Arsenal slammed for having no plan B by former EPL manager

Former Tottenham manager, Tim Sherwood has slammed Arsenal for their lack of flexibility in their game against Brighton at the weekend.

The Gunners played out a goalless draw against the Seagulls in a game that Mikel Arteta’s side could have easily lost.

Arsenal went into that game on the back of a three-game winning streak in the league and they had beaten Tottenham in a thrilling North London derby in the previous game week.

However, the impressive Brighton dominated them and was very relentless on the press.

Arsenal has been playing from the back since Mikel Arteta has been their manager and the Spaniard insists on it.

Brighton made it very hard for them to achieve that and everyone could see that they were struggling in the game.

Sherwood says their struggles to beat Brighton’s press shows that they have no Plan B.

‘Arsenal have no clue when to go long. They need to be more flexible in how they play,’ he told Premier League Productions as quoted by The Metro.

‘They are hell-bent on playing out from the back – where as they [Brighton] mix it up. They know when to play through and they know when to go long.

‘It looked like that was after the Lord Mayor’s Show [for Arsenal]. That was the big game [Tottenham]. Now, we are back to the boring business and it looked boring.’

Arsenal will hopefully develop one during the international break as they will face tougher fixtures on the return to Premier League football.

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  1. Do I have some sort of site regulated ceiling for the amount of words I can post at any one time? or, even worse, have I been blacklisted from responding to any article that speaks negatively about our current manager? Just asking, as this is the second time in the last 2 days where the site has completely rejected my posted responses…very peculiar and a bit suspicious considering the subject matter in question on both occasions

    1. now incredibly suspicious, considering that the above post didn’t receive the same treatment!!!!

          1. No doubt…it’s just a little odd that I could post this “sin bin” gibberish without any issues whatsoever, but when I try to submit something of some consequence it disappears into the ether…isn’t it ironic that when those who support the pro-Arteta narrative go on the offensive nothing is forthcoming from Admin, yet when anyone with a contrary opinion simply responds in kind they’re summarily admonished and only their post gets removed from the site…btw I enjoyed your earlier attempt to bait the pro-Xhaka contingent

    1. Exactly Reggie! From anyone else I’d agree 100% but the guy’s a buffoon so I can’t bring myself to do it!

  2. I’m trying to remember what Plan B he has when we beat his Villa team 4-0 at Wembley.
    Still, he’s got bigger problems than Arteta – his “expertise” at being a manager, has seen him out of work for quite a while.
    Maybe he’s after MA’s job?

  3. The truth hurts because Arteta has never had plan B. It’s still gonna be difficult to beat other teams with tactical managerial aptitude. The guy is still on a learning process at Arsenal

    1. Arteta does have a plan B, but unfortunately that plan is Laca as Nketeiah and Balogun are not EPL top 4 quality, while Martenelli has an ego bigger than CR7 and skills equal to that of CR7Jr, so that is not an EPL option. Mikel is on the lookout for new striker and who knows he might just hire someone nice and capable like he did for Ramsdale (GK issues sorted out first time after Lehman), Tomiyasu (RB sorted out for the first time since Bacary Sagna’s exit), Odegard (first time we have someone decent who can be the next DB ), Partey (first time we have a towering MF player since the invincibles era) plus the grooming of Saka & ESR.
      Next season is the one to watch out for. Only wish Mikel does sign an extensiopn for his contract before that.

      1. But Loose Cannon, didn’t MA just get Balogun to sign a new contract?
        Didn’t he also get Aubemeyang to sign a three year deal at a reported £300,0000 a week?
        Didn’t he let a keeper go for £20 mill and then, after signing another one for £1 Mill, have to go out and spend a reported £30 mill on another one?
        Didn’t he sign a right back in squares and then have to go out and pay a reported £20,000,000 because he wasn’t good enough?

        Not sure there will be any money left for a new MA contract if he keeps this up!!!

        Love your point about those great Wenger signings though, Saka and ESR, let’s just hope he doesn’t overplay them…. no need to really, as he has brought in 17 new players.

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