Arsenal simply MUST get Alexis and Ozil’s contracts sorted quickly!

Arsenal simply must sign new contracts with Alexis and Ozil. by KM

Hello fellow Gooners! Finally I saw a proper performance from Arsenal! We summoned the spirits of the way we beat Chelsea, because let’s be honest, our play hasn’t been up to standards lately, and I am only a little worried, because this is West Ham, who got destroyed 3:0 by Southampton.

But this game was so much better from so many players. I have to point out Nacho Monreal, who for me was struggling lately, but he had an awesome game. The Ox looks like finally he’s getting a chance in the squad and I hope he takes it, because it looks like he can fill the hole on the left, which Alexis left by moving to the CF role.

And it’s been a massive move for Sanchez. He simply is our own version of Aguero if not, better. I mean just look at that finish at the end. Alexis is simply world class. I’d feel like an insult if we don’t dip in Stan’s pocket to get the guy on a new contract. He’s been at Barcelona, but here at Arsenal Alexis is the main man. He looks for the ball, he plays with desire, he cares, he chases back. I can’t heap enough praise, because I simply love Alexis. We haven’t had such a player in ages.

Despite the fact Alexis overshadowed everyone, Ozil is also standing out. He has like 8 goals this season? Not too bad. If he gets 15-20 over the entire season that’s excellent! His understanding with Alexis is just brilliant, and you can see the bromance going on there. Those are the two best players in our squad and we are so heavily reliant on them.

The real question is can we match their ambitions and deliver a big trophy. The league or the champions league? This will be the main thrive in their decision to stay or go I think. And whether we can do it will depend so much on the performance of the other players in the side. Alexis and Ozil will have a dip in their form and questions are will the other players please stand up?

Theo had like 4-5 excellent games, where he really looked the real deal and since Basel he’s gone missing again. The Ox now has a few decent games, but will this stay through the tough months? We have a good squad. We have probably the biggest squad in terms of players capable of outdoing most teams in the premier league. We have a solid bench, something I’ve been crying out for years.

I like the fact Ramsey is benched. He just simply does not deliver enough and he has to work for his spot. I think that if Iwobi is fit, Theo is next to lose his place unless he picks it up. We rotate Elneny, Xhaka and Coquelin, because we can and if you don’t perform well, you’re not starting, exactly like it should be at a top club.

December sees some tough fixtures coming up. Everton away is a game we’ve not won in ages, City played some good 60 minutes against Chelsea before their suicidal end and Stoke is always a fight, but there can be no Excuses. Arsene simply must deliver!



  1. tissiam says:

    i know that we need to keep both players,their importance to the team should be reflected in their wages,i’d like to see them get between 200 000/250 000 a week but they shouldn’t hold us to ransom and ask for 300 000 like i read somewhere also they shouldn’t take into account the reasons why they’ve been playing well (very well i should say)the fact that they are at the right club playing under a manager who gives them the freedom to express themselves on the pitch,teammates that respect them and see them as their leaders they must enjoy leading the team and the way our team plays its football,i think right now both the players and the club suit each other and the best outcome for all parties (including fans) would be to agree on contracts that satisfy everyone!!

  2. tissiam says:


  3. Vlad says:

    “… No excuses… Arsene must deliver”. First of all, you always seem to put a damper on things even when everything is going our way. And why is it always about Wenger for you, Konstantin? I think players should be held accountable just as much, if not more when the team does not play up to its standards. Does he tell Ramsey, or Ox, or anyone else to suck? I’m sure he doesn’t, and I’m sure he prepares them physically and mentally to the best of his abilities. We don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors, and I’m sure the manager and the board are working hard on securing our star players’ contracts. Other than that, let’s enjoy the positives, and keep supporting the club.

    1. Ks-Gunner says:

      Wengers job is not to tell, but to act. He gives them the freedom to suck, bec a manager who is serious about winning would never tolaretare incompetence and failuare the same way we do.

      We dont know, we dont know. Actually we do know enough, but its just that to many people like you are just lazy and to happy with bs und mediocre results.

    2. ThirdManJW says:

      I feel there is two main reasons why the players cannot really be held accountable, or certainly not as much as Wenger:

      1) As we all know, the same mistakes/problems have been happening every season, for a very long period now. Within that period, a lot of players have come and gone, but there’s been one constant…the manager. So changing players hasn’t solved our problems at all. This is a clear indication as to where the problems steam from.

      2) Of course he doesn’t tell the likes of Ramsey and Ox, to suck, as you say, they suck anyway, and it’s Wenger’s job to realise that. He gets paid enough! Ramsey has been shocking of late, and on one hand we can criticise him, which we all do, but the question is…why is he still an Arsenal player? Ramsey has only ever had one good season (or half a good season), so why hasn’t he been sold? Wenger keeps players at Arsenal way too long that clearly are not up to standard, or that can’t even play, due to chronic injury. One can’t blame a rubbish player for not performing, when we all know he shouldn’t be playing anyway. Only Wenger is to blame for situation.

      And Wenger HAS to deliver this season, because he’s had too many opportunities already. Other managers have deserved a shot at Arsenal for a long time now. Even Leicester can win the league, and are outperforming us in Europe! I find that really embarrassing for Wenger.

    3. Disturbance says:

      Look at Chelsea now and compare them to how they played last season. They haven’t changed much of the starting line up, but they have a new manager who transformed the players confidence. Why is Arsene so sacred for you and the players are to blame? If things don’t go good for us Arsene is the man that should be held accountable, after all every single player in the squad is brought by him.

  4. gotanidea says:

    Sanchez has been instrumental in our performance, since he joined the club. Arsenal has to make sure he will fully concentrate on his football, not on the other stuffs like money.

    Barcelona will not be as successful as it is currently without Messi, their true midfield general and playmaker. I see that Sanchez would be able to have similar role in Arsenal, if Arsenal builds their team around him in the future.

    And like Cristiano Ronaldo, he seems to enjoy playing with Ozil, because Ozil is a very unselfish player. They can be a great tandem in the front, as long as they focus on their performances in the field.

  5. Simon_MrMac says:

    Want to keep both players-

    But have to say either of them would be mad to leave-

    Ozil isnt bullet proof mentally. Wenger and his own skill have got him in a great position.

    If he left- like so many other ‘stars’ his career could deteriorate

  6. Ks-Gunner says:

    True champions want to compete to become champions. Arsenal are no champions but rather a 4th place team. As a 4th place team to secure good players who are above our standarts, we need to pay them the money they demant, otherswise they dont have any reasons to remain in a club who do not show any kind of ambition or signs that they can could actually win somethng.

    1. Trudeau says:

      Sometimes words fail me.

  7. Tatek Girma says:

    @Ks-Gunner, If you are a real Gunner, you would have said the positive ones despite the presence of some problems. Fans should support their team positively even at the worst situations for the sake of improvement. If we put a salt on the wounded area of your body, imagine what you feel soon. Please think of it and optimistic.

  8. Tatek Girma says:

    I mean try be optimistic as much as possible.

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