Arsenal: So much attacking talent but so few goals…..

Reality dawns the day after the night before!

Waking up today and I am more frustrated about the loss to Leicester than I was yesterday.

Why, may you ask? Well, because I have had time to analyse and yet I still fail to understand how after we had so much possession and control, and how we can have so much talent in our squad, yet we just fail to create any chances and score any goals.

We are known as the attacking team, we also were known for our creative flair and goals scored but that has quickly evaporated, and we have now got a team that a lot of fans were calling for over the years, a defensively solid team!

All well and good if you want to park the bus each game, but parking the bus doesn’t get you wins, it gets you draws, and as we saw from last season the two points lost can be a big factor come the end of the season!

Regardless of how defensive we go, the likes of Aubameyang, Pepe, Lacazette and Partey should be able to create and score goals, no matter the opponent no matter the game. Yet they fail to do so.

Two back to back games in the Premier League and the outcome is the same, a 1-0 loss, a silly defensive error and a lack of creativity in our midfield, and up front has deemed costly.

The Europa league win was another paper over the crack, but what did we do in Austria in the second half that we can’t do in the league only three days later? Fatigue plays a part, of course it will, but these guys are footballers; this is what they live for, nothing will take away the fact that there is still something missing from our squad, and no Partey addition or contract extension for Auba will change that!

Now I begin to think that even if we had Messi in our side the goals just would not come, that is how poor our midfield is, and if they don’t fix up the mentality and the creativity then they will find the goals even harder to come by as each game goes by!

Shenel Osman

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  1. Can some of Arsenal fans stop making comparison with klopp, MA is no where in any sort of league when it come to klopp and Pep…specially klopp. Apart from his first season when Liverpool finished 8th he finished in champions League spot every year. He did not play this dreadful booring football even in his first season, his first year team was even then fun to watch. Also remember his team building was more difficult to our as they heavily relied upon Suarez who left where as we manage to keep hold of Auba our main goal scorer plus MA has been given few players of his own liking in Willian, Gabriel, Cebollos and the best of all Partey. He has inherited much better squad then klopp. I don’t think we should sack MA just yet but we need to demand more from him. When you can see managers around him are delivering better performances then him in almost same space of time n coming from same crisis (morinihio spuds). If we want to be where we were before and to be included in list of big clubs again then we need to set the bar much higher then just being satisfied and happy for losing to rivals by small margins.

  2. There is a general and disturbing (to me) fanunrest as it seems our goals are dryingv up. Stata show we are not scoring as much as our rivals and despite talented forwards ,on papre, they are not looking like scoring much or evenat allin sone mgames Certainly tht balance need as fine tuning. But I say all this, in context, as frankly, many of thr moaners are way over the topm unthinking and reactionary wit not proper analysis of whay our forwards arenot lookinglethal.

    I take the longer view and thank God that at very long last our defence does not look like conceding every attack the oppnents make. IT IS ALONG TIME SINCE WE COULD SAY THAT CONSISTENTLY.
    I also take due not of the fact that we stillhave a vast majority on the team and squad of players who MA, had he been here years, not merely months, would NEVER have brought into the club. Imagine trying to fel comfortable when wearing the clothes of a totally different person! Or two other peoiple !

    No friends, I INTEND TO BE PATIENT AND ALLOW MA the time he needs to bring inhis own men. Those who he HAS bought are all successes, apart from Soares who was cheap cover for a no good Bellerin and that is the fault of stingy KROENKE. I remain a passionate supporter of MA and urge the thinkers among you to remain staunch. The hopeless fantasists who predict a title winning team this season are way beyond our help. so worry not about them. Unless you are a psychiarist!

  3. MA said L City were waiting just for one chance, And they got it. It shows how helpless he was. I wonder with this knowledge why he did not change tact and pull them out of the bus parking.

  4. Laca and Pepe are average players. we need to sell them and get a proper goal-scoring winger and a playmaker like KDB. and play Auba as SF.

    1. Why is he playing PEPE he not good enough and Arleta keeps switching the team about pick your best team and leave them alone

  5. Has anyone realized that Arsenal players do not like heading the ball.
    Letting the ball bounce near our goal is just inviting danger.

  6. Only two shots on target against Leicester and those by Saka & Bellerin. It’s not that we didn’t create goalscoring chances, quite the opposite in fact, but good, really good chances completely wasted by poor finishing, so it’s not as if we don’t have something resembling creativity, and more often than not the men who you rely on to finish the job are not earning their wages.
    I don’t have coaching credentials so won’t suggest that the manager is wrong and should change tactics, but will suggest that come January/February our elite player captain (on £350K per week for the next three seasons) might be scrambling for a start when a certain brilliant young Brazilian makes his return from injury and then we’ll all forget about Ozil and start a new “get rid of” campaign.
    Nah, won’t happen will it.😈

  7. When Arsenal is playing.. watch them closely,,, most of the time its side ways and backwards passes… this is done on a consistence basis to an extent that we don’t pull out more attacking threats during a game

    Auba n Laca suffer more from this.

  8. @Marshall And if you watch closely you will also see few runs into channels or space and few players leading defenders away so another player can run into the space the defender left. And magically you have sideways and backwards passing. Tada!

  9. this brand of negative football is incredibly problematic because we don’t possess the qualities necessary to win on a regular basis…with this squad we will never be stout enough defensively to consistently beat those teams who have specifically designed their respectively squads to defend and without the necessary clinical finishing from the striker position, we will likewise struggle to defeat those higher scoring squads only from the counter…it’s time to put on our big boy pants and play a 4-1-4-1, put Partey in front of a back 4, only have overlapping runs on one side of the pitch at any given moment, then have the other wide side backer rotate into a back 3…this would allow us to let our offensive players to go hunt with the attacking midfielders coming farther up the pitch like we did during Ramsey’s most productive years…the fact is if we adopt a more offensive posture most teams won’t be so aggressive with their numbers on the counter and we will have more players in the final third so we don’t have to rely so heavily on attacking only from wide positions…this would allow us to put Auba up top, with the ability to roam of course, then we could start launching some longer balls early in games so that teams will have to start make choices about how deep they will sit and how much space they’re willing to put between their defenders and the midfield…right now we’re allowing our opponents to dictate our style of play, which is both gutless and unproductive

  10. Tony Attwood of Untold Arsenal is trolling this blog again. Doesn’t he realise he‘s only giving you publicity? It‘s how I found this blog.

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