Arsenal simply don’t deserve the Champions League after this joke performance

I hope those players and Emery burn the shirts and leave Arsenal ASAP. by Konstantin Mitov

Not a single player or coach at this club deserves to play in the Champions League. Those cowards better hide and not show their faces again. They are a disgrace for Arsenal.

If you thought it was Mustafi, think again. It’s everyone. Weakness crawling every single inch of the bodies of cowards. They deserve nothing. This club is a shambles!

I prefer to see the youngsters play rather than those losers. What is Monreal doing? Playing Mustafi on the pitch? What is Torreira doing? Those players are a joke. They are on more money a week than we earn in an year.

I had enough of this. Everything rotten from top to bottom. Why did we bother replacing Wenger when nothing’s really changed? You tell me.

Joke players, joke manager, joke board, fans made a joke of. I can’t believe we were served top 4 on a plate, yet we are dead. Honestly I don’t see a point in champions league football with this manager and players. It’d be more embarrassing than it is now.

The only thing I hope is they are gone. All of them. If we’re starting fresh, I want everything gone. Arsenal had mentality once. This is long gone, dead and buried and with those sorry excuses shaming us, it is never coming back.

I rest my case. No longer do I care. When the players and manager don’t, neither will I. This is a waste of precious time every single one of us can spend doing something positive with our lives.



  1. As always spot on Kons, only a delusional fool would think we deserve it and tbh we would get embarrassed anyway.

    Just a heads up and remember I told u so, next year will be worse
    City will get stronger so will Liverpool
    Hate to say it but spuds are out of our league their best players missed a ? load of games and we still can’t keep up
    Chelsea will sack sari and find a decent manager UTD will clear out the ? and spend millions
    Leicester will spend millions and wolves will get stronger

    So buckle up buttercups nest year will be worse after we spend 45m

    If I was emery I would move clubs why not go Chelsea ?

    1. Really u think Chelsea would take Emery.
      PSG now Arsenal and your thinking Chelsea what a joke Emery is out of his league

  2. ……The loss was painful alright but I think we should calm down here and look at the big picture. We are still in contention for top 4 and very much favorite to reach the EL final in Baku. Yes, the team was poor but we were never going to trouble wolves with our terrible away form. Personally, I feel the manager has overachieved with the terrible squad of players we have and should be praised rather than ridiculed.

    ….I think he has been vindicated on why he plays 3 at the back because our defense is worse than average. Yesterday, I saw folks here pushing for a four at the back and that happened and we saw the spectacular disaster but the same people are also complaining again which is ridiculous.

    ….. Torreira has lost form since that thrashing at Liverpool where he was primarily responsible for two of their goals. Guendouzi should be starting ahead of him now and Xhaka has shown that we can’t really depend on him. We need another 8 and a left back as we currently don’t have one. Monreal and Kola are both useless especially the latter who is just big with no brain. Mkhi must be sold, as well as Mustafi, Elneny and other deadwoods in the squad. At this point, I would love us to just terminate Ozil’s contract. For God sake, Moutinho is older than him but yet he plays with more aggression and purpose. Ozil must leave this summer, he doesn’t fit the Manager’s plan and must go. I hate his disgusting attitude on the pitch especially when he tossed off the ball and he is busy abusing the refs instead of getting back on the feet. Nketiah should be brought in more as Laca has continue to show that he is not reliable as a lone man upfront.

    ….. These men: Ozil, Mkhi, Elneny, Jenkinson, Welbeck, Kolasinac have all served their watch, it’s time for them to leave.

    1. I enjoyed reading your detailed explanation, your comment is spot-on

      But I would keep Kolasinac because he is still young and he is a good LWB

      1. ….Are you kidding me bro? Kolasinac cannot defend as normal fullbacks or players do without pushing or being utterly rough. The worst thing is that he does that both in and outside the box which is ridiculous for any professional player. He can barely beat his man either with technical know how or speed. He is useless bro and should be shown out the door. Terrible, terrible player. Just look at his antecedents yesterday, what was he thinking?

        …. Besides if we get a world class winger and a good left back, we don’t need to play at 3 at the ball…. It’s the absence of these two in our squad that forces the manager with such formation

      2. I would sell kolasinac first, infact i would make it my life’s mission he leaves the club. He doesn’t understand defending, has no positional awareness. Against napoli away, there was an instance where he was dribbled and the winger was about to put a cross in and guess what kolasinac did.. he started walking away from the action and going forward to attack. Lol. You can’t make this up.

