Arsenal star admits his side have nothing to be positive about

Arsenal fell foul if consecutive 3-0 losses to Manchester City this week, and club record signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has expressed his disappointment.

The Gunners lost Sunday’s Carabao Cup final to the Citizens, before enduring a dismal league defeat last night by the same scoreline, and despite some trying to find positives from our displays, our star striker is refusing to seek any.

“There’s a lot of disappointment,” Aubameyang said.

“I think that this evening it was a match without anything positive.

“We’re not happy with our performance, whether it be Sunday or tonight [Thursday]. As we weren’t able to score the goal that might have pushed us forward, we know very well that City play very well.

“They’re perhaps the best team in terms of playing style in the world right now, so of course, it’s not easy when you can’t score that goal, you need to have that extra energy. So, perhaps there were some players who were a bit resigned.”

The Gunners did notch up more shots in our outing last night, and even managed to have more possession, but we clearly didn’t get ourselves into the right positions, although we could feel a little hard done by, with PEA failing to beat Ederson from the penalty spot, with Nicolas Otamendi being spared a second yellow card whilst conceding the penalty.

Was there any positives to be had from our display?

Pat J

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  1. gotanidea says:

    For me, Barcelona is the best team in terms of playing style in the world right now, not City. The positives are:

    – Arsenal were willing to play more direct, instead of using the usual tiki-taka style

    – Ramsey is still a powerhouse, stamina wise. If he was accompanied by a good DM and wingers, Arsenal could have kept up with City’s energy

    – Bellerin is still blazing fast, despite still having a lot to learn before he can be the next Dani Alves

    – The result means one step closer to Wenger’s exit

  2. Sue says:

    No positives for me!
    Ian Wright said watching Arsene’s decline is like watching Ronaldo when he got fat!!

  3. Phil says:

    Why are we looking for positives?Its the negatives that are the problem and will be up until they are addressed properly.
    There’s no need to list them as we all know what they are but attempting to camouflage the mess we are in by listing positives is a complete deception.

  4. jon fox says:

    Oh Yes Pat J. ONE HUGE AND OVERRIDING POSITIVE AND AN OBVIOUS ONE. The crowd- or rather lack of it, and the consequent apathy, even the booing was muted , though clear. Fans have given up expectations for this club under Wenger. And apathy, the actual TRUE opposite of love (hate and love are merely two sides of the same coin), was thrillingly displayed last night. Let me expand on why “thrillingly.” Business people who own and run our club are afraid, in fact terrified of APATHY. THEY know it is a deadly disease which will spread like wildfire if not quenched very soon. Some unthinking folk say this: Why does it matter if those who paid but stayed away last night, give up their season tickets; there are 55000 on the waiting list? A sinking ship does not attract passengers! As a man of business and an older person , believe me when I tell those simple minded folk, that true business people are far more astute than that and know that once something has decayed TOO FAR it is virtually impossible to revive it , or at best for many years to come. Witness all the other fallen giants now languishing in the Championship(second division, if you remove the marketing hype): Villa, Leeds, Forest, Derby, even Wolves who have been there for many years though may FINALLY come back. Kroenke may not care tuppence for us fans or our winning trophies but he sure as hell recognises terminal decay. Billionaires are not stupid; horrible , yes, but NOT stupid! This owner and board are way ahead of the many doubting Thomases on here. Ironically. one such young twerp is actually called Thomas. Even right now, these ghastly but financially astute business men will be , quietly , secretly, sounding out Wengers possible successor. Feelers are being put around and if his sacking is not announced in May, it will only be because it happened earlier. In fact when we exit the Europa, probably dating it to March 15th. The hours/ days/ perhaps a week, after the 15th will be very interesting to those among us(ie, virtually all of us) who want our club back and Wenger gone. Oh, the club will dress it up as “by mutual consent”or even (horrible thought, kick him upstairs) but we all know it is the sack. Finally, if any naive , almost certainly young, fan actually thinks Wenger will still see out his contact, I wonder what has changed from yesterday, to stop them appearing on here. Or rather, I DON’T wonder.

    1. Dennis Moriarty says:

      Well said John, totally agree.

