Arsenal sign ‘biggest ever’ shirt sponsorship deal

Arsenal’s relationship with the Emirates airline has been ongoing for 12 years now and is being extended for yet another five years in a deal being described as one of the ‘biggest ever’ in world football. The sponsorship, the largest ever signed by the club and one of the biggest ever agreed in football, gives the airline a 5-year extension to their shirt partnership with the club until the end of the 2023-2024 season.

The agreement was formally finalised today by Arsenal’s Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis and the Emirates President, Sir Tim Clark. Gazidis proudly announced: “Our shirt partnership is the longest running in the Premier League and one of the longest relationships in world sport. This mutual commitment is testimony to the strength and depth of our unique relationship. Emirates are again demonstrating their great belief in our approach and ambition and their significantly increased investment will help us continue to compete for trophies and bring more success to the club and our fans around the world.”

“Emirates is a great partner for Arsenal – a world class brand with a truly global reach. The airline plays a significant role in our ambitions to extend our influence and following around the world. The new deal, extending our shirt partnership until 2024, underlines how much both organisations value and benefit from the relationship.”

In addition to being shirt sponsors, the stadium naming rights are also owned by the airline until 2028, and Emirates have generously provided access to their fleet of jets for Arsenal to use on the Gunners’ pre-season tours.

The deal is mooted to be in the region of over £200m to be added to our coffers, which should help us to continue growing and to compete with the other top earners in the Premier League. I bet it will give a little boost to the Arsenal share price, and also earn Gazidis a little extra bonus this year….



  1. Adega Olatunji says:

    So we can buy big stars now who will win us trophies

  2. GB says:

    Cue some idiot now posting that Stan will buy another ranch!

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      Either that GB or someone will say that the “corrupt board owner and manager” will squirrel it all away and give themselves salary increases!

      Well done to the club for obtaining this fantastic deal.
      It just goes to show how much faith there is when a business is willing to investing in a properly run club that knows how to run it’s finances on a sound footing.
      How clubs like Chelski, ManCity etc must envy our clubs prudent approach to the financing and runnig of our famous club.
      Now let’s see that money invested into the playing staff and show the world we can compete for any player that our club wants.

      1. John0711 says:

        Yea stupid clubs like city, chels winning trophies while we are gathering all the money WTF argument is that for a fan who watches football not the bank balance

        1. GB says:

          And right on cue, one appears.

          1. John0711 says:

            right on cue a AKB appears where are you when we lose which has been quite often

          2. GB says:

            Oh ha ha @J0711, don’t try to deflect it by calling me an AKB.
            Re-read my previous posts and you will see I’m an AOB and usually sign off, Wenger Out.

        2. Ken 1945 says:

          The best way to answer your question is to go ask a Leeds, Portsmouth, Rangers or Luton Town fan.
          Ever heard the expression on and off the pitch?
          You want the best players so how are you going to pay them?
          Absolutely everything in life is ruled by finances, if haven’t got it, you can’t spend it.

          1. John0711 says:

            Ken your argument fails when you consider we are the 4th richest club in the world, 300m in the bank and 200m coming in

          2. Ken 1945 says:

            Why bring Wenger into this?It seems that a debate cannot be held unless it’s a slanging match about our current manager between two opposing camps.
            I believe this is fantastic news for our club (nothing to do with Wenger) and I cannot see any negatives in the news at all.
            But of course out comes the Wenger Out brigade. WHY?
            My argument iis that you can’t spend it if you don’t have it.
            You fail to mention how much debt Chelsea and City are in, facts that can’t be ignored.
            Last time I checked the facts, we had won more trophies in the last four years than either of them.
            Leeds were one of the biggest clubs in the league until they decided to risk it all and try to win the then champions league.
            Just look at them now. Thats where they have been for years, is that what you want for Arsenal?

          3. John0711 says:

            ken re-read what i said it never mentions wenger i mention money

          4. Ken 1945 says:

            so explain AKB and its meaning please.

