Arsenal spend nearly 5m Pounds per player per season – But who spends more?

Arsenal fans are always complaining that our billionaire owner of the club doesn’t invest enough in the transfer market to compete with the big boys, but the fact is that we pay the players that do arrive a hell of a lot of money to make them want to continue playing for the Gunners. This latest report shows that Arsenal are paying nearly 5 million Pounds per squad player which averages out at 88,000 for each player.

The report it also shows that the wages on offer are a fair indication of the League positions with the one big anomaly is that Manchester United have the biggest average wage but are definitely not performing to the predicted position (that may have something to do with a certain Alexis Sanchez lol, or maybe their crap manager!).

These wage stats can explain why Germans would want to come to the Premier League as they earn around half (on average) compared to the EPL, and especially the French players who earn an average of just 1 million a year.

Average wage bills Premier League 2018/19

Rank Team Average annual wage per player
1 Manchester United £6,534,654
2 Manchester City £5,993,000
3 Chelsea £5,020,004
4 Liverpool £4,862,963
5 Arsenal £4,853,130
6 Tottenham Hotspur £3,515,778
7 Everton £3,242,690
8 West Ham £3,189,333
9 Crystal Palace £2,757,000
10 Leicester City £2,710,710
11 Southampton £2,669,333
12 Bournemouth £1,989,520
13 Watford £1,775,172
14 Wolverhampton Wanderers £1,757,600
15 Fulham £1,727,440
16 Brighton & Hove Albion £1,695,040
17 Newcastle United £1,650,133
18 Burnley £1,603,197
19 Huddersfield Town £1,238,000
20 Cardiff City £957,471

Source: Sporting Intelligence Global Sports Salaries Survey 2018

One other thing strikes us out of this report is the reason why every top player has the ambition to play in La Liga with Barcelona and Real Madrid. Barca’s average wage is £10,454,259 (more than double Arsenal’s!) while Real Madrid are second with £8,089,582 (nearly double).

Juventus, PSG, Bayern Munich and even Atletico Madrid all spend more than Arsenal with over 6m per player. Does this explain why they are more successful in Europe than we are?

This is an absolutely fascinating report and is well worth a look, although the detail is quite outstanding and mesmerising…..

So what do you make of these numbers from an Arsenal fans point of view?



  1. ken1945 says:

    That’s one hell of a report to read through and digest.
    I thought the point made about doubling a player’s value if an English club wanted him very interesting.
    I have always thought that it was the British clubs who trebled the asking price of an English player.
    I was obviously wrong and it begs the question….are our clubs seen as fools for allowing this?
    It’s been said before that it’s the nature of the beast, but that doesn’t seem to ring true after reading some of the contents.

    Just what might happen if the tv revenue ever went missing is anyone’s guess and I am so pleased that our club has been run with due diligence.
    It also proves that Kronkie has the room to manoeuvre with his estimated private wealth IF he really wants to compete for players.

    1. snowden says:

      Kem. With regard to your last paragraph. I think Kronke spending the money he has pocketed from Arsenal, taking it out and spending it on Arsenal, is wishful thinking.

  2. Goonerboi says:

    This is really disappointing. How can spuds keep all those great players *vomits* and pay them half of what we pay some bang average guys. Why couldn’t Arsenal retain players whilst we were building a stadium if we were paying them so well? Time to ship out some players and hire better negotiators some of these guys have been taking us for a ride (Ozil, myhki, Mustafi exc.)

    1. Th14 says:

      And yet some people still defend AW…. Poch is doing something amazing, building a new ground and have somehow managed to keep his best players whilst adding quality to the squad.

      1. Mwsupporter says:

        Remind me again, what have the spuds won in the last 20 years and what have thy won with Poch in charge?

    2. Tissiam says:

      I agree with you but we will soon see the end of it,with all the works being done in the club in the back in the last 2 years all these contracts problems will be only bad memories trust me andbe a little more patient I know you heard it before but this time it is happening just look at all the restructuring,wenger is gone and no longer one person controls everything!!

  3. gotanidea says:

    Great article

    Arsenal could have bigger financial power, due to their resources and brand

  4. Can Mkhitaryan be sold already?

  5. Invisible says:

    The lowest placed cardiff pays just shy of a million. How much in Spain, italy, France and Germany for the bottom clubs?

  6. Goonster says:

    Ozil, Mkhi, Aubameyang, Lacazette make up so much of our wages.
    ozil, Mkhi are taking us for mugs, they are absolutely stealing a living with their £300,000+ and £180,000+ a week wages. They don’t deserve to be paid that much and i would love if we sold both in the summer if anyone is interested. Give that money to Emery to buy his own type of player.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I still have a hope for Mkhitaryan, because I feel he is not a winger

      Maybe try him as a no 10 or a CM in several matches and see how he performs there, because he used to link up well with Lacazette, Welbeck and Iwobi

  7. Break-on-through says:

    I was surprised by this, by the way people talk about our wage bill I was expecting us to be fourth at least and I even thought there was a chance that we may have a bigger one than Che’s. Fifth, all those years of getting CL and we are already behind Liv’s wage, as well as having spent a little under 400m less than them over eight seasons. I knew others were spending more on transfers, but I thought were we went big was in the wage department. This seems about right, we are a sixth place club and we were fifth place in the previous season to that one. Hmm, uh, okey doke.

  8. John Ibrahim says:

    so fans actually want the club to be number 1 in spending….?

    just like Fifa19 ….unlimited spending…

    1. Tissiam says:

      Nicely said

  9. Grandad says:

    In the days of the great Tom Finney players earnings were in line with the wages of the Clubs supporters. Changed days, but at what cost.Overpaid prima donnas, most of them but today’s fans get carried away in the hype of the Premier League, the greatest league in the World?Rubbish,The atmosphere at Premier League games is created by the fans enthusiasm for victory not the sublime talent of players of whom only a handful are worth their money.There ,I needed to get this issue off my chest.Interesting article though which will i am sure will raise the shackles of lots of true fans.

    1. jon fox says:

      How helpful your true perspective is to those who are too young to remember the days when top football was still honourable.

      1. ozziegunner says:


  10. McLovin says:

    I read yesterday that PSG was offering De Gea 300k a week to join them for FREE next summer.

    Oh how I wish it was us offering him that money. No offence to Leno who’s been great, but De Gea is absolutely world class and he is free! And if Barca can keep hold of Ter Stegen and Cillesen, why couldn’t we hold both Leno and De Gea?

    Would rather we pay De Gea 300k a week than Özil or Mkhitaryan 180k. Sell those 2 and we can get 3-4 class players with their released wages.

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