Arsenal showed this “best ever Tottenham” team that North London is Red again

Arsenal put Tottenham back in their place with a second half masterclass! by Konstantin

Good evening lovely Arsenal people. Arsenal showed all those biased pundits who keep praising this best ever Tottenham squad that by the way has won nothing, that North London is red.

And those mice should go back to their corners and hide, because Wenger is gone and in just six months we’ve become a very difficult team to beat, which shows character, doesn’t drop heads, and should be given the credit it deserves.

This was literally the best atmosphere I’ve seen at the Emirates for a very long time. Incredible, and it’s all Emery. The guy electrified everyone. Look at his celebrations, even at the fourth goal, the guy was mad! I’ve never seen us have a manager with such an attitude.

And I was so happy we showed those diving cheats we can beat them even with Mike Dean being his usual self against us. And also that little man Dier should be very careful with his actions, because they are the ones who keep running their mouths all the time, although we’ve been dominating them for God knows how long.

We were better the whole game! They had 5 minutes. We could’ve scored 7 goals! And that guy Lucas Torreira is exactly what we’ve been missing since Gilberto. And his celebration was mad! Same with the whole team today and I’m so buzzing.

The whole team was 110 percent. Aubameyang is such a good player. And those pundits who keep praising the best ever Tottenham squad should berry their miserable heads in the sand. Kane better than Auba? You must be having a laugh comparing a thunderbolt to a penalty taking donkey! Top goalscorer in the league that Auba!

I was also so impressed with Ramsey. Coming off the bench, being told he’ll have to leave, what a performance! The whole attitude of every player is so different.

Where are the people who said we’d be worse when Wenger is gone? Where are you now? We now win games because we can tactically compete and make changes before minute 70. I’m so happy. I’ve been calling for this for ages and I feel vindicated.

This win is for all of us Arsenal fans who finally have their Arsenal back and we’re in the top 4! Now we have a very difficult fixture against United, no matter of their poor results. But tonight I’m so happy. Love you all people, enjoy the end of a very good Arsenal weekend!



  1. WHU WhO???? says:

    Arsenal played well today there’s no doubt. They came out like it was their biggest match of the season & were up for it. I think it probably was? Anyway, it’s just one game. I remember Mike Dean gifting you this fixture last season with 2 apauling errors and look where Spurs’ season went from there and where Arsenals’s season went. Saying N London is Red again after a home victory which puts you level on points with Spurs may be a bit premature. But then again adrenaline is flowing after Arsenal’s Biggest game for a long while. Spurs have had a good week (beating Chelsea & Inter Milan) and probably underestimated the Gooners. 3 big & competitive games in a week, not an excuse btw but one for you all to consider once your Adrenalin reduces when thinking it’s all over and N London is Red…..,, At least wait until the end of the season.
    Well Done on today, 2nd win I’m last 9 matches against Spurs

    1. Declan says:

      We might be level on points with you spuds but we are above you in the table, you muppet!

      1. ozziegunnerjo says:

        Spurs are starting to experience what Arsenal had for 20 years before the last 2; playing a hard EPL game after playing in the European Championship.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Meant “Champions League”.

    2. Eddie Hoyte says:

      “It’s just one game?” what a loaf of crap…. it’s 19 games now, 19 games and bunch of reasons to be excited and happy. don’t think you’re a member of our supporters group on this forum. You comments and use of “You” and yours” to address us fans shows you probably not a fan, so I wonder what you’re doing here anyway.
      Only us fans know what we’ve gone through for this club for the past 10 years or more, emotionally, financially and psychologically.. So I don’t think you know a thing, for you to say this whole thing to us.
      Well I’m a open minded person, I don’t mean to offend you, and yes we’ve gotten your message but we know how to handle ourselves

    3. Sue says:

      Yes suck on that spuds

    4. Mwsupporter says:

      Oh dear, North London has been Red for a long time and a long time to come, the Spurs bottlers have to accept it , yes they’ve got better recently but still aren’t there winning anything. Have a good week?

    5. RSH says:

      you were gifted two goals today and still lost though, so don’t blame go blaming Mike Dean for anything.

    6. Kenny Rolfe says:

      WHU WhO???, What are you, about 8 years old? If not, where you been for the last 25 years……… 57 years and still waiting.

  2. Durand says:

    Nice seeing positive articles, frenzied environment at the Emirates, and some backbone and fight in the players.

    A personal thank you to Dier for stoking the fire in our players, and to Emery for his subs and tactics. I get on Ramsey a lot for his performances, but today I’ll praise him for his attitude, his performance, and adding to the team today. He was definitely a spark.

