City which is possible, we have a chance of getting a trophy. I have been calling names of players we should sign. But it is of no use. Arteta has done well so far. Especially the improvement on Xhaka.

          1. If we spend #100million next season. I believe we will compete for the premiere league again. Buy Adama Taorre for #80million and get Maxima for #20million. The money raised from the sale of Mustafi (#20million) + Sokaratis (#10million) + Eleney (10million) + Miki (#5 Million) = #45million. Will land Partey, which as a price tag of #45million. The money from the sale of Ozil (#20million) will keep celebalos permanently. Then loan a good number 10 if Couthino is available on loan get him. If not just get a no 10. If Guendozi stays, loan Niles, if he decides to leave keep Niles. Loan Nekittha, Nelson, Willock and Mavarapopulous. Keep Bukayo Saka and Martinelli because the can play in multiple positions. Our defence will be ok, provided Saliba and Mari are not over hyped. We will still have, Luiz, Holding and Chambers as back up. Hopefully the board can, take note of my comment. And work on it. Together we are moving forward. Let us believe in the Movement and keep improving.

        2. Eddie, I still cannot wrap my head around having David Luiz on squad even with that explanation. We have sooo many CB’s and need a clear out. Do we pay to keep on David Luiz just because he might give good instruction to some of the younger defenders? I feel like we have people like Mertesacker if needed and that is what Bould SHOULD be doing.

  3. I agree with Eddie that Arteta isn’t a yes man. His post match interview said as much.

    He applauded their commitment but in no uncertain terms let Kroenke know that without substantially investing in key areas he can’t do any more than he has with the squad.

    Regarding our chances of getting into Europe we will know more after the match between Leicester and Spurs on Saturday, but it’s a long shot. Hopefully, City will be concentrating on the Real Madrid game rather than the FA Cup

  4. Arteta is doing decent job with these players but another thing we need to consider current mentality of our players…
    Arsenal have lost 15 points since Arteta has taken over… Even if you add 12 Points to current tally then we would have been sit on 3rd right now…
    So Mentality is also problem…
    Arteta need to install that also.

    1. And how many points did we lost before Arteta??
      Arsenal have conceded just 18 premier league goals under 18 games since Arteta became coach.
      Compared to conceding 27 goals under the first 18 games before he joined.
      Unbeaten in all league games at the Emirates since 2020 after losing 3 home games last Dec.
      You really expected us to be in the top three or four simply because Arteta got the job?
      Miracles don’t happen I’m football.
      We’ve seen .massive improvement and upgrade all under him, it won’t happen at once, it’s a progress that needs to go further now with him being backed in the transfer market

      1. Not really sure what massive means … I haven’t seen big improvements with individual players like xhaka … But what really matters is how we are doing as a team relative to other teams .. It’s call d a league for a reason. We were 5th last season we probably will be lower this season … so If the table is anything to go by the best to be said is we didn’t drop too much behind. teething issues of new manager ?inexperience ? ..not sure but teams above us have new managers … Still for me the big problem remains substandard players and a disinterested owner

  5. Good old Arsenal, we’re proud to say that name,
    And while we sing this song, we’ll win the game! ❤ (love it!!)

    Just watched MOTD…. even sweeter the second time round 😉

    1. Did you hear souness last night Sue ? Saying we need more than 4 players to make top 4, alright he may be right but he goes on to say about the defence and goalkeepers he says they have Leno, he’s competent, I wouldn’t rush on that department if they have a low transfer budget something along those lines.. so he was subtlety saying if we had money we need a new goalkeeper.. embarrassing! Leno and Martinez are as good as anyone and I don’t care what anyone says! Yeah because teams are beating utd and Chelsea’s door down for De Gea, Romero, Kepa and almost 40 year old Caballero 🤔

      1. Oh Kev… along with John Aldridge “only nature that your game dips after making a mockery of the league” 🤣🤣 Well ours didn’t dip!!!
        Pass the sick bucket, Kev, this love-in with that lot is really nauseating!!!
        Excuse after excuse… can’t wait to hear what Thompson has to say on Saturday, more BS no doubt!!
        (And tbh I was too busy staring at Souness’ shoes!! The sort my son would wear 🤣🤣🤣)

        Leno and Martinez are both superb, as you rightly say!!

        1. Hahaha love that about the shoes 😆 yeah a 60 something year old wearing teenagers trainers 😂😂 this will shock you Sue Michael Owen predicted another defeat yesterday so what’s that now ? 36 games played 34 defeats and 2 draws 🤔 Owen wants to get that crystal ball checked 😂😂 world class, not competent Souness 😉😆

          1. Haha yeah Sue Souness was also trying to explain defeats happen after winning the league and Sol Campbell sat across the table from him, you couldn’t make it up 😂😂

          2. Sky are showing the match again, Kev, so I have it on… it’s 1-1 atm…
            Sometimes these pundits really do make themselves look stupid (& I don’t just mean the shoes, Kev 😜) hahahaha!!

          3. Haha yeah on sky sports premier League 😂 I’ve seen it again earlier 😜 notice how we never get credit when we defend well, but not a peep said about Totts and Chavs leaky backline ? They love hating on us and how Trent wasn’t sent off last night is unbelievable 🤔 I don’t believe he tried to injure Saka but Nketiah saw red for almost the identical challenge one rule for us another for everyone else! I would be contacting the FA and asking for an explanation and I know you would too 😉😜

    1. Well I had to wear an Arsenal shirt in today, Ken!! Didn’t want to change into my uniform 🤣
      Yes, they heard about it all day long but came back with all the codswallop I was expecting “it doesn’t matter, we’ve won the league” blah blah blah…. I soon ailenced them (a bit like last night 😜). The only disappointing thing was 2 of them weren’t in, they’ll keep 😉 It was great, Ken!!!

      1. Yes… let’s hope he heals quicker and he’s back sooner than expected… as that really is a bummer!

  6. Just remember one thing, they weren’t in their best shape!
    Trust me, except for Mane I didn’t feel any one of them was there to win. Although I liked seeing Teirney and Holding but with Luiz in between I had the feeling that soon he will make a mistake!

    Was a great win but don’t celebrate yet, we still have the “real exam” coming!

  7. Let us face the facts.
    Fact 1: The gap is enormous as MA says.
    Fact 2: Quality quality players required.
    Fact 3: For improvement $$$ required.
    Hope Wiggy, Raul and the East Indian accountant are listening to MA.

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