Arsenal smash Tottenham in our best 45 mins ever under Arteta

Arsenal smash Tottenham and put them back in their place! by Konstantin Mitov

Well, well lovely Arsenal people, we smashed Tottenham and I absolutely loved it! If last seasons first 45 minutes against them was great, this was even better. By far the best 45 minutes of football I’ve seen under Arteta!

We were sublime! Our passing was quick, forward and had purpose. Our attitude was amazing, we came out to dominate them and we did. That opening goal with Saka slipping it to Smith Rowe was made in Hale end making it all the more sweeter.

Than Xhaka saving Ramsdale’s blushes before setting us up for a beautiful 1-2 between Auba and Smith Rowe who returned it to our captain who found the bottom corner of the net was just amazing.

To top it off, Harry Kane gave away the ball, than sprinted all the way back, just to assist Saka for an Arsenal 3d. God I wish I could be at the ground. The place was truly rocking. Best atmosphere I can remember for a very long time.

It’s sad that we allowed them a consolation goal in the second half, but overall I’m extremely happy. Mind the gap hey? It took just 2 weeks to surpass them when we were bottom and they were top. It’s part of why it feels so good to smash them. You see they always live in our shadow, even though they had a good few seasons, they know deep down who the big club in North London is, and they just couldn’t wait to give it hard to us. That didn’t last long did it?

Not that being above Spurs should ever be your target when it comes the Premier league, because that’s not really ambitious, but we really needed that win. Those Arteta celebrations man… You could see what it meant for him and the players too.

To be fair to the manager (and I’ve been a huge critic of his), today it was spot on! He took what many of us thought was a gameble on Xhaka and it worked. Everyone was up for it.

Tomiyasu is an absolute gem of a signing. In modern football every position is important and just look at the difference of having Takehiro instead of Bellerin. The guy can challenge for a ball, win a header and he managed to keep Son quiet, and that was the only player Spurs that really worried me.

All our new signings we excellent. Ramsdale was solid once again. Odegaard was dictating play and even Ben White impressed me at the back. There was that clumsy challenge on Kane, but otherwise I’ve not felt this good for our defense for a long time.

Now it’s time to have a well deserved excellent celebration and then prepare for Brighton. It’s easy to be motivated to beat Spurs. The next game will be an entirely different challenge, and the expectations will now be higher, but for the first time we can say, our season has truly started!



  1. I think it’s fair to say we might’ve been too harsh on Arteta after the Brentford game and considering the fact that he played a weak team and this is the first time he had his fully fit team together this season, and they seem solid at the back.
    I’m up for the midfield trio of Partey-ESR-Odegaard, but I’m also up for the double pivot of Xhaka-Partey.

    It’s always been obvious there’s a style Teta always wanted to play, and we’ve always struggled to do that, but with Tomiyasu, White replacing Bellerin and Holding, and Ramsdale in goal, playing from the back seems too easy and seamless now.
    I guess this is why it’s good to get players good at what you want.
    It’s early days, we’ve won yesterday, we’re happy, but full focus should be on Saturday, we need to convincingly win at Brighton to keep this bubble going.

    Arteta’s talent ID might be it you know?
    I’m just saying, if we look at all the players he identified himself, they’ve been great other than Willian.
    Cedric Soares deal presented itself through Kia when Teta needed a RB.

    He wanted David Raya from Brentford and always chased him.. it was only few days ago Klopp said Raya’s number should be number 10 because of the way he passes and distributes the ball.

    Teta wanted Aouar more over Partey, and couldn’t get him, now something seems to be wrong with Aouar, he straight up identified and insisted on having Ødegaard back.

    According to the Athletic, he chose and insisted on Tomiyasu when Edu wanted to go for Emerson Royal.

    Gabriel has been immense bar a few poor performances last season.

    He wanted Runnarson because of his ball playing abilities, but Alex turned out a poor shot stopper, and now he might’ve gotten the hybrid of Alex and Leno in Ramsdale.

    Hopefully we see Tavares, Lokonga both come up tall too.

    Totally forgot he wanted Jorginho too and all of us were against it, including myself.
    Jorginho’s been immense and European best player for a reason.
    I’m just saying Teta might actually have a good eye for seeing stuff in players.
    Obviously I know he targets better players that Edu does.

    All in all, let’s build on this performance.
    Hope everyone stays fit, and we can have a chance of slipping into top four, seeing as we’ve already played City, Chelsea and Spurs, yet we’re just 4 points away from top 4.
    Now October & November will be an hectic month for United, if we stay consistent, we should overtake them when they play those big teams. Now we need to stay consistent.
    Have a great week guys.