        1. You got that right Lupe. He’s not a good defender and as for his attacking ‘skills’ I’ve mentioned before he could not take on and beat a traffic cone unless the cone had been ‘got at’ and was drugged to the eyeballs or blind drunk!

    2. In defence of Ozil – again!

      James I agree with your call to calm down and that Emery has done a reasonable job with the dross at his disposal.
      However, in my opinion, I think you, along with many others, look at Ozil in completely the wrong way.
      Ozil is a creator of chances/passes. With only a lone striker up against Wolves, who defend with every man once the opposition get the ball, that striker will be marked out of the game by at least 2, and possibly 3, defenders. If Ozil passes to him in this situation Laca has no chance and will inevitably lose the ball.

      So let’s check out who else he was supposed to pass to in that line up in order to create shooting chances:
      1) Mkhitaryan? Hahaha! Is he a striker? No! Is he a winger? No! Is he a creator? No! In fact what the hell is he? Exactly why is he in the squad?
      2) Iwobi? Does his best and is enthusiastic but a striker? Did you see his latest passes to the opposing goalkeepers? Believe it or not they were supposed to be shots!
      3) Did we have an attacking midfielder in that line up to take the place of Ramsey and make runs into the box so Ozil could pick him out? No!
      Xhaka? You’ve got to be joking. Torreira? Well he did his best to get forward but was brought in to protect the defence and so both he AND the defence suffered as a result.

      So UE fields a line up of defensive players – again – and lets Wolves attack us, with the usual consequences.

      UE is supposed to be known for giving youngsters a chance so why didn’t he grab that chance and:
      1) As soon as it was known that Auba was not playing he should have been replaced by Nketiah FROM THE START!
      2) Likewise from the subs bench only Joe Willock is known to get forward. With no Smith Rowe available at the moment he’s all we’ve got! So maybe Xhaka out and Willock in?

      This would have given Ozil passing targets of 2 strikers, an attacking midfielder and the wing backs – NOT JUST LONE STRIKER LACA!

      Please stop the Ozil hating until you understand his role and realise he needs the ammo, in the form of striking options, to pass to. If UE is going to field a defensive line up then Ozil should not even be in the squad. On the other hand if we want to attack then Ozil should be the first name on the team sheet.

      And now a few words from our haters . . . 🙂

      1. This excuse about Ozil needing a billion good players around him to perform needs to stop. Didn’t we get rid of Giroud and replaced him with Lacazette to provide that outlet for Ozil? Didn’t we get Aubameyang as well? So why doesn’t Ozil consistently perform? Do we have to change 10 players so that Ozil performs? If that’s the case, isn’t it simpler to just get rid of Ozil and keep the 10 players? I know I had sworn off this Ozil debates but I just can never understand this Ozil needs so and so to work. The CAM position is outdated in modern football and we should get rid of Ozil in my opinion. Too much needs to be perfect for him to perform.

        1. Who said a billion good players? Just You.
          Who didn’t seem to notice that Auba was not playing? Just You.
          Do we have to change 10 players? No, just the attacking options.
          Very little ‘needs to be perfect for Ozil to play well’ just a few attacking options as I’ve said.
          However as you said “you can never understand this Ozil needs so and so to work’ I fear any rational reasoning is quite beyond you.
          So fair enough, anyone can post here, so go ahead with your irrational rants but maybe cut out the lies you use to try to make your case. Throwing your toys out of the pram won’t get you far.
          P.S. If you really are a child then please forgive my remarks.

      2. Please can you stop with this Ozil apologetics / mental gymnastics. It’s always everyone’s fault every time he keeps being exposed as a fraud of a player.

        I am absolutely fed up with the guy together with you his cultists that have made cringeworthy excuses for him from the day he joined. It’s always someone else’s fault. But then you have his delusionals deluding themselves that he is some sort of World Class player.

        I will kep saying it, Ozil is the epitome : poster boy of this squad. Weak, overrated, overhyped and a joke.

        Can’t wait for all these embarrassing players to leave my club. They have humiliated us for enough seasons now. Can’t stand the majority of them.

        1. If one read what Gunnerjack was actually saying Goonster, it should open the eyes of these Ozil haters/cultists like yourself.
          What has he said that is wrong? Debate his views point by point if you think differently, but it seems you haven’t got the intelligence to do that, you just keep hurling abuse left right and centre.