    Loving the tactics, Emery’s spirit, and everything he brings. Tremendous accomplishment coming into a toxic environment and turning a library into a thunderdome. He sold himself to the board, to the players, and to us fans. Sooo glad everyone bought in.

    We are truly fortunate to have gotten it right 1st time with Emery’s appointment, while utd still haven’t transitioned from Sir Alex. Hopefully we can now think fondly of Wenger as we move forward with Emery leading us. For me the final transitional step is to be forward thinking and not glancing back, blaming CEO’s, managers, transfer windows, etc…

    Great victory, loved watching pundits jive talk their way through the post match commentary. Will they ever learn?

    Spuds choke and always fall short; it’s just in their nature. Guendouzi celebrating with fans, Holding brilliant tweets, and spuds still not better.
    Talented players? Yes
    Talented coach? Yes
    Stylish football? Yes
    Trophies? Nope. Same ole spuds after all.

  3. Van payslip says:

    We need creativity in the attacking midfield area ozil is inconsistent plus we also need a gud winger because iwobi is playing pretty average he missed an easy goal today.

  4. Eddie Hoyte says:

    This is my first comment after the match, I lost my voice and was crazy all throughout. Damn I got reckless because I was so excited. saw the game from the first minute to the last.

    Leno will be a great goalkeeper if he stops making those little mistakes.
    Mustafi played well today, I know some of you will say no but the defense did pretty solid today,

    Holding’s mistake nearly cost us.. He’s getting too over confident when he’s with the ball, I don’t know if that’s a bad thing but he should stay humble a d release the ball quick.

    Sokratis?? Lol, I love this man so much, I had doubts bout him but he’s a solid CB, doesn’t let anyone get past him, he sweeps the ball away or he sweeps the player away..Either ways, you’re going down with him.

    Xhaka had a lovely game, m gutted he’ll miss the Utd match cus of his card.

    Torreira? Hmmmmm, I can’t find the words to use, someone said Kante was just a Beta version of Torreria and now the real deal is at Arsenal. I loved his celebration, can’t wait to see him continue his great form against Utd.

    Kolasinac, has impressed me a lot in the last 2 matches.. Sue what are you feeding him?? Lol

    Bellerin played well but nearly gifted spurs a goal. He’s much better than he was last season.

    Iwobi was poor, very disappointed, should be more simple and direct, fast with his decision making. Opponents won’t give him the whole day to do something with the ball.

    Mhiki had a good first half

    Ramsey made me wish he’ll stay, currently he’s the only one who clearly knows what the NLD means to the fans (Emery even said that’s why he brought him on)

    Guendozi? Golden boy, there’s no dirt on him.

    Lacazette, Showed again he’s a complete player and finisher of the ball. He played well on the wings today. I think he should be given another chance on the wings while PEA strikes. He troubles defenders a lot.

    PEA, absolutely amazing and still showing he’s got it. fantastic player.

    Emery? So far I can say he’s the best thing to happen to the club before Torreria, and he might easily become the best thing to happen to the club in this new era.

    Man he said his focus is on Wednesday game against united now.
    I hope we beat them on their ground. I have faith and belief in this team.

    1. Sue says:

      Haha Eddie… I always had faith in Kolasinac ? what a win!!!!! Brilliant.. just brilliant ? we’ve smashed the spuds now trounce the mancs!!!!

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Lol…I’ll be so glad to beat man would be the perfect first week of Dec after so many years. I can’t believe I’ll say this I’ll miss Xhaka in that match, he gives Torriera some kinda edge and there’s a spirit connection between em both. Hopefully my golden boy will take charge on Wednesday like normally does.
        We’ve been waiting to see a Torreria + Guendozi pairing. we will see it now?

  5. Palash says:

    Great game but still we need a gud winger and some creativity in the central attacking midfield area ozil is inconsistent

  6. Rkw says:

    Weird view of defenders … The really stupid foul was sokratis on son which gave away free kick and first goal … Holding didn’t foul son though a bit stupid slide in … Good referees are in position to see that … Not this idiot who called pen anyway … Holding is improving game by game mustafi remains a liability .. Will be interesting to see what Emery does against man .. MOM torreira just a brilliant all round performance and a pleasure to watch ..

  7. adi says:

    Since all the positives are mentioned, I have to shed some truths. We did beat Tottenham, but an out of form one. We know how devastating their team can be, especially that match vs Chelsea.

    Anyway, our team was far superior. If they had not dived here and there we could have thrashed them with more goals.

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      “We did beat Tottenham, but an out of form one.” Really ?? A team that has won their last 6 EPL matches while we drew 3 and won 3 is an out of form team?? Not including beating a slid Inter Milan team…SMH, some of you fans are so used to beating yourselves down that you’ll always create excuses and reasons to make it look like we are still doing badly

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Adi, like Eddie said, how can Tottenham be “out of form” when you consider their place in the table and they were coming off good wins against Chelsea and Inter Milan. You must live in an alternate universe. The only defence to be made for Spurs is the lack of depth in their squad, when competing in Champions League midweek and then tough EPL games on each weekend.

