Arsenal showed cojones to beat Watford, but will the Board find theirs?

Good win to shut up Deeny, but decisions still need to be made. by Konstantin Mitov

We’ve beaten Watford 3:0 at the Emirates! A second clean sheet in a row, fastest 50 PL assists for Ozil, Cech with 200 premier league clean sheets and its all good right? What crisis are you talking about?

Now on a more serious note, it was nice to see Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan link up today as it was so reminiscent of Dortmund, but the best thing that happened was Deeney missing a penalty which Cech actually saved!

This was the only moment that really got the crowd up for something, and it was nice to shove it in his throat for what he said, and just like Milan who were so happy to draw us, and ended up smacked 2:0 at home, because we still are THE Arsenal, and there still are a few good players in the team.

This win is not too meaningful though. True it’s a needed bit of confidence but we did thump Everton 5:1 and Palace 4:1, but when we go away it’s just shocking and our record against the top 6 sees just one win, and with an away game at Old Trafford I don’t see a second one coming.

This situation we are in is so reminiscent of last season. We’ve essentially thrown another year in the garbage under Wenger and this situation is exactly what he wants. He’s run us to the point where nobody expects anything and if we win, Arsene is the master who’s still got it!

I think that 2:0 win at Milan granted him his final year on his deal. Now if we don’t spectacularly capitulate against AC on Thursday, the board will say well we’re super ‘overachieving’ because we beat the great AC Milan who’ve won 7 CL titles, and in true Board fashion, they’ll completely ignore the fact this Milan, despite improving under Gatuso, is still not the great team of the past.

Despite this fantastic victory at Milan, the stadium was again half-empty against Watford and this is how it will be until Arsene is gone. There have been reports about the people who will decide Wenger-s replacement and reports vary.

The mirror suggest Jason Rosenfeld, Raul Sanllehi, Sven Mislintat and Gazidis will be key, but I’m not sure the Kroenke’s will let others decide and the founder of StatDNA and our main scout are both questionable figures in terms of determining the next manager.

I doubt you’ve forgotten that Stan Kroenke is a business man and Arsenal is a business for him. We still reported 50+ million profit on the last AGM, and this is what has saved Wenger his job, it’s not his managerial abilities, nor the results, because they’ve been shocking, despite 2 nice wins in a row.

Besides, Arsene’s good relationship makes it all the more difficult to get rid of him, which remains the best thing for this football club at the end of the season regardless if we win the Europa or not. And any thoughts on Arsene going mid-season are just a joke as the owners definitely lack the cojones to do it.

And when you look at the people we want, it’s Joachim Loew that always pops up first, but there’s a slight problem. There’s a World cup and getting the manager of the defending champions will be a difficult task considering he has a contract till 2020.

So the board can easily say, well, nobody is available so we will take the ‘difficult’ decision to stick with failure again, when good managers will be available and are available right now. Ancelotti anyone?

But touching on Loew, there’s something similar to Arsene about him that just makes me want another figure here, although, of course I’d take any manager as long as Wenger leaves, but look, he’s been managing Germany for 14 years, if you count the 2 years, he was an assistant coach and I feel Arsenal needs change of dynamics, not another emperor.

Another problem I have with Low is the fact that national team football and club football are two completely different things, but he is managing a country that demands success on national football so I might be wrong, but it just seems difficult to get him and the club needs massive rebuilding in the summer if we are to move further up than 6th next year.

So this means a manager needs to come in who would be 100% focused on the job at Arsenal and he’d have to take over the moment the summer starts in order to get his ideas to the squad as well as the signings he wants.

And you also have to consider the fact that our midfield is in a pretty shaky state as Ramsey could be sold due to not signing a new deal yet, and Wilshere could leave for free, so it’s a massive summer and when Arsenal needs a massive job, the board always relies on Wenger and will do it once again.

