Arsenal snatched two points from the jaws!

Arsenal kicking off with a win is crucial to their campaign by SE

It was always going to be a tough job for the Gunners, even though they were at home to last season’s 11th-placed team in the Barclays Premier League. Arsenal were dragged, and very nearly robbed of 2 points from a Crystal Palace side that was determined and hardly showed any distraction with what had transpired a couple of nights before. They were defensively organized, harnessed a set-piece situation to go ahead, albeit for a brief period, and very nearly came away from the Emirates with a point. It is for the threat that Palace provided Arsenal that Wenger’s men managing to pick up the full quota of points was indispensable to their season’s ambitions and progress.

Let’s face it: No team has had it easy in the opening weekend of the Premier League, and albeit there is no room for soft comparison between the result of Arsenal’s and others’, there’s always the suggestion that a hard-fought win has its own place in the cupboard. As they so often say, “Arsenal showed championship qualities when they snatched three points from the jaws of a certain draw”.

I think that it’s the kind of win that will make Arsenal better. They can build on it, and workout key areas where they need to tighten up on. The only huge concern for Wenger will be that of his strikers, Giroud and Sanogo, whose striking qualities continue to get questioned; but beyond that, the Arsenal machine looks well-oiled and poised to work smoothly over the coming weekends.

Ramsey, as expected, played a significant part in Arsenal managing to pick up all possible three points, but it’s up to the other players to step up to the plate and alleviate whatever pressure there is on the Welshman to be ‘the man’ for Arsenal. Certainly, Ozil and Mertesacker, when they

come in will give Arsenal further strength and depth, but it’s up to the entire squad to give in their share of performances week in and week out.

Overall, it was a job very well done by Wenger’s wizards, and Arsenal get their big season of ambitions up and running in the right direction.


  1. grinding out a win against a defensively solid an hard working palace is gd result,
    besiktas in turkey will be tough – win or a draw will do

    that transfer window is slowly shutting- are we gonna add to our squad?

    1. once more signing is for sure, likely CB. whether we will have another CDM/LW will depend on the CL qualifier results

  2. It shows how important Ramsey is. A great player can have a poor game but find the important goal even during a poor game.

    Winning was important. So we will improve especially when the Germans come back and Walcott.


  3. As Arsene said, the season came around too soon. Some players need more time to get fitness up as currently fitness levels of players are at different stages.
    This was a performance based on lack of match fitness but was a performance like that of when players have played many games and the outcome was flat.
    We showed nonetheless the ability to get 3pts which bonds well for our ability to win when we are not playing well.
    There will be games like this, what’s import is having the quality to still win.
    We have that!

  4. The main problem was lack of physicality and miss passes
    if we improve it to competitive level
    then whole world will watching us lifting EPL trophy


  5. we are always week on the left wing it showed again on Saturday, big clubs will punish us like they did last season, my opinion before any new signings we need a Natural A/L/W

    1. Been saying it all transfer window. Could also be part of the reason why Gibbs has so many injuries because he is up and down the pitch the whole game because we have no one on the left

      1. Yep
        and pushing Santi Cazorla on the left wing is not working he always drifts to the center and he cant defend on the left, its a shame OX is not a left winger if he was what an awesome team we would have.

  6. Arsenal are holding back on big signings until CL qualification is confirmed.

    Koscielny in training this morning

    + we have a made a bid for adrien rabiot

      1. No brainer really.

        – 19 with huge potential
        – cheap
        – doesn’t take a squad spot

        There’s nothing to lose really. Hopefully a CB and LW is following..

        1. Downside is signing rabiot means no DM. A position everyone incl rival fans, rival players, pundits etc all know we need to strengthen to have a realistic shot at winning the title.
          And rabiot is no where near ready to fufil that role, i believe he can be developed into a dm but it will take 1-2 seasons and at the moment he’s great going forward but he lacks physical strength, lacks discipline, is a fairy and bottles 50/50’s.

