Arsenal squad for USA games and full schedule

The lads took off for the USA earlier today, well apart from the captain, and the full squad names have been released and it is as strong as it could be.

There is no Lucas Torreira because of his involvement in the recent Copa America and unfortunately no Krystian Bielik but new signing Gabriel Martinelli is included as well as a sprinkling of youth players.

It is also good to see Hector Bellerin and Rob Holding in the squad.

There are four games in total on the mini-tour kicking off with a friendly against MLS side Colorado Rapids next Tuesday the 16th.

Then it is the International Champions Cup starting with Bundesliga Champions Bayern Munich on Thursday 18th July at 04.00 UK Time

After that, we face Serie A outfit Fiorentina on Saturday the 20th July at the more reasonable time of 23.30 UK Time

We finish with the big one against Spanish giants Real Madrid on Wednesday 24th July at midnight UK Time.

All games are exclusively live on Premier TV, however, the Boreham Wood game last week was freely available on Youtube and I see no reason why that will not be the case with the matches in America.


    1. Maybe Bielik too kev.
      Looking on the bright side I’m glad to see young Saka made the tour squad as I’m expecting big things from him in the future.

        1. Chambers staying will complicate things for Bielik.At this point it’s safe to say he will be leaving.I do not see him staying.
          He was supposed to take Chambers’ spot

          1. Chambers is for sale, as reported by the media.

            Surely someone will want him. If not in the Premier League, he would be a sound investment for any Championship team.

      1. For the last few weeks I had to remind many fans taking about Bielik for this season that he asked to leave the club with one year left on his contract with his favoured destination so far Charlton where he was on loan, imagine choosing Charlton over arsenal! either he doesn’t think much of arsenal or think he is not good enough to make it at arsenal,I wonder which don’t yous??

        1. Tissiam, Bielik just wants to be relatively assured of a starting place which he is not going to get at the Arsenal.
          Based on the stated “new” approach to transfers, given he is in the last year of his contract, Bielik will either have his contract extended or be sold.

      1. Patience bro.He’s on rehab.After that the deal will be announced.Im sure you must have read how it was confirmed he’ll be leaving Celtic.
        Napoli and co were never in for him.Same with Saliba.Why would they wait for Arsenal to dilly rally while they can hijack as it has happened in the past?

        1. sorry KEV, but youve lost all credibility , in my said for definate that tierney would be a gunner by last weekend, then you backtracked and said that the medical , and, announcement would be monday (gone), but absolutely nothing. i will not be reading any more of you untruths,had enough. but thanks for entertaining me .

          1. I replied to that same comment on that day that the medical won’t be happening anymore but it’s like people didn’t see it.
            What happened was that many online fell for an excellent Photoshop work and we thought Tierney was in London but the picture proved to be fake.I have explained this on several occasions.I clarified this on that day.You can go back to that comment and see the replies.Believe what you want to believe and I have no right to tell you to believe me or even take me serious

            We thought Spurs had Saliba and now he is here.We thought Napoli hijacked Tierney but he will soon be announced

          2. That Photoshop wasn’t from an ITK.

            Interest in Saliba was first confirmed by an ITK account, @AfcMedia14 on May 17th before being confirmed by Kike Marin days later who was late.When these two reported it there was no news about Saliba as an Arsenal target anywhere

          3. @gerry burke what’s your deal with @kev? if you believe he has lost all credibility, then just STOP responding or commenting on his posts. SIMPLE !!!!

        2. So Kev-at the time you weโ€™re telling everyone Tierney had completed his medical,agreed terms and the only reason the deal was not being confirmed was because Celtic did no wish to upset their fans,the player was undergoing a hernia operation.So basically EVERYTHING you were spouting out about this deal was completely wrong.So hoe do you explain all that crap and why would you seriously believe anybody would take anything you day seriously again?

          1. PHIL, fair play, i think the phantom newsbreaker has been outed. either that or his crystal ball needs a good old dusting.cannot wait for the next extraordinary done deal from KEV.