Arsene will be blamed for all the misery (and rightly so) that has come to us and will come again next season if he stays, but for the owner its pretty easy to pay him 2 more millions an year and let him deflect all the problems, rather than risk losing his trusty financial employee for a guy who might demand actions that will take us forward.

Apart from all that, at least there is a good chance to get past the round of 16 in a European competition for the first time in ages and there could be a few more meaningful games this season, before the time for tough decision inevitably comes!



  1. Roxana Kelly says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Kroenke knows nothing about football therefore has no regard for the game, the players or the nonce to know when to change a manager let alone who would be an asset at taking the club forward and to where it needs to go to compete with the Big Boys in the league or Europe for that matter. That’s why he is quite happy to let Wenger take the fall – continuously for the 8 – 10 years. Look where his teams are in the US of A for goodness sake – they are nowhere! I say to all fans – the only way to hurt Kroenke & Sons is in their pocket – if it means boycotting the games then so be it. The ultimate stand has to be against Kroenke et al, they are the rot that is Arsenal and that has infected Arsenal, and they should be lanced like a boil.

    1. Muff diver says:

      Please don’t call wenger that
      Have abit of respect

      1. Roxana Kelly says:

        I’m talking about Kroenke & Sons and “et al” refers to the other muppets that are also quite happy to see Wenger take the fall! Thought that was obvious!

      2. jon fox says:

        It is plain that you do not understand old English. Though rarely used today, the expression ” for the nonce” was commonly used not too long ago. It is plain to grammerians that “nonce” was not meant in the way you imply. If it were, I would have taken offence on Wengers behalf, for whatever he is the modern term of “nonce” is untrue. Perhaps you should read more books and educate yourself away from merely social media.

        1. Roxana Kelly says:

          Well maybe I did use the word incorrectly, my apologies, however, I still fail to see where in my comments I called Wenger any names at all, either directly or in reference. I did not. I do however stand by the fact that Kroenke et al are the proverbial boils that require to be lanced from this great club before it descends into mediocrity.

          1. jon fox says:

            Roxanna, My reply, defending your use of English, was not for you but for muffdiver; hardly a pleasant name itself! You did not call Wenger any names at all and I MADE THAT POINT. But to HIM, not you, since there was no need. Your English was fine in my opinion and even if many of us – as I do myself from time to time- do phrase things incorrectly, it is not for others to pick us up for so unimportant a matter. This is an Arsenal site, not an English language improvement one, after all. I feel sure you will agree. However there are some unfortunates who have no use whatever of punctuation and that sometimes makes their thoughts VERY difficult to understand.

          2. Roxana Kelly says:

            Point taken and I do agree. Let’s agree on one thing though – the Kroenke’s et al are really the problem with Arsenal FC right now. The manager, a close 2nd.

    2. Julius Ouko says:

      Fans should not by seasonal tickets unless Wenger departs. Kroenke will only react when it hurts his poppocket.

  2. i was a gooner says:

    Henry heading to Emirates in the summer- a strong possibility, even if Wenger remains.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I hope not! We need a complete overhaul in the summer, meaning no ex-Arsenal players, especially ones that have played under Wenger. We need a completely new, and fresh approach.

    2. jon fox says:

      Why do you think this way? Just because Bould (who has been given NO chance by Wenger, clearly, and they are virtual strangers when sitting side by side on the bench,it seems) SEEMS not to have pulled up any trees, it would be foolish in the extreme to give a blanket ban to all ex- Wenger players who have played at TRUE top level. I agree we need a complete overhaul but that surely need not include future coaches, merely because they played under Wenger. This is about the first time I have ever disagreed with any of your many posts and, on Wenger being out ASAP, we think as one.

  3. pires says:

    So now konstantin even Joachim Low isn’t good enough for you ,halliluja!!!!!

    1. pires says:

      you’r right anyway cause he’s very Wenger-like….