      1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

        John, I would only add one point; current and prospective sponsors/advertisers take great notice of empty seats in the stadium. Everything is about positive exposure. How much does a mid table EPL team earn from shirt sales?

    2. Kenny Rolfe says:

      You’re in form lately jon, we could do with you in the back four.

  5. Me says:

    It seems perspective is the new buzzword for our finished manager.
    Here is some perspective.
    30 points behind the top team
    Knocked out of the FA Cup at the first hurdle by a team who are struggling themselves.
    Humiliated by City in the Mickey Mouse Cup
    A shambolic, laughable excuse for defenders.
    A non existent midfield
    And strikers with no confidence.
    That is perspective for you.

  6. Godswill says:

    The positive is that Wenger now knows most people don’t want him here again.

  7. Sheksman says:

    It’s a shame seeing how my darling club is sinking so fast.

  8. Sue says:

    Can you imagine how bad it will be if we lose to Brighton & A.C. Milan?? I say if, but it could well be when!
    I’ll be so distraught

    1. It will only hasten the inevitable! In fact, if we lose to Brighton and the cancerous parasite is ejected it will be a glorious day!!! A lovely day just imagine it!

  9. raoh says:

    It’s sad, sad that it comes to this…I know this article isn’t about Wenger but if he can’t make a decision to save himself, the board should man up and do there duty. It will be hard and tough but that is why they are where they are and paid handsomely.

    As an Arsenal fan I will choose to remember the better half of his 20+ years reign. The invincibles, our champion’s league run in ’06, the FA cups and the beautiful attacking football with intricate passes that Arsenal was known for. The latter is no longer the case. We used to be the most beautiful team to watch in England even if it didn’t always translate to winning.

    It hurts to see such a legend (YES he is) that gave so much to the game be battered over social media by fans, pundits, ex players of Arsenal and others. But with what we have seen so far even the most loyal Wenger In can’t really defend the cold hard facts not only in terms of win/loss but the actual play from top to bottom. How can you not turn up for a cup final which could be your only chance at silverware this year? A trophy never won by most players in that squad.

    As it stands the players do not seem up for it. No loyalty towards the manager or his methods, words do not work anymore. Something got to change, we already cleared some players last summer and more are to follow but that isn’t the full answer. The common theme in all of that is Wenger. Gabriel & Coquelin seems to perform better under a different coaching staff/environment as an example.

    He needs to make a decision or a mutual one should arise from the board. Compensate him for his final year, build him a statue, make him a honorary director or something. Any of those is fine and not over the top, just respect. I am against him being sack 3/4 through the season but clearly a statement that he will leave come summer in the next couple of days could go a long way of injecting energy and life into the squad and making a push to win the Europa League (unlikely but who knows).

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Brilliant post roah, I’ve been a Wenger out for a number of years but agree with you 100%. I said in a post a long time ago, if he’d have left, say, 2008, ,he’d have been a hero every time he returned to the Emirates, the kids would have followed him around like some kind of Messiah, statues of him around the ground, the crowd would have gone mad when he took he’s seat and as one of my fellow subscribers on the JustArsenal web site said the crowd would have slated the board for letting him go to early. But sadly through he’s stubborness he’s ruined he’s legacy. In a way very sad.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        I know, one day I’ll slaughter him like last night at the ground, the next day I feel sorry for him. Can’t help it, I’m a Gemini.

    2. Jonm says:

      Raoh, very good post. For Wengers achievements I would add keeping us in the top four whilst having to sell our best players to balance the books. He should have left when we won the fa cup in 2014, I said so at the time. But by then we had funds coming available and he wanted to show what he could do in the new circumstances. Sadly it has not worked out

  10. Trudeau says:

    I felt the performance was far better last night than Sunday but maybe that’s because I’ve become comfortably numb. I still look forward to the games and could never hope for Arsenal to lose but I’m probably on the road to apathy. Can’t even get angry at Wenger anymore. He’s the star in his own Greek Tragedy and the only emotion I can muster for him is pity.

  11. Grandad says:

    Spot on Phil

  12. Sydney says:

    Pathetic, players moral very low, manager blank, clueless, poor tactics. Let this man go plz

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