Arsenal shown to have done the right thing not paying Ramsey a huge wage

Arsenal fans were furious when their club allowed Aaron Ramsey to leave them for free in the summer of 2019.

Having spent almost all his career at the club, he had become one of their key players.

His performances were the reason the Gunners reached the final of the Europa League that year.

However, the club couldn’t meet his contract demands and he left for Juventus on a free transfer after the Italians offered him a huge salary.

Juve would have felt they had signed one of the best midfielders in the world at that moment, but his time in Italy has been poor.

Two seasons in and he is yet to consistently show why the club fought off several other suitors to sign him.

His poor time in Italy has seen him get labelled the biggest mistake in Italian football for the last two years by, Mail Sports’ Alvise Cagnazzo.

He wrote a damning piece on the Welsh midfielder and talked about how Ramsey would have failed every single year if he was a university student in Turin.

Cagnazzo writes: “He can become an easy target, particularly in a season like this where Juventus, who entered 2020-21 targeting a 10th straight Scudetto, are scrapping just to finish inside the top four.  

“But Ramsey regularly struggles to find the right position on the pitch and he still seems too insecure to become the leader of this lazy Juventus midfield. His performances, this season in particular, have destroyed any relationship with fans.

“He is often meme’d on fan pages and is seen as the weak link, even if he is not solely to blame for this season’s demise. 

“Andrea Pirlo’s midfield are performing far below the standards of recent years and Ramsey must share the blame in this respect.  

“One of Ramsey’s biggest issues since swapping England for Italy has been his health.

“Since joining Juventus he has been out injured for 105 days. Pirlo has defended him publicly but the general consensus is that he is far too frail for the rigours of a Serie A campaign. 

“His arrival is now viewed as a real economic disaster due to the small number of games he has managed to play in the last two years.”

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  1. Just reinforces what many have known all along; injury prone, bad positioning, and glory hunting for goals rather than being a complete midfielder.

    Glad we never extended him, just wish we could have sold him for a fee at least.

  2. Overrated all his career, even in Italy, heartening to read! And constantly injured.
    Why ever did we keep him so long I have to wonder. Perhaps I should ask AW, as only he knows why!

    But then, Wenger collected serially long term injured players, like other people collect stamps.

    1. Jon, I was never Ramsey’s biggest fan, but one thing you could never accuse him of was of not trying. He never hid, and always played for the team more than himself. And for this I blame Wenger. He was played far too far forward at times, and as Durand says, seemed only interested in scoring rather than defending. BUT. Two winning goals in FA Cup finals will never be forgotten I bet

    2. Jon he was not overrated all his career. He had an explosive season when we were beaten by leicester. At one point this season he was absolutely huge and regularly named as one of the top top PL midfielder. It is from there that he did not really sustain imo his form for various reasons. That’s quite sad in the end even if he got FA cupa with us. Not the career he could have had

      1. Johnze yes 1 good season but that was a fluke. He had many lousy seasons and that was his benchmark. U don use 1 year wonder and forget about his many years flaw

  3. Nonsense! Ramsey was a good player for us. Will never forget his heroics for us especially in the FA cup finally.

  4. Not sure why Ramsey is the scape goat while Rabiot continues to fail again and again to have any positive impact on the game

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