Arsenal slaughtered on the pitch – and off it!

I can’t wait for Arsenal to get a great win against Everton today to take our minds of Tuesday’s 3-1 slaughter at the hands of Monaco in midweek. We were made to look like a Sunday pub team by the average French side who had five of their best players out injured.

Arsene Wenger quite rightly said that “everything went against us” and says he always gets “slaughtered” after a bad result. He was asked if he felt under pressure after Arsenal were all but eliminated from the Champions League.

“I have exactly the same pressure as other managers,” said Wenger in Goal. “I want to win football games and it is a huge disappointment not to win it against Monaco, but that is also part of the game.

“It is true that in the last four years we have not progressed (into the Champions League quarter-finals) and that is why this result on Wednesday is so disappointing.

“Everything went against us as well on the night – and after that you get always slaughtered, that is part of it.”

The Gunners can regain Third Place ahead of Man United with a win today, and Wenger was asked what what Arsenal could still achieve in this campan. He replied: “Let’s wait until the end of the season, we have 48 points today. We will see at the end of the season.

“We have massive games in front of us and we have played two times away from home more than at home [in the Premier League], so the way we play at home is vital.

“The reactions today are always very emotional, but life is not always on a high.

“You have to go through lows and highs, and at the end of the day it is about how consistent you have been in response to disappointments that makes your life.”

That means that Arsenal MUST win today to erase the memory of that awful defeat. We do know that our team does usually bounce back with wins after embarrassing defeats, the only problem is that we have had to respond to disappointments on a regular basis this season…

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  1. Kotte says:

    Wenger doesnt hv any pressr he is lying haha!

  2. muda says:

    You can’t stop people from talking about you, but you can stop giving them things to talk about. The real arsenal should please stand up. #COYG

  3. The Handsome_Gooner says:

    OMG! Still crying over the Monaco result. Got it, we sucked, now move on get behind the team for today’s match. Your support will do much better to the team than your constant whining and complains

  4. rkw says:

    Yep well ten years of disappointment is more than enough for me …. Merci au revoir et Bon chance you delusional French t***

  5. Greg says:

    We must get our act together and respond against everton today! Coyg!

  6. cheeterspotter says:

    The joke is a that if we had put our chances away against Monaco we would have won the game and they would have been calling the Arsenal Wengers marauders instead of Wengers w$$$ers.

  7. wibble says:

    Quick reality check. Compare table after 26 games with last season:

  8. themadhurata says:

    I would like to see a reaction from Wenger in his team selection.

    Mertesacker dropped and Walcott brought in. Oxlade restored to the first team and even if that means carzola is dropped than so be it. Oxlade deserves a start and the trust shown in him. He wasn’t to blame for Monaco’s third.

    Giroud had a bad game but welbeck hasn’t proved he is a better alternative to Walcott. Dropping both at the same time might be unwise and risky. So I don’t know. Choose one I guess.

    I suppose ozil could be dropped instead of carzola but i prefer carzola. Don’t get me wrong I get the point he is great but he needs to know he was central to the Monaco defeat.

    Poor performances against second rate teams should be tolerated.

    1. gpurdey says:

      *Shouldn’t be tolerated 🙂

  9. wibble says:

    Quick reality check. Compare table after 26 games with last season:

  10. Leader says:

    Great site to view the stats. thank you wibble.

    1. wibble says:


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