  4. Innit says:

    None of Kroenke’s teams are doing well
    But he def doesn’t know much about football.
    He is in it for the money innit

  5. I don’t understand why no one ever mentions Ancelotti. His record stands at:
    UEFA Champions league won X3
    UEFA super cup X3
    FIFA Club world cup X2
    EPL won X1
    Bundesliga X1
    Serie A X1
    League 1 X1
    Coppa Italia X1
    Coppa Del Rey X1
    This man is clearly brilliant! Who else boasts of such an accomplished CV? We must do everything we cant to snap him up he is no ordinary joe over here. If guys want to take a chance on Henry and Arteta who have managed nothing why not Ancelotti? Guys please, this guy has the pedigree we need, the experience of winning EVERYWHERE EVERY TROPHY!

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      You’re right he has the experience, knowledge and discipline Arsenal need and is available. Other well credential contenders should be Simeone, Allegri, Conte or Jardim, if Arsenal can prise them away from their current clubs. Low has been out of club management for too long which is a risk.

    2. Muff diver says:

      He’s a legend .But the teams he done that at were best in Europe Q
      His input has diminished over time
      He like wenger is too buddy buddy
      Age has softened him

      Klopp pep allegri – next wave

    3. Lance says:

      QD, I agree with you that Ancelotti should be our next manager. With the crisis Arsenal are in, Ancelotti can steady the ship because of his experience. We may also sign either of Arteta or Veiera as Ancelotti’s assistant with the goal of him taking over from the Italian after say three years.

  6. AndersS says:

    Best thing yesterday was the halt empty stadium. This can be seen on the bottom line, just like the missing out on Champions League is showing. Eventually, this is what will get Wenger out, if it continues.

  7. John0711 says:

    Let’s be honest anyone would be an upgrade

    1. Muff diver says:

      I get ur frustration.
      But that’s just not true

    2. jon fox says:

      Even my cat! True!

  8. Regular boycotting of arsenal matches is the only way Kroenke will listen to fans. I want people to know that the owner and everyone earning big money in the club has no regard and concern for fans. Fans have been complaining for the past ten years but nothing changed because the stadium is always full in capacity and at the end their pockets are full with millions. Leaving the stadium empty will surely sound their minds and know what to do.

  9. Chau says:

    The problem lies in Kroenke not Arsene Wenger. His strategy of running AFC is self-financing. Since he bought the club, there has been no investment from the owner. Club has paid for the cost (original and interest of debt) of new stadium and made profit every year for 14 years by its own resource. If selling his stoke now, Kroenke will make a big profit as share price has increased by 6-7 times. For reference, during that time, Chelsea lost 1 billion pound, which was paid by Abrahamovich. The only way to make this happened was cutting budget of buying new players, limiting salary, selling big players & buying cheap (but high risk). That’s why, there has been no big titles since 2005. All big players left only Wenger left with his kids. In this aspect (Kroenke eyes), Arsene has done very good job. Look at Milan, Inter, even Chelsea, etc.. as soon as club operates on limited resource, it will be on decline.
    So, you should target Kroenke instead of Arsene or even Ganzidis. If you were good enough, bought Kroenke share, change the manager and pour in 500 mil. pounds in 2 seasons, you will be ManC or may be not.
    In another aspect, fans always call or crying for loyalty from players, Coaches, but that is unfair. These men (players) understand very well that as soon as they performance drop, they will be kicked out without mercy. So as long as they are on the high, they should seek for more money or glories. That will be fair game. As soon as kicking out Wenger, the most loyal employee AFC has in 20 years, Arsenal fans will have nothing to do with cases of Asley Cole, Vieira, Fabregas, Henry, Adebeyor, Nasri, Songs, Sanchez, Ozil, etc…
    What do you think?

