Arsenal signing Pablo Mari is a no-brainer

Pablo Mari is Alright

It didn’t take much for me to decide that Pablo Mari was going to fit into our Arsenal squad. With his calm demeanour, his methodical steps on the pitch, the neat incisive passes, the hulking frame of his body, the Flamengo defender looked exactly like the type to easily acclimate and settle into the rhythm of English football.

Sure, he might get skinned at times by a pacy winger or lose the occasional race contest, but what defender doesn’t struggle with that at times? Maybe he might commit an error one day or something and we’d get punished for it, but what defender couldn’t in the first place?

Saying that Pablo Mari is a risk is to overstate the very nature of risks. Signing Nicolas Pepe was a bigger risk. Signing David Luiz was a bigger risk. Spending a significant sum of money on anybody at all is a risk. But not to Pablo Mari, a 26-year-old hulk who has won trophies and started in a Club World Cup final.

Mari is a like a wildcard that’s about to turn good. We lose nothing from the deal we signed with Flamengo and if we end up losing, it’s barely a scratch on the club’s bottomline.

If Mari possesses the requisite positional intelligence that needs to go for a player of his size, then we might be looking at a first-team potential starter. From the look of things, he appears to be, and for a fee lower than what got us Gabriel Martinelli, then it is a no brainer, we should sign him up. Don’t wait. Right now.

Pablo Mari is going to be alright.


  1. Please I beg you @Arsenal to sign up Mari and get more quality defenders like him at affordable prices, we have conceeded 36 goals this season already, our defense isn’t just good enough

  2. To judge a player on only 2 appearances is absolutely insane! One against a team in League One, the other at home against a relegation threatened side.

    I cannot judge him on the Portsmouth game, as I only saw the highlights, but as I already pointed out, it’s a League One team. Against West Ham, I thought he was fairly poor in the first half, but then grew into the game. I haven’t seen anything from him that has blown my mind anyway.

    If we are going to judge Mari, or any player, after hardly any games, lets at least do it against quality opposition. I personally only like to judge a player/manager after one season, unless they are absolutely horrific from day one. Obviously we won’t get that with Mari, but lets at least wait until the end of the season. I would still prefer Dunk.

    1. And those could easily have been his worst games and come good in the next games. Anyone can see he’s a decent player and a definite upgrade on what we have at the moment.

  3. @Arsenal needs either of Soyunku,Tarkowski, Ake, Dunk and Diop to compensate for Mari and Salibar, @Arsenal scouted Mari for a long time before signing him so 2 games may not be enough to judge him but he sure looks a decent player so far, Salibar is an exceptional talent but his injuri record is not encouraging, we have conceeded 36 goals so far this season, the poorest in the top flight, our defenders,Luiz,Socratis and Mustafi have all either past their prime or aren’t just good enough, there are younger more agile more technical more athletic yet experience defenders in the premiership, Leicester city are on top because of the defensive recorded of Soyunku, a player@Arsenal scouted and failed to sign up, we’ve not played the Champions league for years now due to our defensive record, so it’s either we spend money and improve or remain on the 10th position

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