          What makes those with different views, come on and abuse those that try to explain something in a sensible manner?
          I agree completely with him, he makes complete sense, while you just rave on at all and sundry.

          As for konstantine, I’m afraid I saw this coming as soon as the bubble burst.
          He rejoiced the day wenger left, saying UE was the second coming…when we went on the twenty odd undefeated run, he said Arsene who and implored everyone to get behind the man who had transformed the club.

          We are sitting fifth in the league and in the semi-final of the europa cup, exactly as we were last year, but with six new signings…all lauded by konstantine and others…remember Torrerria being the answer to all our prayers and the type of player AW had for so long ignored?

          What about our away record? konstantine crowing how UE had won more games in x number of matches…more points than AW could muster the whole of last season?…what a wonderful manager UE was.

          Then of course the players…all now being coached in the proper way, showing just what we had missed until UE worked on them…mustafi reported what a better player he was under UE and good old konstantine lapped it up, including the startling revelation that UE studied every team we were to play and this was proof how much better he was… eutopia was just around the corner.
          The jewel in the crown was that he had won the europa cup three times and proved he was the master of the footballing world.

          The problem was/is konstantine, you were brought up on the style of play and results that for twenty years made us a top four club…but that wasn’t good enough for you and your ilk.
          You demand instant success without any grasp of reality whatsoever, ridiculing anyone who questioned or disagreed with your thoughts.

          You all knew that the grass was greener and began a campaign that changed all those years of top four finishes, CL qualification and FA cup wins…so now you and yours need to start backing the man you championed and give him at least until the end of season to see if he is the messiah you promised he would be…BUT WHAT DO YOU ALL DO?
          COMPLETELY TRY AND DESTROY HIM AND THE PLAYERS…what a real supporter of our club you are not.

          The likes of you are NOTHING but trophy hunters, who have not the slightest idea of supporting a club.
          Your article is a disgrace, not because of it’s contents, but because of your idea of how to support a club during the bad times as well as the good ones.

          I wonder how you will excuse your actions and words if UE actually wins the europa cup and finishes in the top four?
          Probably tell everyone you knew this would happen, how you had faith in the manager and the players and how much you love our club!!!

          By the way, we were awful yesterday, just as we were against palace and everton, but I support The Arsenal Football Club, something konstantine and others will never understand.

      3. Well said GJ. Totally agree. Selection was wrong. Ive said it before but Miki and Ozil should never be seen in the same side. In fact Miki should never play for Arsenal again. Think we missed Ramsey a lot against Wolves. Will be crucial to replace him properly. I’m actually not so angry about Wolves. This was always going to be difficult. But I’m still bloody angry about the Palace game. That’s the one we needed to and should have won.

  3. before you go for players, first clear out the manager and his technical team. he isn’t the person to lead us back to champion’s league. and AST should campaign for fans going against Kareonke family who have turned our beloved CLUB to a laughing stock.

    1. If not Emery, then who could Arsenal attract? Unai Emery has an excellent CV and credibility among his fellow coaches and pundits. Who would risk their career by coming to the Emirates to take over this current squad, with the mooted transfer budget, Kroenke’s ownership and the self sustaining financial model with some fans consideing Emery a failure after one season?

  4. When I posted on this site that this coach and his team are taking us nowhere, I was slated and dubbed impatient, ingrate and all.
    Just yesterday, someone said that Arsenal had exceeded expectations by their fifth league position and Europa semifinals. And I ask if we brought in a new coach and spent £70m just to repeat last season’s achievement?
    Thank God I have developed some immunity against these tepid Arsenal performances. Before now I would have lost appetite for days.
    Not anymore. In fact, after Wolves third goal, I just switched off and was watching the Manchester game.

    1. It seems most of us were watching the Manchester derby! It was far more entertaining than watching those boring losers pass sideways and backwards all day.

  5. Spuds spend nothing but they are still very strong. Arsenal spend 100+ M for two strikers, yet our away performances are laughable

    It would most likely be the same next season, if Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Mustafi and the other aging players are still here

    They have been guided by two managers and the result is similar. I highly doubt the third manager could improve those players

    1. Our away performances are laughable because Emery picks defensive line ups for away games. As this is proven NOT TO WORK then why not attack instead?

