Arsenal sold 850,000 replica shirts last season, but how much did they make?

Arsenal sells several hundred thousand replica shirts annually, as supporters worldwide eagerly embrace the club’s colours. This serves as a crucial way for fans to identify with their beloved team and contributes significantly to the Gunners’ financial success.

Generating revenue is paramount for every football club, and income from shirt sales represents a substantial financial stream. Reportedly, Arsenal achieved a record-breaking figure last season by selling 850,000 official replica shirts since Adidas took over kit production. However, Football Insider reveals that the club earned only £5.1 million from those sales.

Despite having various revenue streams, Arsenal may not be overly concerned about the specific contribution from replica shirt sales. Nevertheless, the club is likely aiming to enhance this income stream and secure more substantial returns in the upcoming financial report.

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As a team with several other income streams, we certainly want them to bring a lot of money to our accounts.

However, this is already a record-breaking number and we expect it to be much better in the following campaigns.

As long as we keep making good progress on the pitch and win trophies, more fans will buy our shirts as a show of support for the team.

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  1. Do we make anything at all from their sponsorship in general. Surely it’s more than just replica kits?

  2. So it seems, assuming these figures are correct, which I neither accept nor dont accept, as I simply dont know, the profit on total shirt sales is JUST ENOUGH TO PAY ONE PLAYERS WAGE FOR A YEAR, assuming that is someone of the level of Nketiah.

    Hardly seems worth bothering, given the TOTAL gross income of Arsenal. But my gut feeling is that the figure given cannot possibly be true, as IF it really were that LOW, why would the club make such a song and dance about shirt sales!!
    I can understand FANS wanting shirts but not the club making so RELATIVELY LITTLE IN TOTAL.

      1. The point that you and Jon are missing, of course, is the “free” advertising the club gets from fans wearing the shirts away from the games.

        Wherever one goes in europe, shirts of ALL the major clubs are on display and this area is where we, The Arsenal, lag behind united and chelsea with regards to the PL clubs on show.

        Also, the names of players on the backs of shirts promote the club, when, for instance, the name of an internationally renowned star, such as Ozil (who I believe still holds the record for most named player on the back of the shirt at The Arsenal) shows the type of player the club has.
        For those who don’t appreciate Ozil, insert Saka.

        What a sign of the times it is though, when £5.1 million is so easily dismissed as trivial.

        As a shirt cost £75 a time and, at the last count, there are five to choose from, that figure does seem low, but what can one expect when the shirt selling genius was given away?!

  3. Not a great deal of money (and even a lot less than the poor third world workers get for making them) it all adds to other sponsors payments to us to make us self sustainable.

    1. I was told quite a while ago that the club receive 15% from the sale of every shirt. Shops like Sports Direct receive 9%.

  4. Nobody seems to have taken my point that Arsenal signed a very lucrative deal with Adidas – according to something on Google to be in the order of $70 over a handful of years. Apparently the 3rd highest deal so Adidas do inject a tidy sum into the coffers

  5. Our deal with Addidas is £60 million a year for five years, the £5.1 million is probably from a small percentage from sails of all addidas products we have our Arsenal logo on it

    1. My favourite away shirt of all time BB!!

      SueP, I got your point and the Adidas logo ensures that they also get their name in lights.

      A I right in thinking that only the two manchester clubs have better deals, one of which is just pure nonsense by the way?

  6. £5 million a year might sound small in the grand scheme of things, but that’s the point, as ‘getting pennies gets pounds’. So £5m from shirt sales plus £4m from the tyre deal plus £10m from Rwanda plus all the very small sponsorship deals we have generates tens of millions of £s a year, that’s without match day revenue.

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