Arsenal signing Mahrez and others is unrealistic!

Arsenal signing Mahrez and others is unrealistic! By Konstantin

Good day to all of you lovely Arsenal people! With the summer going as quietly as ever for us, amongst rare rumours, the Mirror suggest we might be preparing a bid for Riyad Mahrez and Alexandre Lacazette.

Now this is one of those Arsenal stories I just think we pay the media to launch so it’d look like we’re doing something. Although I’d be much happier to see Mahrez rather than Theo on the pitch I don’t believe we’d go through another £42 million for a one season wonder. We won’t do reckless spending as our CEO said in the media, so I doubt we’d pay the same money for him as we did for Ozil. As for Lacazette – you know, a French striker that looks good, Arsene, our history with French players. You see where I’m coming from?

The problem is the media is coming from the same sources with no real truth behind this. We have a dire need for players to improve some positions, but I’d be less than surprised if we don’t sign anybody there. It’s happened so many times before, why would it change now? Players prices have skyrocketed. Average players sell at £30 million a piece, but a players is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for him, not as much as Arsene thinks. And with the absurd TV money the premier league generates it makes it possible.

I hardly believe that this inflating balloon will last forever. No employees departure costs £100 million like United are trying for Pogba. How far will this get? It’s uncertain that it could last too long, but truth is rich PL clubs like ourselves can go and spend those prices to get the talent they need to fight for the crown.

Put a decent winger alongside Ozil and Alexis and a 20 goals a season striker and we would add at least 10 points to our season tally. Per admitted himself it was a miracle we finished second. Why do we need to always cover our eyes when the problem is so obvious?

And before I hear “the window is long, blah, blah”, it is just as long as last summer and it’ll be a giant mistake leaving the transfers for the last minute like we always do, only in case we start the season really bad. But that’s enough rant from me. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong.


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    1. I don’t blame you one bit! Being an Arsenal fan is like being a citizen hoping the President you voted for actually does something for you!!!

    2. Agree…Kronke strategy is not to compete with likes City Utd, Chelsea,Barca Madrid Munich etc etc.
      To do so would require unleashing the cheque book or even injecting his own money, which he has no intention of doing. Self sufficiency is the mode the club has been put under by the bloodsucking avaricious leech. No doubt he using the burgeoning valuation of club Arsenal to expand his business empire in US.

    3. :::TWITTER:::

      Jan Aage Fjortoft

      Re: Mustafi Makes sense that
      Arsenal will look the German-way
      (again). With Mertesacker out and
      quality centre halves hard to find

      Meh!….. Dunno what to say bout this

    4. I agree completely. The problem is that we are valued by Forbes as the 5th most valuable club in the world behind Madrid, Barcelona, Manure and Bayern. So when are we going to act like it? We need a CB and striker to compete for top 3 not the league and its been the same for 4 years+, but Wenger who is tactically inept will keep trying to prove us wrong while actually proving us right year after year.

  1. Apparently we have had a 29.4 Million bid turned down by Lyon for Lacazzete. They rate him at 40 and we offer 29!

    So now that we have angered Lyon you can safely say Laca won’t be coming to Arsenal.

    1. The story as I understand from quotes attributed to the club is
      “Arsenal made an offer of €35m which Lyon didn’t accept for one reason alone – we will keep Alexandre Lacazette,” read a statement released by the club.
      “Lacazette is one of the main leaders of Bruno Genesio’s squad,” Lyon’s statement continued. “We categorically deny having received an offer of €48m [£40.2m] from Arsenal for him, as has been reported.”

      In other words, arsenal made an offer of £29.4m which was rejected by lyon because they want to keep the player. The media incorrectly reported the offer as £40.2m which the club corrected.

      This is then interpreted as cheapskate wenger offers £29.4m for player valued at £40.2m.

  2. OmG!……… Can’t believe my eyes……. Wikipedia documented Wissam Ben Yedder as an Arsenal player…..

    U would want to see this for yourself

    1. Lacazette sores 92 goals in 230 appearance and is a world class player? Valued at £40m+

      However Yedder who has 80 goals in 197 appearances and is a waste of money at £8m?

      For some its all about the price tag.

