Arsenal signing Brazilian legend is not totally out of the question

Every transfer window legends of the game come on to the market, usually because they are past their prime and in their mid 30’s and that certainly applies to Dani Alves.

Arsenal has been linked with the former Barcelona defender and while there are many reasons why we simply do not need him, there are just as many reasons why he could do a job.

But regardless of whether he would be a silly signing or a masterstroke, it is not out of the question that he could become an Arsenal player next season.

The 36-year-old has played under Unai Emery and of course, there is the Brazilian connection with Edu.

Obviously, it is all about the money now, whoever Alves signs for will be his last paycheck and so the chances are that whichever club offers the biggest wage will land the experienced right-back.

But if Arsenal do offer a good enough personal package what could he do for us?

He is not young in football terms but still retains some pace, he is as experienced as they come and the likes of Ainsley Maitland-Niles could benefit significantly.

He could bring calmness in big games when the pressure is on and mentor the many young players just promoted to the squad.

Or, he could just be a passenger picking up one last big salary.

Either way, it is not an outrageous idea to believe that Alves could be a Gooner next season.


    1. He is too old for Juventus and PSG

      We signed an ex-Juventus first team RB and it didn’t end well because he was too sluggish due to his age

      1. He’s not old for Juve, he went to PSG because of his friend Neymar
        who is also leavin PSG now

        and he’s cheap, in those dark days of ours, that counts :/

          1. Lichsteiner is no where near Alves ability, achievements, pace of fitness. Let’s not even mention he has won 40 major trophies, 3 of which came in the last 3 months and he was player of the tournament at copa America

  1. We might as well Sign Alves.
    Also a lot of FREE transfers including plenty of elderly guys

    Andy Carroll,
    Ben Arfa
    Abel Hernandez

    1. Wow, we could create a B team full of elderly footballers

      I just want Carroll from your list, because he could be our super sub as what Giroud did and he could help us with the English quota

  2. “he is as experienced as they come and the likes of Ainsley Maitland-Niles could benefit significantly.
    He could bring calmness in big games when the pressure is on and mentor the many young players just promoted to the squad”

    Just as Niles and the squad benefited from Litchsteiner ain’t it?
    Sometimes, us fans we pick the crap by ourselves

    1. I’ve gotta agree ,didn’t we learn from last years ageing free transfer right back .
      No thanks

      1. Lol yes I will ,both well past it and both have never played on these shores ,same thing different player .show some ambition ffs

      1. ?? very funny, Kevin!!
        So will we see our first glimpse of Martinelli later? (Ahh so that’s what a new signing looks like ?!!)

          1. Oh I see someone took a funny pill today ??
            It will probably stay that way too, Kev!
            Well you can fill me in on what the match was like (bet you only see 22 minutes ?? hehe!!)

          2. Oh I’m off all week Sue so I’ll see it ? it’s looking that way ? did you see Kroenke was challenged by fan groups although it’ll fall on deaf ears as we both know right Sue ?

          3. Off all week – lucky sod!! I wish I was!
            Hopefully it’ll be a good game, Kev (take our minds off our transfer window blues.. until we see a brain fart anyway! ?)
            You got much planned?
            Yeah I saw that.. it’s a start. Newcastle are on about boycotting our game

          4. Oh are you working all week Sue ? haha well we can hopefully look like Barcelona against the rapids ? maybe we should boycott it ? just relaxing and watch the games Sue ?

          5. I am indeed ? roll on Friday at 7pm ?
            I reckon our match against Bayern will be good.. you’ll be in for a treat!
            I just saw a picture of City’s 3rd kit – talk about gross! Yes it’s on par with our green kit ?

          6. A tough old week in the heat Sue ? haha what about Hazard and Madrid ? isn’t all they’re kits like that Sue ? ?

          7. Hazard… I’d forgotten about him & his big arse..
            I was enjoying the tennis yesterday until the camera kept zooming in on Giroud in the crowd! ?
            Must be something wrong with Puma ?

          8. Oh who won Wimbledon ? hahaha big arse good one Sue ? lol I’m guessing your no longer a Giroud fan ? Neymar wants out should we be all over that one ? ?

          9. Good old mystic meg ain’t ya?!! ? I just knew it – as soon as you said he’d win!!
            Haha I was hoping the ball would hit him ?
            Well I’m surprised we’re not – surely we could take him on loan?! Actually no, because he’s too young ?

          10. Haha no it’s just that Djokovic is the best in the world when he’s at it he’s hard to stop ? haha yeah right up the face ? did you see troopz and Robbie in Vegas living like celebrities ? haha yeah I’m surprised we didn’t go after jagielka and Cahill ?

          11. Pool parties at drais ? those two are too out of shape for pool parties ? there certainly is Sue but to tell you the truth I would take alves it’s only until Bellerin returns ?

          12. Looking good at halftime 2-0 I’m not sure about the yellow print on the back though ? olayinka scored a screamer ?

          13. Yeah, good workout Admin 3-0 full-time good to see Martinelli get himself on the score sheet.. onto LA and Bayern next ?

          14. ?? cheeky!!
            Happy with 3-0, Kev! Glad Saka scored – love that little beast!
            Martinelli scoring on his debut – sign of a great player ?
            Well I can’t wait to see that screamer!
            I have to agree – the yellow on the back looks a little odd.. wonder if our PL kits will be like that?!
            Good win, Kev and a clean sheet ?
            I’ll watch the highlights later. Well, you have a great, chilled day (man of leisure!!) relaxing & maybe vaping ?☁️?

