Arsenal sickness bug for FA cup may finish off sad season

The only chance of a trophy for Arsenal fans to celebrate and for the Gunners to add some gloss to what has been a disappointing and painful season is the FA cup. The fact that Arsenal’s quarter-final this weekend is at home to Lincoln City, the lowest ranked side left in the draw, after getting past the previously lowest ranked club Sutton last time gives us a great chance.

But while the National League side will come to north London on Saturday well up for the fight, Arsenal could be well off the pace and Arsene Wenger might even struggle to field 11 fit players if the report by Sky Sports about a sickness bug sweeping through our squad are true and if it gets any worse.

We had Mesut Ozil out of action with some illness last week and the boss had to withdraw Danny Welbeck from the Arsenal starting line-up to face Bayern Munich on Tuesday when he succumbed to the bug during the warm up. Now we are hearing that Alex Iwobi has picked it up and will miss the FA cup clash.

With the players spending so much time in close proximity with training and the Champions League match on Tuesday, we can only cross our fingers and hope that more Gunners are not laid low before Lincoln come to the Emirates. If we mess this FA cup game up, will it finish off an already sad season completely?



  1. Pablo Picaso says:

    So I guess if we are knocked out we will blame it on a bug now.

    Even the universe is doing all it can to ensure Wenger does not sign, read the signs Arsene, read the signs, today its the ref, tomorrow the media, the fans, a bug, next it will be locust and army worms eating the grass at the Emirates.

    Looks like we are back in the times of Moses. Let my club go Arsene!!!

  2. legend Henry says:

    PSG =(verb)
    Meaning = disgrace
    Example =
    Arsenal is a PSG in football.

    1. sanmi.marvellous says:

      @legend Henry,
      Your grammatical structure/analysis is still wrong.
      From your simple analysis above, the word ‘PSG’ as a verb is incorrect.
      In that context, you have used ‘PSG’ as a noun rather than verb that you stipulated.

      Take note please !!

  3. Twig says:

    “The only chance of a trophy for Arsenal fans to celebrate and for the Gunners to add some gloss to what has been a disappointing and painful season is the FA cup.”

    Oh you of little faith! We can still win the EPL!

    If we had MSN 😀

  4. antiwenger says:

    If we get past Lincoln,then we face Chelsea/Man utd or Man city or Spurs in the semis.Now now now going with our recent form this isn’t going to end well

    1. DennisTheMenace says:

      what will be less humiliating?
      1. losing narrowly to LIncon
      2. Getting our @sses whipped by Chelsea/Manu/City/Spurs

  5. leo...fourteen says:

    I look at barca..then I look at arsenal, and I wonder what are they doing that we are refusing to do right..the only answer I got is ‘adapt’..since barca lost to psg first leg..Enrique turned the formation to 3-3-1-3…now that’s how you know people that wanna win and know what it takes to win matches in a modern day…maybe in the future the 4-3-3 that wenger is stupidly twattimg as 4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1 is using wud come back…but for now that formation is dead and far too predictable..stupidy(wenger)is doing the same thing severally and expecting different results

    1. khangunners says:

      Lookin at barca they dont stick with one manager for long and whenever a manager becomes stale he is sacked. I think that adds new thoughts and ideas into the team. Jumping over at us we hve stuck with wenger for over 20 years. The beginning he came with a new idea but has been stale for past 10 years. Even in a firm for new ideas amd innovation pple keep getting recruited

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