      1. Not to mention.. 1 played for the top team that isn’t the ridiculous PSG.. The other played for the 17th place team.

        1. Last 3 seasons:

          Ben Yedder: 121 apps, 55 goals + 13 assists. 0,45 goals per match.
          + young, CHEAP
          – lightweight, scores on a very average rate

          Lacazette: 138 apps, 77 goals + 13 assists. 0,55 goals per match.
          + younger, scores and dribbles more, 2015 Player of the Year, twice in the Team of Year.
          – expensive, first touch

          This said I agree that Lacazette is not worth more than £35 mils.

    2. Wikipedia can be easily edited by anyone with internet access.
      Please don’t get excited over nothing.

  3. SoOpa only a fool would offer a club a lesser amont than they have already refused eg 35m, but then again at least he tried the akb will say. Why can’t we get Mahrez and Lacazette 80m then tell clubs Theo. Debuchy are for sale that 30m at least there. Nope lets charge the fans big bucks and the pay out as little as possible.

  4. As I said the other day, Arsenal don’t aggressively pursue players, especially not the top quality ones. The only way we’re getting Mahrez, is if he hands in a transfer request, and digs his heels in (refuses to train or something like that).

  5. Ben yedder is a gooner fellas……… Unless it’s a mistake….. I’m reading this clearly on wikipedia

    Wissam Ben Yedder
    Personal information
    Full name:Wissam Ben Yedder
    Date of birth:12 August 1990 (age 25)
    Place of birth:Sarcelles, France
    Height:1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
    Playing position:Striker
    Club information
    Current team:Arsenal FC

    Wissam Ben Yedder (born 12 August 1990)
    is a French footballer who plays as a centre striker for Arsenal in Premier League. He is nicknamed “Benyebut”, incorporating but, the French word for a goal.
    Having begun his career at amateurs UJA Alfortville, he joined Toulouse in 2010. In 2015, he reached 50 Ligue 1 goals for them,having a year earlier surpassed André-Pierre Gignac as their greatest league scorer of the 21st century. At international level, he has
    represented France at under-21 level, and at futsal.

    So….save ur silly thumbdowns for wiki….. I don’t work for em L()L

    1. Hahahaha…………yea u are right @ras911 and Arsenal007

      they must have realized their blunder and quickly corrected it……
      Not that i believed em initially tho

      What a stupid mess they got emselves into

  6. Arsene or whoever is reading out there who is close to Arsenal management let me give you a few insights on the benefits of signing Lacazette, Mahrez and Mustafi.

    1. Shirt sales – give us a shirt to buy at least, this will even help in paying back that transfer money and BOOST OUR REVENUE which is key for you.

    2. Happy Fan base – happy fans means filled up stadium, better atmosphere at our games, more purchase of merchandise, teas, coffees, etc which will BOOST OUR REVENUE

    3. Happy players – this will ensure our better performing players (Kos, Ozil, Bella, Alexis) to stay put and extend their contracts, and be more motivated. The cost of keeping established players is cheaper than buying new ones as you may be aware.

    4. Trophies – Of course its not a guarantee but at least this gives us a good chance for put up a strong challenge. Winning trophies will result in recruiting new fans who will improve our chances of gaining MORE REVENUE.

    5. Glory days – This will show the world that we mean business and the promises you, Gazids, and Kroenke or whatever there names are is finally delivered (a good enough squad to compete). This will attract more sponsors and will make us fans spend like crazy on the club leading to? Yes you guest it MORE REVENUE.

    You are welcome. With love 007.

    1. 007 I like your logic. Only problem is that Kroenke will look at the increased expenditure against extra income. Clearly at the moment he thinks that aiming for top four plus occasional cup gives best return on his money, as opposed to trying to win the PL. Last five years has seen a profit every year, debts fall, cash reserves rise by £68m. Latest accounts show that debts are only slightly more than cash reserves. Value of shares have risen, all is rosy for an owner who regards arsenal as a business. Now another owner like abramovich and sheik mansour would regard arsenal as a disaster, recently only a couple of cups in the cupboard, no PL or CL title.

  7. No ambitions! Marhez just wait for top team to ask the questions, ARSENE always ask the wrong question!!!

  8. This Ben Yedder (whom I’m only knowing of today) looks very very interesting. He reminds me of old Ronaldo, Suarez and Aguero rolled in one. We can make him into a superstar.