    2. RSH says:

      Their last loss was late October to Man City. They were actually on a good winning streak as well. They were outplayed today, simple as that. give the boys and Emery the credit they deserve. The insult used to be our unbeaten run didnt matter b/c all the teams were pushovers. Thats Liverpool and Spurs we have gotten 4 points off of now, and United will be next. COYG

    3. RealArsenalFan says:

      Really an out of form spud? what the hell are you talking about, what league are you watching? This spud team is the same team that the pundits are saying is the best spud team in a long time and they just got beaten by a better side. Now all we need to do is remain calm, go to Old Trafford and take care of business just like what the manager said

    4. ClassyGunner says:

      Oh! He is no fan. Just re-read his comment it has spud written all over it.

    5. Godswill says:

      Who made them look out of form? Go hang yourself. We beat them soundly. 4 goals into their net and are vomiting rubbish?
      All I know this Arsenal team don’t know how to lose again. Watch out for Wednesday.

    6. Patgunner says:

      But we all went for European competitions this week plus how are spurs outta form, you must be a spur fan

    7. jon fox says:

      Out of form? Really? Care to look at Spuds results for a long period prior to facing us. And then come back and apologise for talking complete nonsense! Form refers specifically to previous and relevant matches. I guess I should not mock as English is clearly not your first language though!

  8. Innit says:

    First shame on that guy who threw a banana peel at Aubameyang. Racist and disgusting act. Hope he’s banned

    Awesome result and we play Spuds again at home soon in Quarter finals cup tie

    United away is def winnable
    That would be awesome to win at Old Trafford again

    Torreira is quickly becoming one of the PLs best central midfielders. One of the best signings in years

    Onwards and Upwards

    1. ozziegunner says:


  9. Aubamezzette says:

    I always said Lacazette will do bits on d wings cos of his footwork.
    Footwork is more important than pace for a winger.
    Lacazette-Aubameyang-Iwobi attack should be tried .

  10. Michael Murunga says:

    I’m loving this back three formation, it seems the real deal. Fewer chances are being conceded with each game. We are near perfect for a team which needs two or three players to win the league next season.

    On to United next, let’s show them what we’ve got. A top scorer and a beast in midfield

  11. Kenya001 says:

    Am still buzzing lost my voice yesterday my wife told me I kept shouting throughout the night yes that’s how emotional it was coming from behind all the half tym s***t talk and boom! The COMEBACK..

  12. sesam says:

    simply awesome!!!!!

  13. jbryden says:

    I did last longer in bed last night after the win.
    More of those wins means a “terrific” sexual pleasure for myself and partner.
    Can’t wait for Wednesday night……COYG

  14. Liam says:

    Well done on the win; from a spurs fan. We lost but I enjoyed the game as it was a classic derby. Can’t win them all eh; the hard times make the good times sweeter. I guess gooners are experiencing this lately after the tough few years. Enjoy this win but long way to go yet; last few years we’ve had a topsy turvy period, then after we lose our annual emirates game we usually go on a 10-15 unbeaten run over Xmas, then have returned the slap at home in feb-March. I feel arsenal benefited from resting the 1st team on Thursday as it gave them the legs in the 2nd half, one top game too many in 7 days for us. Is Foyth a gooner? (Lol). Glad to have you back spooners as you were getting depressing… ?

    1. Liam says:

      Wanted to say too…the idiot who threw the banana skin is an embarrassment and he’ll be weeded out! Despicable c**nt has no place in society let alone football.

      1. jon fox says:

        Whilst , OBVIOUSLY, totally agreeing about the “c*nt”, as an older fan speaking I suspect to a far younger one, I am sad to reflect back to the sixties and seventies where British attitudes were almost universally racist and wonder and marvel at how far we have evolved. So well said and heartfelt thanks for your welcome comment . And so say 99% of us. Amazing to see how black , white and all shades of the same human race live mostly happily together and have shared many wonderful cultures , how immensely richer our society has become. And I am not talking about material things, just that vital spiritual capacity that the 99 % have, deep inside our human souls. I remember a vicious and filthy time way back when notices appeared in letting houses windows saying “No coloured, no irish no dogs”. The appalling irony was that most of these people back then had fought a six year long war against an evil ideology of a “superior blond, blue eyed race” led by an evil maniac. Thank God I now live in the present age and it gets better every day. Hurray!!!

        1. Sue says:

          Urgh I cannot stand the ‘c’ word

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