Arsenal speaking with Thomas Partey’s representatives over a summer exit

There is a possibility that Thomas Partey could leave Arsenal during the current transfer window as the club undergoes significant changes to their squad.

Mikel Arteta is preparing for an important summer transfer window, with the club’s support to strengthen the squad and compete for the league title in the upcoming season.

Partey was one of the initial signings made by Arteta upon his arrival as Arsenal manager and has been a key player for the team since then.

However, Arsenal’s squad has evolved, and with the potential addition of Declan Rice in the coming days, the Englishman may be preferred over Partey if the Ghanaian remains at the club.

According to a report from The Athletic, Arsenal is currently in discussions with Partey’s representatives to explore the possibility of his departure from the club.

Both parties are expected to agree that Partey can seek a new club, and Arsenal will consider reasonable offers for his transfer.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Partey has been a good member of our squad, but he is no longer a player we can do without.

Jorginho did well in the few games he played ahead of the ex-Atletico Madrid man last season and Rice will undoubtedly push him down on the pecking order.

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  1. At West Ham, Declan Rice played as a central midfielder while Soucek played as a DM.
    Why can’t it be the same with Partey?

    If Arteta agrees to this sale, then he is a Clueless, Terrible Joker of a Coach

    1. Laughable to think Jorginho can replace Partey, delusion at it’s finest. How quickly some forget what Partey has done and still can, and compare that to several appearances by Jorginho.

      Propaganda at it’s finest to suggest Jorginho can replace Partey to make his departure palatable.

      If Partey goes then replace with a similar top top DM, not this Jorginho nonsense please. Gullible is one thing stupid is another.

  2. “but he is no longer a player we can do without”
    Not exactly. Jorginho was fantastic in some games – his passing abilities made us really dynamic – but his lack of physical presence was exposed in others, and that’s only going to get worse from here.
    If we have to sign rice, I could see him forming a strong partnership with TP, but i wouldn’t be confident with him starting in the DM role when the opposition presses our backline – Partey’s ability to control the ball in tight spaces and escape difficult situations is absolutely crucial to the way we play out from defence (an aspect of our playing style that I can’t see arteta changing), and I have serious doubts that rice could handle it so well.
    If the idea is to replace partey with rice, I worry that could be a massive blunder that would take us backwards. I can only hope they know what they’re doing here.

  3. unless they want to sign another DM that’s capable of what TP is doing, if not Arteta and Edu should please leave TP for us … it will be easier for Rice to understand our pattern of play with TP than with a new signing..

  4. We gave waited years for a midfielder like Partey since Vierra and we are looking to sell him. STUPID!!!!!😵‍💫

  5. I hope Partey doesn’t go, except we are buying Zubimendi,Latvia and Rice would be a joke to control midfield,
    I wonder why we are in a rush to sell Partey, he’s 30, Jorginho is older, the story isn’t clear,
    I hope Arteta knows 2 months isn’t enough to teach Rice how to dribble or teach Latvia how to work under pressure.

    I wish they read comments from fans, some thoughts are jackpots.

  6. The only reason that I can see the club trying to sell him, is the “rumoured” baggage first hinted at by Herr Drier.
    It looks as if an agreement has been reaches for Havertz at a reported £65 million.

    As I haven’t a clue where the club is going, regarding transfers in and out, I’m going to sit back, relax and keep my fingers crossed.

    1. Ken a sensible post and perhaps, most of all, your final sentence.
      I hold huge reservations about HAVERTZ and until the rumours became firm, I would have thought that anyone suggesting we should buy him, was away with the fairies.

      I also can see no other reason for selling PARTEY, than as you state.

    2. The guy is a beast and is a huge talent, but he is also on bail pending an investigation from accusations from 3 different women (so I read). I think our back room might know something not yet made public or perhaps just being prudent. Regardless…this is not just a football decision.

  7. Nothing will be gained if AFC don’t keep Thomas Partey. Buing Rice and selling Partey us not even status quo. In that case Tony Adams is right, the Gunners have peaked this season. It will not get any better, folks! Let’s hope there is some brain work in the club. Let the party continue!

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