          5. Mobella says:

            You sound like one of those who picks whatever “fact” that support his argument from the press without rationally think about it. Are we rich enough to drop 220m like PSG did for a single player or spend over 200m on two players the same season like barca. We don’t have the spending power of Manchester clubs, Chelsea, PSG, barca, Madrid etc. How come we are the fourth richest fc. These clubs have access to obscene amount of cash & don’t need bank balance to show how rich they are.

          6. Ken 1945 says:

            Agree completely.

      2. Welsh_Ramsey says:

        I’d hate to burst your bubble, but those clubs have been raking more money than us this whole time with their shirt sponsors. We just finally caught up. And if you asked any fan of those teams if they’d trade their major trophies and transfers for more money in the bank, I think you’d be told to mug off

  3. Phil says:

    Let’s hope Wenger is now given a Contract FOR LIFE on DOUBLE HIS PRESENT SALARY.
    Let’s not even contemplate spending a single penny on new players when it’s obvious Emirates Airlines are pleased to be associated with mediocrity for vastly increased Sponsorship.
    We should have been begging Ryanair to Sponsor us.

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      Oh dear not you Phil?
      I thought there would be negative posts, but not from you.
      Why even mention Wenger, unless it’s a hidden agenda to make any news out of AFC a problem linked with Arsene Wenger?
      Every Arsenal fan should be celebrating the fact that our club can command this type of sponsorship, as it proves what a great name Arsenal F.C. have in the world of football.
      Nothing to do with Wenger or his salary,
      I feel really sad that you cannot celebrate some terrific news involving AFC (not the board,Kronke or Wenger).
      Still life goes on and I hope both sides of the Wenger debate can see the positives this announcement brings to our club.

      1. jon fox says:

        Well, Ken 1945 , you clearly had me, among others maybe, in mind with your comments. Sorry then to disappoint you but I also think a top sponsorship deal is good news for us. Though I also endorse Phils comment, which I naturally identify with and fully understand his – and countless others too – frustration and deep anger at how this manager misruns us. But credit to Gazidis when it is due. It further confirms in my mind that the club are clearly preparing for life without Wenger, which I feel sure will be known by this May. I believe feelers are already being put out to find his replacement, which will sadden you but thrill the vast majority of our fans.

        1. GB says:

          Yes John, I expect him to be sacked in some way or another too.

      2. phil says:

        Yeah Apologies Ken – don’t know why but couldn’t help having a pop at Wenger as it’s what I seem to do most of my living day.
        How about this

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          That’s more like it Phil!!
          You made me laugh with your Wenger statement and I cannot recall another person who I have known with such different views who I look forward to reading.
          I guess your obsession with Wenger is healthy, but don’t let it make you blind to AFC!!!
          I had to do some real thinking regarding your comments on our cup successes and why we hadn’t moved forward: I now believe that I was so pleased we could shove all the “won’t win anything” nonsense up peoples backsides, I took my eye of the bigger picture.
          Don’t make the same mistake Phil, this sponsorship is incredible news and proves the CLUB IS A POWERHOUSE IN THE FOOTBALLING WORLD.

          1. WENGER Out says:

            The club is not a powerhouse in the footballing world. The club is rich, very rich indeed, but has not spend it’s money wisely. Horrible transfer windows, many missed opportunities, the socialist wage structure which we had until very recently where we over paid mediocre players and underpaid and lost quality ones.
            The decision of the board to not rock the boat for the last several years and not finding a replacement for Wenger with the likes of Guardiola, Conte, Ancelotti, Klopp etc.. all available.
            A powerhouse wins things, no one remembers, second place. People will always remember Leicester winning the PL not us coming in second.
            Of course this sponsorship deal is great for the club and if the club is really changing then we will fire Wenger at the end of the season, get a manager who knows how to set up a defense like Conte, or Allegri or Ancelotti and give him a big, big transfer kitty.
            And if we do win a PL or two and maybe make it to the Finals of the CL then maybe we can consider ourselves a POWERHOUSE IN THE FOOTBALLING WORLD.

    2. Midkemma says:

      I got to praise Gazidis for getting a better deal, AFC have been lacking in the income department from sponsorships and this is one area where we can progress off the field.