    1. Exactly

      building up a team with good team work and communication
      takes time

      but fans think they know best

      heaps of them make comments without even watching the game

  2. Konstanin. The typical fan.
    When the team is struggling. ” The players are useless sack the manager now”
    Then when we have a run of success it’s like.
    “I never doubted these champion footballers and our beloved genius manager.”
    After the next loss it’s back to the “I will never again trust these dead beats and the clueless excuse for a manager. 🙂

    1. Imagine if a football club owner follows the fans’ requests to change their manager, everytime the manager’s honeymoon period ends

  3. What was clear to me in those first 45mins was our fearlessness. For nearly two seasons I have watched fearful football, yesterday was courageous and fearless. We were natural. Here is Arteta’s lesson that can elevate him into a great. Don’t micro-manage, but allow the players to express themselves without any fear or apprehension. Yesterday we danced and dominated like the invincibles, Bergkamp, Henry and Pires, silky, mobile, intense, dominating football. Play like that and Europe is beckoning.

    1. Well done Arsenal….I’m still over the moon…watched the highlights again today……….congrats to the team……now we need consistency…………….wonder if Arteta reads just Arsenal………….😀

  4. I was surprised by Aubameyang’s effort in the game. He won almost all his aerial duels and it felt like I was watching a different CF

    If he can keep winning duels in our front line this season, he’ll open up the opposition’s defense for the young attackers behind him

    I think Arteta’s initial plan is to make us play tiki-taka like Man City. But he seems to be more realistic now, by adding more combative players into his team

  5. I did say before that Arsenal can beat 10 teams in the league and have 60 points at the end of the season…..I didn’t include spuds……….!
    I think I know what happened… of our strikers brother said Arsenal are not scoring goals cos of tactics and I think the players wasn’t happy with tactics and playing with a low spirit and the team must have had a discussion about tactics and Arteta compromised and allowed the players to play more freely…….just my opinion………!

  6. Amazing result and first half was off the charts..NOW some caution as per mentioned in the article..consistency is the key and marks the difference between ordinary sides and champions.

    Let’s hope Arteta and his team can now push on and build on this recent success.

  7. For me …the significant change was moving SAKA to the right, this same thing happened last December when we turned a corner after wasting SAKA as leftback 4 weeks during our poor run….

    Like I’ve explained severally, SAKA is more direct at RW than Pepe .. he’s a bit more comfortable on right feet..with the layup yesterday for ESR….he would always drive in quickly with pace to shoot or pass for tap-ins..

    Pepe on the other hand would run at players,beat them cut-back and pass back or try curlers which rarely goes in….he doesn’t drift infield to help the midfielders…and needs the RB to overlap for a pass outlet who in turn puts in a fruitless cross

    SAKA has a better awareness and close control of the ball looking at his goal yesterday….Pepe wouldn’t have carried on to score

    Arteta should Never make the mistakes of the early season losses by wasting our talisman on the left for whatsoever reason…..(just like pep wud not play mahrez on the left or grealish on the right)……we will win alot of matches with the right formations

    Then the defense is sorted out from the look of things…

    Tierney and Tomiyasu focused on defending yesterday which shutdown the opponent’s wingers and allowed our attackers play direct counterattacks than wait for our wingbacks to overlap like we did before…

    Ramsdale owns the goal post for now….a goalkeeper that motivates his backline is what we this keeps the players hyped up and concentrated…

    Odegaard ,ESR, Partey, Sambi are excellent ball players which makes transitions smooth… Xhaka is Ok too buh the rash challenges and back passes are his issues

    Then finally, ESR making runs into the box and shooting as the second striker will aid auba as lone CF…

    Onwards and upwards…we moveeee

  8. Arteta copped on after those 3 losses. Saw how the teams that beat us, beat us, then emulated that energy style of play to suit our players…We just need to keep it up.

  9. Forgive my cynicism towards this turncoat writer but Konstantin has, til now, been the most consistently doom ridden contributor on here.
    But his sudden apparent change of view does not convince me that he has any idea what he is talking about.

    Oh yes , I can agree with THIS article, in essence, but when he has been preaching doom for so long and so wrongly , I simply cannot believe he himself believes what he is now saying he believes.

    He runs with the hares and hunts with the hounds and as such is a shallow and untrustworthy writer. A classic bandwagon jumper in fact!

    He is likely to resume his doom as soon as we have our next defeat, which says it all about how he is!

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