Arsenal star admits even players in dark about Wenger future

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has admitted that even he and his fellow team-mates have no knowledge about the future of manager Arsene Wenger.

The Frenchman is out of contract at the end of the season, and Wenger told us before the international break that an announcement would be revealed ‘soon. It has since been an anxious three weeks, and we are still waiting!

Aaron Ramsey has now admitted that even he has no idea whether his boss will be staying on beyond his current deal.

He said: “The manager hasn’t said anything about it. He’s our manager and we’re delighted to play for him.

“He’s been brilliant for us so hopefully we can repay him by finishing off this season strongly and hopefully win something for him.

“As players, we haven’t really discussed it, we just want to go out there and try to win the game so we’re focused and trying to work hard throughout the week to put it right at the weekend.

“We’re professional footballers so we have to go out there and perform as best we can and try and get the results that we want.

“There’s a lot of things going on at the moment but we have to turn a blind eye to that and concentrate on what we are here to do.”

All of the players are continuing to back the manager, and it is pleasing to see the team rallying around each other, and hopefully this sort of attitude can give us the desire to go out and end the season well.

It’s no secret that we need an impressive run of wins to assure ourselves of Champions League football next year, and it may even be possible that Arsene Wenger could warrant a top four finish as the means to leave on a high.

Could Wenger be unsure of his own decision? Could a top four finish allow Wenger to leave happy?

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  1. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Spuds are currently giving watford the beating of their Lives……
    Quality goaLs…. And a cleansheet (at the time)

    So don’t go around saying Arsenal are in good form cuz the beat Westham days ago….
    Earlier today an article was posted bout celebrating St Totteringham day….. Sorry you disappointed folks ….No Trophy, No Party L()L

  2. Goonerboy says:

    I kinda envy the spuds now, and they are even without Kane..
    Although Watford also miss many players and are a bit outta form too, notwithstanding a win is a win and it is an emphatic one for them….

    Can’t wait for Arsenal to trash Palace too!
    Concerning Ramsey not knowing about Wenger’s future, who cares…he should just go with his weak manager.

    1. khangunners says:

      Guys i think this is the best time to change manager. The pl teams all are improving and are not yet the real deal. Just look at spuds,chelsea wht a new manager has done. We still got a chance we are not far yet but action needs to be taken

    2. Big g says:

      why do you envy the spuds, just because they have a team playing well for the first time in 56 years since they last won the old first division you should not be envious. You should be furious, furious that Arsenals players, manager and board have let you down simply because they are overpaid and have not worked hard enough to achieve what the fans want.
      Tottenham have worked hard to be where they are continuing onward from last season and should they somehow win the Premiership i certainly won’t be envious although I will be upset.
      Now go count the number of trophies Arsenal have won in the last 56 years and tell me you are envious.

  3. Uzi Ozil says:

    I don’t know about you but I envy this spurs team and the way they play…….. I think Chelsea will win the league but kudos to Spurs for pushing them a bit.

    Spurs looks closer in winning the league than Arsenal I must say. Well, Time will tell

    1. khangunners says:

      So true man. They are playing like a team and any arsenal fan will admit that this season spuds are better than us by a mile . what strikes me though they dont hve any world class player in there squad and if i judge player to player i dont see where they are so ahead of us. But wow they hve just conceded 22 goals all campaign that is something to applaud.

      1. Player to player we are by far better….the problem. Is Manager to Manager

  4. khangunners says:

    Admin congrats. Its the best move. May the site keep growing and we hve more insights from gunners all over the world. Coyg!
    Hehe looking at fixtures this is a season where the fans division will be very clear for everyone to see or it will be a season where fans sing one arsene wenger( you know them:( ..) We can either make it or fail terribly.

  5. Big g says:

    Actually Wenger promised to give the board his decision by 1st April which was a week ago and at no time have the board or Wenger said they wiil let us know before the end of the season.

    1. khangunners says:

      Haha do you recall last year when we played the last match and wenger walked round the pitch with those beautiful emirates babe saying thank you for your support. It was shocking and embarrassing at the same time. Haha will a similar stunt be pulled this year?

  6. Break-on-through says:

    Spurs are nothing at all special. They went straight out of Europe yet we get ballistic about going through two groups before being drop kicked out of comp. We came second last season and we all knew it was pathetic, and we didn’t have spu lighter schedule. Spurs in second place this season and people are going googly eyes, give! me a break. One season after twenty they finally muster up the nerve to edge past us, what took you’s so long you small little wannabe club.

    They are a good side, but before that very late come back v Swa we would have been in a position were we could get to within two points of them, if they were as good as people are saying well then that should’ve been mathematically impossible.

    The only thing I hate that Spu have over us is a play-maker who puts in a shift, I’d take him over Ozil in a heartbeat.

    We are the best scoring team this season even though not at our best, we can be so much better. It’s the achilles we have with our three forwards behind Alexis when 4231, those three don’t even try offer the work needed to be defensively competent. Other than that problem this team could slap spu straight back down. Also this is a one off at the moment, people, say it was a player, you’d likely say it’s a one season wonder until he does it again, and it is a wonder, because many AFC fans have never seen the likes of it in all their time in football lol.

    1. khangunners says:

      Haha come on man. How many goals hve we conceded this year and how many goals hve spuds conceded? In terms of squad strength we hve better players but as conte once said we are only a good team on a piece of paper. Thats one of the reason i think we are not so far but we need to be serious or other teams will leave us far behind

  7. JPS_AFC1 Aus says:

    Khangunners you can’t pick where spurs are better than us player for player. You know why you can’t pick it ? Cause they are not better than us player for player the difference is Mauricio Pochettino mate. If he was managing us we would be top
    off the league.
    Now that’s done the longer it takes for them to make an announcement the more i think there is a problem between Mr potato head and the board. I think Wenger is not willing to change things up as much as the board want him to. Fingers crossed that there is a problem and he goes at the end off the season. Mr Wenger i will always respect and appreciate you for what you have done and achieved for our club but it’s time for a change.
    The new manager must bring his own people with him backroom staff wise to.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Good comment mate.

    2. khangunners says:

      Exactly bro. Thats what am trying to say we hve world class players in our squads but we are not as effective as spuds are and they hve mediocre players. Just shows what a manager can do

  8. Guneal says:

    Those fringe players like Ramsey should for once do the club a favour. Gang up, go to the board, tell the board you all have low confidence on Mr. Wenger, that you all want him gone. That’s the onlybway you can back back to the club that has kept faith with y’all even when y’all know y’all šhït.

  9. Guneal says:

    Those fringe players like Ramsey should for once do the club a favour. Gang up, go to the board, tell the board you all have low confidence on Mr. Wenger, that you all want him gone. That’s the only way you can back back to the club that has kept faith with y’all even when y’all know y’all šhït but still received bumper pay.

  10. vish says:

    Hey is Barcelona still ready to offer that 50 million for Ramsey like they wanted to 2-3 seasons ago? I would take it in a hearbeat. Even 25 would do. 😀

  11. JPS_AFC1 says:

    Thanks Break on Through . I love this club and have since the mid 80’s i bought tickets for the pre-season Australia tour the day they came out. It will be the 1st time i see my beloved club live. I stay up all hours off the night to watch our games live and this year it has been really hard to do with the way we are playing. I spend about 15 hours a week following Arsenal on the internet reading arsenal newa, watching fan interviews on AFTV after a game but i want change badly. I even put $100 Aussie dollars towards the plane over the Hawthorns.
    I really hope i get to AFC play under a new manager when they come to Australia. 1st time here in 40 years i was 3 months old last time they where here

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