      AFC needs to move forward on field and off field.

      I am seeing AFC keep as much in the bank as they can along with boosting income and stronger rumors of a Wenger exit plan…

      Wenger wanted a CB and was ignored…

      Wenger is on his way out, clear for anyone to see, unless he picks up the team and does something to save his job then he is being replaced. End of this season or end of contract, I do not know. I hope the board will show ambition now with the recent changes and I will support those changes if it makes us more ambitious.

      1. John0711 says:

        hope so midk

      2. jon fox says:

        Congrats on being a fellow keen observer of the several clear signs that Wenger will soon, in a matter of a very few months, be history at Arsenal.

  4. Innit says:

    Wenger has no excuse not to sign a top defensive midfielder, top box to box midfielder and a top centre back.

    Our coffers are overflowing

    1. Fabu says:

      Hahaha really?so arsenal fc belongs to wenger ? So let me understand arsene wenger takes all the money …wenger owns arsenal footbal club hahahahahaha you guys are insane dont know nothing ….stop playng fifa for god sake

      1. John0711 says:

        I know he’s on a measly 10m a year? if he wanted players and the club said no he can leave after all he’s an honourable man?

        1. Midkemma says:

          Walking out on a contract could be seen as a dishonourable action, Wenger would clearly see it as a dishonourable action considering he has always honoured his contracts.

          If you hired someone and they walked out on the contract then would you consider them honourable?

          If they wasn’t doing a good enough job you could sack them…

    2. Ken 1945 says:

      Agree with you completely Innit, no excuses whatsoever.
      Let this be a springboard for whoever is managing, running and controlling the club:

      1. jon fox says:

        Blimey , Ken! Sounds like the worm has turned at long last. “No excuses whatsoever” and “Whoever is managing running and controlling the club,” sounds distinctly like you have finally realised the coming change is almost here. I could equally well have written the precise words you used on the above comment. HEART WARMING TO KNOW THAT COMMON SENSE IS AT LAST, HOPEFULLY, PREVAILING WITH YOU.

    3. Midkemma says:

      What about the excuse that he doesn’t do the transfers?
      Wenger wanted a CB and did Gazidis buy one?

      Oh we heard how AFC made a last min bid for Evans which was bound to be rejected and then the excuse of no funds…

      If Wenger got told there was no funds and he told that to the fans then that could explain the no funds comment while every supporter knows we have funds sat in the bank.

      We seen Wenger being excluded from transfers.

      If people care to look it up then they can find interview comments from Sven saying how he was really stubborn with the Auba deal at BvB because he really wanted him…

      Keep that in mind and now think about how AFC needed def reinforcements and Sven was seen in Dortmund with Gazidis (CEO) and Huss (contract guy) pushing to get the Auba deal done, a deal for a CF.

      Wenger has no authority in transfers and the power he had by being the guy who knew about football has been removed for transfers.

      I hope Sven gets def reinforcements as that is where the power has shifted to.

      1. GB says:

        What’s this about Wenger wanting a CB? If he got one he wouldn’t know what to do with him!

  5. John says:

    The Arsenal model of a self sustaining financially secured team is a great idea……..except it is way tilted towards making money…………if the final product……… troublesome and unsuccessful………then there is nothing to sell…….yes Sports is an addiction………but how long can you continue to support a team that does not win anything significant………….after all Arsenal is a top tier team…… least top ten worldwide…………

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      the answer is simple: If it’s your team you support them through thick and thin.
      It shouldn’t matter who owns the club. who the board are, who the manager is, who the players are…it’s Arsenal Football Club.
      We do not have a define right to win anything, but we have competed year after year after year.
      Spuds haven’t won the league for nearly 60 years, but their fans have supported them in a loyal and passionate way.
      Hate to say it, but just wish some of our “fans” would show the same commitment.

      1. Viera Lyn says:

        that is not what it means to be a devoted fan…you are simply a pawn that enables this club to continuously underachieve because they prey on your gullibility and spineless devotion…good luck with that

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