  7. It is time, surely, to be pragmatic and realise that if we want to challenge for serious trophies we need to be (well, Wenger needs to be ) more cut throat in his decisions…!!

    Gibbs, I am sorry, he is useless to us… Sentimentality never wins you trophies. This is a player who will never, NEVER, give us a full season (or even half of that) and it is not like he is a top LB…!!
    Wilshere is on the squad because Wenger still believe in “something”… He is poor and miles away from the other midfields (even though nobody had a great game on Saturday)… He should talk to Ramsey about improving… As soon as Ozil is back, he will find his rightful place on the bench.

    Koscielny played not fully fit…!!!!! Can we afford to lose, by no shadow of a doubt, our best defender and put him at risk that early in the season…????

    We are already short at the back and Mertesacker might be called upon to play against Besiktas…!!!

    Wenger should go full on those last transfer days and recruit 3 more players ( I know that is “insane”), but players like Wilshere, Gibbs, Sanogo, just need to be loaned to see for themselves the reality of professional football in lower quality outfits.

    We have no time to waist… Wenger succeed, some how, in bringing back the Arsenal “fear” factor (that is why Mourinho is all over the join talking sh*t again!!)… We don’t it to be just a “phase”… Let’s get on it !

    1. Ricardo Rodriguez for LB, Gibbs second as he can’t stay fit. Monreal surplus to requirements.

      We can’t trust on injury prone players.. Leaves the whole team exposed.

    2. Last season you were butchering Wenger saying he is a old deluded fool and he should leave.
      How can I take anything you say seriously?

      Gibbs is not yet 25. Don’t tell me he has peaked already. Our left side was never our strength. Right was.

      Gibbs is a very big upgrade on Santos. He makes a lot of good runs and can also play left wing, like we saw last year, when he and Monreal played together. And alll the players in a team need not necessarily be world class.

    3. Funny how you mention Koscielny and Ramsey because some years ago I’m sure you would’ve been one to call for their heads just like you’re calling for Gibbs’ and Wilshere’s.

    4. Ramsey was playing for almost 2 years very poor and Wenger did not let him go, even on loan. The thing about Wilsher is that he is English, yes English and that from our academy, our club. He might not perform how we want him to perform but he is also not doing poor. He is a good player and if he starts to score more goals only then you will jump in Wilsher we trust again.

      The diff are always goals, and you can be sure that he is going to be more selfish at times and score some for himself.

      What i hate about the English people is that you all tend to hype youngsters way to fast up, award them then with expensive contracts way to soon, and if times are tough you label them as useless and shet. And you guys wonder why the English national team does so bad during the worldcups and such.

  8. Ramsey has now scored in all of the last four official fixtures for us.
    FA Cup final
    Community Sheild
    Now, Crystal Palace

  9. Against teams that park the bus and leave the bus parked there all day there has to be a plan. Crosses must be pounded in and then followed up with players on each side of the cross. Will it leave you susceptible occasionally yes, but that bus is not going to fly away full throttle and our DM and CB’s must handle any situation like that. Also chip passes must be used to get over the top. I’m sure we will see that bus parked in our neighborhood again.

    1. Ozil = the solution to parked bus teams.

      Other than chelsea when was the last time a team successfully parked the bus against us with ozil in midfield.

  10. The article suggests our strikers were the only huge concern of an otherwise well-oiled team. Well sorry but I was more annoyed with the mis-passing of our midfield.

  11. Was an important, actually vital goal by Ramsey. Drawing at home to CP would have felt like a loss. We must have an excellent home record to win the league.

    Also, I didn’t realize that it was our first opening game win for 5 years. So great start.

    Lets continue winning


  12. In my opinion Poldi is earning to much just to sit on the bench. 100k a week is to expensive. I love this guy but he should be shipped out.


    Those poz, are yet to be fixed, and without solving this, i cant see us winning the Epl.

  13. The main problem is we don’t have a top class striker. Yes this is a huge concern if we expect to compete against Man city, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man Utd. We need a proven goal scorer
    and for me Giroud or Sanogo just don’t fit the bill.

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