Arsenal staff surprised at Gunners move for injured Cedric Soares

The signing of Cedric Soares has left some Arsenal staff bewildered.

Arsenal recently had to sign defenders because of a combination of injuries and poor form from their current crop.

The Gunners completed temporary moves for Pablo Mari from Flamengo and Cedric Soares from Southampton.

But the transfer of the latter raised eyebrows when it was revealed that he was about to be a free agent in the summer and was carrying an injury.

The Portuguese defender has played 19 times for Southampton this season and spent the second half of last season on loan at Inter Milan.

Express Sport claims that Arsenal staff were surprised that their club made a move for the player when he arrived at the Emirates with an injury.

This is because the team is already suffering from several injuries to their defenders.

Southampton reportedly couldn’t believe their luck when Arsenal approached them to buy a player who they were happy to allow leave for free when this season is over.

Soares is expected to be out of action for the next few weeks with Arsenal still without the likes of Calum Chambers, Kieran Tierney, and Sead Kolasinac. It doesn’t appear that signing another injured player was well received within the club.

It certainly is a little perplexing why the Gunners have gone down the road of signing yet another injured player, they do have a history of doing such a move, usually with disastrous consequence, Denis Suarez and Kim Kallstrom being classic examples.

Hopefully, they know what they are doing this time and we do get to see Soares in action sooner rather than later.


  1. Kim Kallström
    Denis Suarez
    Cedric Soares

    All brought in by 3 different managers, all injured. Why can’t this club see that we need more players in the SUMMER so we don’t have to resolve to panic buys in January?

  2. I believe he was taken for future purpose… He has the kind of aggression that most fans wantbin the team.
    Maybe its a gamble that if it comes out possitive, then at the end of the season he could become one of our defenders given new contract
    At least to some of the fans Ozil can then leave wuth his sluggishness.
    some will they don’t play same positions… But we the fans always cause these panic buys…

    I wish every party he best at the end… Arsenal may end the season on position 8.. I wish we get a better position…

    AM.. It is well

  3. Who exactly are these staff members? Cleaners, maintenance staff, groundsmen?

    All silly speculation to me. Still a few months to go in the season, plenty of games left, other injuries abound, let’s wait until later before we go all batshit about this.

    1. we are supposedly playing 5 million, He is injured for 3 4- weeks,when he returns there could be just 3 months of the season left, supposing he gets into the team ahead of bellerin and plays for the 3months that would work out 1.66mil a month.

      You dont have to be an account to think that is not the best value for money.

      1. and obviosly his ‘super agent’ is getting a super cut!!

        Sounding like a Harry Rednapp setup at Portsmouth where he was getting a % of all transfers. Harry made some head scratching deal too.

        1. I think you might be a few million over egging the cost. From what I have read, he is on a lot of money – £65000 pw until the end of the season plus a £1million loan fee. A lot I know but not £5 million. Compare that to the reported £18m that Ozil earns per annum then that puts it in some sort of perspective. Footballers in the premier league earn obscene amounts of money


            “The deal is said to be worth £5 million to Saints all things being totalled up including wages etc and it is yet to be seen whether he will sign for the Gunners permanently in the summer.”

            Thats from Southampton fan site, BBC, Sky all suggest that price.
            If Ozil was on 5mil every 3 months i am sure we would hear about it.
            Just saying the deal looks odd and i was replying to someone above who seems to think its noraml.

  4. Liverpool were heavily mocked and criticized for signing robertson but today he is one of tge top full backs in the world.(His defence is poor for me)Robertson is a vital player for liverpool now.The Klopp effect maybe…
    So let MA show his effect which i am seeing from many players since he came in.

    Let the manager do his job


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