      1. Gunner Jack, Emery chose the team that most on here called for. Which attacking player did he leave out and who should they have replaced?
        The players let themselves, the coach, the Club and the 3,000 fans who travevelled over 4 hours to Molineaux to watch the rubbish performance. They didn’t even come over and show appreciation to those supporters

        1. Ozzie G – I mentioned this in a reply to someone earler. To answer your question “Which attacking player did he leave out and who should they have replaced?” He should have left out Mikki who I consider to be absolutely useless and put Neketia in from the start.
          BTW some of the players did come to thank the travelling supporters

          1. Gunner Jack thanks for the clarification. I dont disagree Nketiah deserves a chance as do others from the U23’s

  6. Konstantin is back, am not surprised since we had a terrible game, so it is expected.

    I wont say much, but as per the title of your article alone, then only the top 3 teams deserves to be in the top 4.

    I know it was a painful loss and I also felt it, but then Chelsea and Man U who have better squads, who have spent more money should be doing better too.
    So hindsight, none of us deserves the top 4, not only Arsenal

    On the bright side, we have ONE last chance this weekend, but we have to beat Leicester and then hope Chelsea doesn’t win against Man U, a draw would also be better.
    To tell you how frustrated I have been, I haven’t seen or read anything related to Arsenal after our loss to Crystal Palace, of which Emery is to be blamed IMO.
    But seeing other results, it has helped calm my nerves and eventhough the chance is super slim, we can still acchieve the much coveted Top 4.

  7. All the so-called experts believe that Emery has managed Arsenal to over achieve with their current position given the lack of squad depth, standard of defenders and injuries. Konstantin on the other hand, denigrates Emery and calls him a coward. He probably wouldn’t have the guts to call him such to his face.

    1. Players are bigger than the club now. They’re like robots who are aware they have an off switch. You basically can’t touch them at all.
      I’m sure the older fans would love to go back to the days when playing football paid no more than cleaning a toilet eh?

  8. These men: Ozil, Mkhi, Elneny, Jenkinson, Welbeck, Kolasinac have all served their watch, it’s time for them to leave .the manager and player they’re all lazy

  9. All these players suffer from a weak mentality. Very few of them deserve to be in this club. Yesterday’s match reminded me of how much Sanchez used to scare opponents & fight for the ball while his mates were just strolling. Just look at the work rate & desire of those Wolves players & compare that with us. We don’t have any player who can change a match for us like Sanchez (hate to say this) used. It’s time to let go of these overpaid & weak players & start investing in the youth. Give Nketiah a chance in the remaining fixtures & bin Iwobi (don’t wana see this guy in our starting line up ever). Let Willock or Saka replace Mhki & Ozil. I used to like Ozil but it’s time to let him go. I’m tired of seeing overpaid players do nothing on the pitch & being dominated by a 10 man Watford.
    Arsenal comes first for me, so any player can *** off if they can’t respect & fight for the badge.

  10. This Konstantin is the guy who a couple of months ago used to say this was a transition season and he knew there were gonna be lows on the way after wenger. Then emery was the best thing ever happened to arsenal. Now he should leave. Your opinions are so volatile that don’t make sense anymore.

  11. I have a different view point to the whole of this. Last night I watched a team who didn’t press, or do anything physical with our opponents. This is not without a reason. Maybe the manager didnt want any further damage to an already weakened team. Ramsey is gone, and same is Auba remember? It’s clear Emery has put all his eggs in one basket. Let’s all hope it doesn’t back fire.

    I would say it was not a bad decision to focus absolutely in the EL cos we do not have the depth to make it in both competitions. Also there is a possibility that we can make top 4 and still not qualify for Champions league next term. If Liverpool wins the UCL and Chelsea wins the EL do you all think we are going anywhere?

    So bottom line is that our only secure guarantee for UCL football was the 3rd spot and we can all see that Spurs are sitting relentlessly, occupying every corner of it and never going to loose it. so form me, it’s EL or nothing for us so mint want to see reasons with the manager. IMHO I think we will still make the UCL anyway is a way. My advice is for everyone including the admin to take a chill pill…

  12. Everyone here is afraid of meeting chelsea i the finals, do you think Chelsea isn’t afraid of meeting us? I say we take on our next opponents with a weak team and tear Valencia apart in the first leg. then game on . enough time to rest and be ready for the finals. by then we might be 6th I don’t care as log as they bring the EL trophy for us.