    1. Wow, all three?? sorry to break the news to you, he’s not even a Chinese knockoff of any single one of them. I’m disappointed big time, another undersized forward who is unproven in the PL, why don’t we just pay for Lukaku and Mahrez … proven in PL, and of the right age. I have supported Wenger endlessly, but this is seriously careless and irresponsible.
      On another note, the BFG injury could be the best thing that’s happened to us in years.

  9. This Ben Yedder (whom I’m only knowing of today) is very good a complete striker he is not shy and can score from any where nice if it would be true

  10. Talk of mahrez following kante to Chelsea. I feel he’ll stay with Leicester or go to Chelsea. Stop dithering arsene if he wants to come and you want him pay the money! On lacazette another way under value bid from arsenal and Lyon don’t need to sell for monetary reasons. Again if you want him your going to have to pay. I read on arsenal rumours that once higuain is completed there is a chance of Dybala being signed by us. A semi reliable source so say.

  11. West Ham bid €35m the offer was turned down
    So we bid €30 you have to laugh
    Are we still a big club

    Have you all got your season tickets lol

  12. What is so difficult to get deals done? We are in an inflated market but the thing is Arsenal isn’t the only club liable to that reality. It is even more true when talking about the type of quality player that can make our team better sure it is not as restrictive as Barcelona or Real but it is still a limited pool.
    Kante wasn’t “available” yet Chelsea made it happen because they wanted him and made an aggressive bid that Leicester simply couldn’t say no to. The same could be done with Mahrez, so why is it so complicated? We have the money and even assets that I believe we could include in deals not to pay over the top.
    On top of it we are getting ridiculed over Lyon’s twitter account because of bid we’ve made for Lacazette that is way below his valuation. What is Arsenal thinking? Or are they doing this with no real intent just to let us know that they are “actively” looking and working “hard”?
    Makes no sense and we look like a club who can’t do business. The Suarez botched deal still frustrates me to this day. Really frustrated and I don’t expect anything anymore…If they get things done than great otherwise not surprised anymore.
    And Mertesacker we haven’t even started the season and we already have our 1st major injury to a starter on top of it: GREAT!

  13. WAverage players sell at £30 million a piece, but a players is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for him, not as much as Arsene thinks”

    “Arsene is not fixed on the price of a player in assessing a player’s value,”
    Gazidis said Wenger doesn’t look at the valuation.

    This would support how Wenger increased Arsenals bid for Nasri after Nasri had signed a new contract and why Wenger bought Arshavin for a Arsenal record free while we had stadium debt.

    But of course idiots will blame Wenger while people with a brain will go;
    “Hang on, doesn’t Arsenal have someone who deals with transfers like Dein did? What have they done??”

    Maybe Wenger could put more pressure on the guys who deal with the transfers but it is harsh to blame a guy for failed bids when he is very unlikely to be the one making the bid and then dealing with the finer points of negotiation.

    Arsenal have more than Wenger to get things done and we should recognise this, when an area at Arsenal fails then we would do best to blame Arsenal FC as a whole and not 1 man who doesn’t control how much we bid for players…

    Oh and another thing, Wenger knows that you need to invest to grow he did study business and economics, he didn’t study law which isn’t economics. That is Gazidis. Gazidis went from law to promoting stuff for money and now he is in charge of buying.

    Dein was forced out because he knew we needed to invest to keep at the top, he got Usmanov involved as he wanted Arsenal to have funds to spend on players…

    Where is that passion to win from Gazidis?

  14. Sorry to burst this bubble but from a footballing point of view I would rather have Ben Yedder then Lacazette for a start they are different but Ben has more to offer he is not one dimensional Lacazette is a typical one footed striker Ben is skillful can be used for free kicks can score with the right with the left with the head can come at you from any direction and score hes got the Marhez quality in him I would be very happy to see him in the Arsenal colors and having elneny there they might just forge a good understanding between midfield and attack an Egyptian and a Tunisian could just work particularly with communication and embedment

    1. Yedder for me too, i do not have a problem getting Laca but Ben has a lot going on for him although he is at 8 million , i would say do not let the price fool you, he could be our next Eduardo

  15. Having lived and worked in America I can assure you Kroenke is one of millions who base their
    entire lives on GREED.

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