Arsenal snap up South American striker

So Arsenal have definitely made their first signing of this summer in Granit Xhaka, but there has also been another covert signing which has been kept heavily under wraps by Arsene Wenger and the management team, but has now come out into the open after the agent who brokered the deal announced the signing on TodoMercadoWeb.

The striker in question is the Argentinian youngster, Maximiliano Romero, who currently plays at Velez Sarsfield, and the agent, Rolando Zarate, explained his part in the deal, and revealed that the 17 year-old would remain playing in Argentina for the next two seasons. “Maxi has huge potential,” Zarate said.

“I went to London to talk about Arsenal’s offer, and then took it back to [Velez president] Raul Gamez.

“Arsenal agreed to our main terms: that the player remains at Velez for two more years.

“Maxi is going to complete his apprenticeship at a great club like Velez. I met with Arsene Wenger twice in London. I negotiated with him and then with his assistants.

“They heard about Maxi Romero through their scouts in America. He was the player who most impressed them.”

Wenger said not so long ago that nowadays the best strikers come from South America as they usually come from poorer backgrounds and learn their trade playing street football. They are also hungrier for success than their European counterparts who are pampered by the big clubs from an early age and don’t retain the hunger for success.

It appears that Wenger is putting his money where his mouth is, but instead of buying up a ready-made South American striker like Aguero or Higuain, he is investing in a super young talent like Romero in the hope that he will become one of the all-time greats in the future.

The last South American that Wenger bought as a super investment was the prodigy from Brazil Wellington Silva, who we bought six years ago. Now 23, he is currently on loan at Bolton…..

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  1. The best strikers are certainly South American no contest: Higuain, Suarez, Falcao, Messi, Cavani, Tevez, Neymar, Dybala, Agueroooooo etc etc

    It still hurts that we missed out on Suarez 🙁

  2. Whoopee big bloody deal he may well be another proposed superkid that will amount to a big fat zero
    I mean where is the 16 year old polish kid that we signed last summer with Cech? I cant even remember his name now?
    What we need is a proven goal scoring monster not someone who may or may not be a superstar five to eight years time.
    Whith Arsenal being one of the biggest earners this season and also looking to pocket hundreds of millions next season with the BT sports deal we need to identify a strker who is proven and who will suit the way Wenger is looking to have the team play
    Not wasting their time on a kid who while he is a very talented kid is still in effect three years away from being a potential EPL winner

    1. I agree that we need a WC striker asap. However that should not prevent us from singing young talent. To describe this signing as a “waste of time” is short sighted. Was wenger “wasting his time” when he signed cesc fabregas or hecor bellerin. Was tottenham wasting their time when they signed gareth bale.

  3. watching his interview on ! I was first impressed with his english even though itwasn’t perfect it was easy to understand. I liked when he said : “in Germany you can be aggressive but the referre will not let you (booking) but here in England you can be aggressive and it’s good for me. haha I will be happy to see him bully some jackasses who use to bully us like Wanyama…

  4. Wellington is not the last south american attacker wenger signed, there’s somebody called ALEXIS SANCHEZ I don’t know whether you ever heard about him.

    1. Haha good one. Obviously I was talking about young promising South American strikers…..
      I’ll be more specific next time!

      1. Okay. Remember a certain Neymar that was bought and kept in Brazil? Gambling can pay sometimes.

  5. I’m delighted we went back in for the boy, he has talent. When seeing his clips you could tell he seemed ahead of the other lads (maturity). I like that he’s staying over there rather than joining up now because they learn something on that part of the world that they just cant teach anywhere else. I believe this lad will make it, I never felt that way about Wellington even though everything you read pointed that way. Same with Akpom, I don’t think he will make it at Arsenal and I felt this way for a number of seasons. For me he needs allot of improvement if he wants to begin as third/fourth choice over the future. I believe this Argentinian kid is more like one of Wenger’s top spots, was worrying about other clubs trying to hijack the deal but amazed no-one tried. Must be because of our new found transfer mentality, seasons end is ten days old and we have already gotten a player who looked earmarked for Xavi Alonso replacement. Look forward to seeing a 20y old Romero bring that Argentinian steely quality to our club.

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