  13. Konstantin I share your anger, and a mass exodus of players would be nice, however, I doubt that anyone would want most of our players, and those that are under contract probably would not be offered the wages that they are under at Arsenal, so they wouldn’t want to leave.

    For example, even if we let Mustafi go for nothing, who would be willing to pay that clown 90k per week like we do? Nobody, therefore he would rather sit on our bench for the next two seasons vs leaving for Celta Vigo (with respect to Celta Vigo) to earn 25k per week. I was hopeful that Mkhi would work out but alas, at 140k he costs more than Ramsey and we all know how that comparison looks.

    There is reported interest in Xhaka, if so, I say let the man go, I prefer Guendouzi anyway, we can put the Xhaka money towards a LB or CB.

    The sad truth is that with few exceptions we need a new squad, but we lack the finances to build one. Instead we are going to have to make do with mediocre and speculative budget purchases and hope for miracles.

    We have had the luxury of the last two seasons to play a B team in the group stages of Europa and yet we still have not been able to make top 4 and reel in Spurs that have barely spent a cent in recent times. If we had to pick our strongest side twice a week, we would end up with the same injury ravaged squad that Wenger had to deal with for most of his tenure due to a lack of depth and finances.

    Therefore I say, lets hope that we don’t make CL to avoid the embarrassment, and embrace our new place in the football hierarchy, i.e. a Europa club and contender, at least that is a trophy that we have a realistic chance of winning each season. Instead of falling out in the round of 16 of CL (if we lucky) every year like we used to.

    After enough time has passed, we will eventually forget that we used to be title contenders and top 4 regulars and learn to appreciate Europa qualification within the toughest league in the world. Just give it time.

    1. DDK I agree on almost all your points. I just differ in your statement ” If we had to pick our strongest side twice a week, we would end up with the same injury ravaged squad . . . etc”. Perhaps if we picked our strongest side to start every game and then subbed them off when the game is won then the good players would get enough rest and not be disappointed they’d been subbed.
      Unfortunately Emery does the reverse – he often starts with a meek and mild defensive line up, we go behind and then he panics and brings on the good players in an attempt to retrieve the situation. Totally the wrong way round to my mind.

  14. @Quantic Dreams thank you so so much, everyone defending Mesut Ozil really wants Arsenal to go down. I want to ask them this do Everton, Crystal Palace or Wolves have this our fake world class(CRASH) player called Ozil, the answer is NO. Yet they all thrashed our Ozil led Arsenal. What nonsense(sorry for the word) defense are they raising for this pathetic joker wearing our No. 10 shirt, is it only to slowly and sluggishly be passing or tossing ball around that he is being paid for. How many of those so-oo much acclaimed killer passes was he able to send to our strikers so far this season including last night? Wolves always packs their defense, is a world class not expected to take them on and out for the strikers to do the damage. Ozil is such a weakling in play, physically and mentally. The role and position that Ozil is playing is it different from that of Riyan Giggs and Arjen Robben, what of Lionel Messi, Mohamed Salah, Bernardo and David Silva to mention but a few, these lethal men that are strong, that sends killer passes to their colleagues after taking out their opponents and delivers missiles off their boots with relish. Shouldn’t their prowess be enough motivating factor if not challenge to Ozil to wake up? but no it doesn’t matter win or lose money will still come, very poor attitude with no ambition. Please stop this Ozil protection, his wages can comfortably take care of those three scorers of Wolves’ goals last night. He doesn’t want to be probing and taking risks, of what then is he being paid. If Kronke is not releasing above £100mln this summer, Emry should walk but if he does please withdraw/terminate Mihky & Ozil’s contract by all means as well as other cameo pretenders that claim to be players. Don’t bring in any classy player to come and work both for himself and Ozil ‘bcos he will be having injuries upon injuries ask Santi Cazorla, everyone should prove his mettle.

  15. Team rid
    Mustafi koscielny monreal
    Lichsteiner xhaka Ramsey jenkinson
    Ozil Welbeck mkhitaryan
    Bench: ospina, Chambers, bramall, elneny, Suarez, asano, macey

    Team keep
    Holding Sokratis mavropanos
    Bellerin torreira Guendozi kolasinac
    Iwobi Lacazette aubameyang

    Bench: Martinez, maitland-niles, plegezuelo, willock, smith-rowe, nelson, nketiah

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