          2. Man if you don’t take me seriously stop replying to my transfer posts.
            You lot believed Spurs had hijacked Saliba and now he will sign.The same media claimed Napoli were going to hijack Tierney.Why would Spurs and Napoli be slow when they knew they could easily have hijacked both players from us.Believe who you want to believe.Im sick and tired of having to explain myself again and again.With the same ITK’s I’ve had Lichtsteiner,Torreira,Sokratis,Martinelli and Saliba right.With those same ITK’s I’ve had Lemar,Soyuncu,Leno and others wrong.Stop coming to me with crap.If you want a proper talk I’ll give it but I can’t put up with this crap

      2. He got it wrong with Bielik situation which has been known for months and vwants to sell chambers when Kolscieny didn’t travel with the team pushing to return to France with Bordeaux! farcical!

        1. Bielik was going to be given his chance until Chambers confirmed he was staying.Chambers being able to play DM and CB ousts him from the team.The club would like him to sign a new contract and send him on loan as reported everywhere but he doesn’t want to go on loan

          1. That’s the point of the issue.I personally don’t see both staying in the same season.One is likely to make way

    2. That will be awful, I no longer regard arsenal as a club that gives youth a chance. Why on earth is Ben Sheaf not with the first team, he is probably better than willock and ERS. Don’t get me started on AMN.

      1. Kev dont worry, keep updating as u always do, update is welcome from any other person too, no one pay keV for transfer info, but why are some people here making it look as if keV is under contract to do this. However, no media outlet is 100% perfect on transfer news, so dont expect keV to be. Good day

  1. Only 1 signing sadly: Martinelli
    Wish we could start our matches with new signings so that they can adjust better.

    I hope we get new signings before the Premier League season starts at least!

    From the above list our best 11 (with a back 3) in my opinion are:
    Leno GK
    Monreal CB
    Sokratis CB
    Holding CB
    Bellerin RWB
    Kolsanic LWB
    Chambers or Niles DM (filling in for Torreira/Guendouzi)
    Xhaka CM
    Ozil CM
    Aubameyang LW
    Reiss-Nelson RW
    Lacazette CF

    I hope this isn’t our Squad when the Premier League starts
    Hope Xhaka, Ozil, Chambers and Nelson are not our starters for next season
    Hope we sign new CAM, wingers and CB

    The only current players I want to start this season are:

    Maybe Reiss Nelson/ Guendouzi if they prove themselves

    1. You listed twelve players in your line-up

      I believe we would not be able to re-enter the top four again if:

      – If we sign Martinelli and Tierney only
      – If we still have to accommodate the underforming no 10s
      – If we keep using the three-CB formation, because the surprise factor has gone

    2. I guess you haven’t followed chambers,he had Va very good season as a CM and with the real possibilities of losing Kolscieny and Bielik both asked to leave and your answer to that is selling Chambers who can play as DM and central defender, clueless at every levels man no wonder you follow KEV?

      1. Chambers is below average as a CB and as a DM only good enough for Fulham.

        If he had such a good season, why, being for sale and a young English player, are there no bids for him??

        If he had a very good season, there would be bids in excess of 30 mill. pounds for him. Where are they?

        I would rather we give a chance to Bielik. He may turn average as well, but at least there’s still a chance he can be world class one day, whereas for Chambers his ceiling is ‘somewhat good’.

        1. It is wrong to denigrate Chambers because he won the player of the year award at Fulham.
          In the past Arsenal has signed plenty of players from lower teams in the division, like Fulham and lower divisions, who have gone on to great success with the Club.
          Fulham was relegated because they were not good enough as a team. That does not mean all their players are poor.

  2. Aubameyang


    Nelson, Niles, Guendouzi, Mkhitaryan

    Kolasinac, Monreal, Sokratis, Jenkinson.

    This would be my starting 11 with the current team for the pre season tour.

      1. Too bad no new signings, and then we buy in late and oooh yeh they are put on the bench to learn the Emery way of football by that time we are in a mid table position.

  3. KEV, my friend, you are the absolute faker here. even your reply to my comment lacks any structure. what do you get out of doing this, perhaps you may have too much time on your hands sir.from this moment on i will be scrolling way down past any comments or posts that bear your were funny, but now you are a bore, we can take only so many lies .serious consideration should be given to another endeavour.

    1. Couldnt care less but I had to reply because I hate being misunderstood.
      Thank goodness you won’t be disturbing me in the future

      1. KEV, i certainally will not be disturbing you in the future. i think you have managed to do that all by yourself matey !.

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