          15. Haha that’s me ? so did you see the goals Sue ? ? Kieran trippier off to Atletico a bit of an odd move for them ? so the Tierney deal gone quiet again will this ever get done ? Haha I haven’t vaped in a long time Sue ? I see Kroenke Jnr is using the same hairdresser as Emery ?

          16. No I doubt it Sue we have a kind of candy-striped print in Singapore last year it’s probably a pre season thing ?

          17. Yeah I saw the highlights, didn’t look a bad performance & that screamer – what a goal!! ?
            Yeah I thought that was a bit odd too, oh well Atletico’s OG’s will be on the up then ?
            No vaping cloud?? ?
            The same hairdresser ? that lush slicked look!! Although there’s only one Dracula ?
            I hope you’re right, as I don’t like it!

          18. They look like sleazy p**n stars ?? haha yeah Atletico will defo win the title now ? Leicester want over 80 mil for Maguire lol you could buy 3 Maguire’s for that ? could have been more Martinelli missed a sitter early on but auba and Laca need to learn to kick a ball again both of them ballooned the ball out of the stadium ? Haha no clouds uncle Sue ?

          19. 80m? Sheesh!!
            Did you like the look of Martinelli?
            That’s a bit worrying about Laca & Auba ? let’s hope they get it together for Thursday! Imagine Mustafi up against Lewandowski ?
            Uncle Sue (with that cheeky emoji) so funny!!!

          20. Yes I did Sue I liked his work rate he did more in that game than Ozil did in 2 seasons ??? your guy Kolasinac got booked (in a pre season game) haha he can’t defend to save his life ? Bayern will be looking for lewa in Mustafis back pocket this weekend ? haha you liked it ?

          21. From what I saw (all 7 minutes ?) I liked the look of him too! Could well be a very good buy.
            How can you get booked in a friendly ?
            Well if you’re right about Mustafi, then that really will be a sight to behold ? there are a few games on tomorrow.. City v West Ham. United v Leeds.. Everton v Wolves.. just in case you’re twiddling your thumbs!!

          22. Who needs a TV guide when you have Sue ? haha thanks Sue yeah I’ll probably catch a game or 2 ? he could be Sue we just have to be careful as he’s only 18 ? only Kolasinac ? did you hear Kroenke Jnr speak today ? He said more today than Stan did since he bought Arsenal ? we both know you’d be heartbroken if Mustafi left no more underwater selfies or those famous sliding tackles ?

          23. Yes I made the mistake of watching Sky Sports transfer news show earlier.. it was on there, then we were discussed & I wanted to cry & felt so depressed listening to it all ??
            Oh you’re so right – I’d miss Mustafi the manatee so god damn much ?

          24. Listen to Spinal tap big bottom on YouTube that’ll get you pumped up for the new season trust me ??? manatee so funny ? will you be watching Sue or are you working?

          25. I just looked on YouTube ? nah I’ll leave that for you! Hehe!
            I’ll be at work till 2, maybe 3.. ? bummer!
            Darts is on at the weekend..
            Not too long till the Emirates cup ?

          26. Haha that should be the new club song ?? so Sue have you ever been to Stonehenge ? The triptychs are 20 feet high you can stand 4 men up em ? I think there’s only one game Sue ? Well that’s your weekend sorted ?

          27. No I haven’t, makes me think of national lampoon! Have you?
            So seeing as you’re mystic meg (back with a vengeance!) give me a date of when we’ll sign our next player (please!) ?

          28. Haha yeah Clark knocked it down ? yeah years ago with my folks Sue pretty boring back then ? I’d probably appreciate it more now or find it even more boring depending on my mood ? God your asking me to dig deep here ? I’d say by the weekend or Monday at the latest we will definitely sign someone I’m thinking Everton Soares ?

          29. Sparky ?
            Well Kevin (Meg) I’ll hold you to that, but no doubt you’ll be right, as usual ? although I’d rather it was Wilf ?

          30. Haha I hope I’m right ? sparky yeah ? doubt that will ever happen Sue defo not worth 80 mil ?

  3. Yes, you are right: ridiculous idea!

    I await the next non reality based transfer article with baited breath unless I kill myself with boredom.

  4. 61K signatures and counting in 12 hours. If you havent signed the petition go sign it at Avaaz.

  5. This rumour is not going to happen. That is obvious! So next topic please and can we please make it a realistic one, instead of just another dumb, certain NOT to happen, space filling, fake rumour!

  6. Ideal transfer window would be the signings of
    Saliba, Tierney, Soares + another CB
    And taking Malcolm on Loan

    Bellerin Sokratis Holding Tierney
    Xhaka Torreira Guendozi
    Soares Malcolm
    Lacazette or Auba

    Soares and Malcolm on both wins would terrorise defences.
    We also need a new CM but that can wait imo
    Would also love Fekir

    It’s annoying because if we got a reasonable budget of say $150m we could essentially sort out most of our team by being smart in the market

    1. Roshan, given the players available and obtainable at present £100 million would be enough.

  7. Well, the old Frenchman is long gone, and the storyline hasn’t changed re the nutty transfer policies and action at AFC, so, it must be up to management and/or ownership. I think it is safe to say, ownership leads management, so there you go . . . . an old multi-sport businessman will not change his stripes, so as long as he (and his business empire) is around, don’t get carried away, rant and rave – it ain’t going to change anytime too soon, I am ever so sorry to say!

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