    1. jon fox says:

      I think you have a totally wrong take on what loyalty actually is! I agree, obviously with all the true things you say about the awful Kroenke. But I suggest to you that Arsenal FC made Wengers name, far more than the reverse. In 1996 when Wenger was 47, hardly a youngster even then, he was unknown in big leagues. Arsene Who? Remember? This club made him famous and yes he did superbly well for the first decade. He is now in his third decade here and has been a failure longer than he was a success , at the level this club has a right to expect. All our rival clubs are leaving us far behind and sprinting away into the distance, while we slide towards the Leicesters, Evertons and Burnleys of this world. Many fans have been far more loyal to this man (and his last decade failure) than he had any right to expect. Like it or not, we live in a modern world and ONLY modern methods, modern people and modern attitudes will do at our level. Loyalty, if it means anything worthwhile, MUST be two ways. It is abundantly obvious – and finally even to the regime above Wenger – that his time has run it’s course. The faux “loyalty ” that Wenger claims, in humbug style, to show , is ONLY to his own power, salary and his inability to do anything else outside football, which at 68, most people of his age have to accept. I should know, being almost exactly that age myself, with many other interests outside football. But then I am a well rounded person but Wenger is a selfish obsessive man , unhealthily harming our club further each week he remains.

  10. TH14 says:

    Interesting to note that Wenger mentioned the empty stands on Sunday in the press interview. Nice to know the empty seats were noticed.

    I except that after 21 years we need a new manager, but with the current owners and people running the club, will any other manager actually do better at Arsenal.

    Do you believe the the current board will go out there and find someone better than Wenger?

    Do you believe the board will hire a new manager demanding Premier League and Champ League titles? Or will they think top 4 is enough?

    I am not sure…

    A board with no vision, desire or belonging… They all need to go. Kronke needs to sell now as this will be the highest return of investment he will get… If he continues to be majority share holder for the foreseeable future, then we are all on a loss – loss scenario.

    Kronke, do the right thing, sell and give it to someone whom cares…

  11. Jimmy Jazz says:

    I think its extremely unlikely that a new manager will make a significant difference unless he his given a transfer fund similar to manc and Manu. I doubt that will happen. No other club over the past 15 years or more has won the EPL without spending big. There is Leicester of course but that was a unique 5000 to 1 event. Hasnt happened before and will be many years before it happens again. Only other chance we have is if one or more of our youngsters make it to an elite £100 million plus level.

    1. jon fox says:

      I can scarcely believe you are serious, saying a new manager will not make much difference. Surely you have noticed other managers actually COACH their teams. Ours clearly does not . Nor does he have any regard for the necessity of defending; of building and actually COACHING a defence. That alone would make a huge difference , even with exactly the same squad as now. Other top teams have a spine through the team and players with heart. And REGULAR heart too; not just once in a while, when the fans rightly crucify their lack of “cojones” and sting them into action . Until the next capitulation! Frankly, if you have NOT noticed those things you need SpecSavers.

      1. Jimmy Jazz says:

        I just think its unlikely that our league position will improve significantly without significant investment. We may move up from 6th to 5th and if two of the teams above us go into freefall we may even make the top four next year. The teams above us are better than us, have top coaches, will offer CL football to potential new recruits and most, if not all of them, will also probably spend more money than us. You can see how difficult it will be to improve our league position. It will take time.

  12. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    A new manager will make a difference to Arsenal’s current decline, by making better use of the available players by coaching, adjusting tactics to suit opposition, better utilizing available transfer funds to source emerging players with the assistance of Arsenal’s transfer team and instilling discipline by dropping players who are late for training or party prior to games.
    You only have to look at the performance of Simeone at Atletico Madrid against Real Madrid and Barcellona with non comparative resources.

    1. Jimmy Jazz says:

      If i look at Athletico Madrid i see a team who generally finish 3rd to Barca and Real. They may split the two this year. I think we need a new manager and may improve some performance aspects of our team, but my view is that without significant investment it will take many years to get us back to a title challenging team. I cant think of any other team in the EPL who have regularly challenged for the title without spending huge sums. Lets hope im wrong.

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