Arsenal star admits title pressure and need for BIG changes

You can look back at the last few seasons and point to things that went wrong for Arsenal, such as the injury problems that hit our key players including Theo Walcott, Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey at the same time after the Gunners were looking good to finally reclaim the Premier League title.

Injury problems, loss of form, a run of bad results and even some bad luck with a referee decision or two is all very well, but the simple fact is that Arsenal have failed to capitalise on promising positions and situations and that needs to change, so I think it is good to hear Walcott himself admit as much and not try to use excuses.

The England international was reported on the Arsenal website talking about his own personal fight to regain his best form but also about how the Gunners need to do things differently this time around to make sure that we are not going to suffer another season of disappointment, and he seems to be placing quite a lot of importance on the impact that Arsene Wenger’s new signings will have on the club.

He said, “[Last season is] gone and it’s in the past. I don’t need to worry about this anymore. If we dwell on the past then we’re not going to go anywhere.

“We’ve obviously got to look forward to the players coming in and we’ve got to do something differently this year. It’s a massive year for the club itself and we know what we need to do.

“Let’s be honest, we didn’t really perform [at our best last season], especially in the final run-in, but we still managed to finish second. We’ve got it in us so we’ve got to make sure that we’re at it every game now.”

I cannot disagree with our fleet footed forward but understanding and accepting a problem is one thing, while doing the right things to fix it is another. Will we really see a different Arsenal this year?


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  1. muffdiver says:

    easy for you to say “lets not dwell on the past” your pockets got fat for not performing theo, not to mention your greed outweighed your hunger for success

    anyone else said this i would nod my head.
    not him

    transfer update….mustafi ate a cheese and pickle sandwich, sources say it made him “bloated”

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Yes its annoying when he uses the word “we”, “us”, “let’s”
    He performed very poorly and definitely no where near £140,000 per week

    In fact his poor performances has continued into the summer friendlies

  3. PRINCE AFZ says:

    It is ridiculous how most of our fans get at Walcott these days forgetting his contributions to the club. Check our goals per game records in the past 8 years, most of the matches where we score 4 goals and above have the presence of Walcott in them. I have a strange feeling if he can go back to the right wing as he proposed, he could find his feet once more, supplying assists and taking defenders attention off the central forward and Sanchez. Lets be sincere, ever since he vacated that right wing position, no player has flourished in that position for a long time. Mahrez with all due respect to his last season record is a risk of its own depending on how we use him and how he adapts to our team. I feel we should allow Wacott and Ox to battle for the right wing. Let Campbell and Iwobi be the back up for Sanchez while we get a speedy Central forward as well as an experience defender.

    1. muffdiver says:

      like someone said on here. rmember last season where we anihilated man u an the man city game, he was vital there…thats great what u an so many fail to realise is u dont get huge amounts to perform once every 15- 20 games.

      his ‘contributions’ have been so inconsistent you seem to not care.
      joel campbell even when he doesnt perform tries his hardest…gives his all.
      theo doesnt an he talks an moans alot like us haha

      blind loyalty is blind nevertheless

      1. Ramterta says:

        its true walcott has had his moments.
        The comeback against reading
        the games against barca bayern and manure.
        His goals against chelski.
        These are moments when he truly performed worldly.

        But where is this walcott who was once dubbed as our best player with van persie?

        Is it true that
        nike walcott>addidas walcott

  4. muda says:

    Wake me up when we signed Mahrez__Laca and Mustafi.

    1. muffdiver says:

      cool alarm clock set to july 2018.

      enjoy hibernation 😉

    2. Juhislihis McLovin says:

      We will sign one player and that’s the classic no nonsense CB, Foo-Kin Nou-Bady from the Korean Premier League. And of course it will be on the deadline day.

  5. Jansen says:

    Haven’t we heard these type of Walcott comments in one way or an other before?

    Even after individual games players are ready with sound bites. “We have to take responsibility for our performance. Today we were unlucky to fall behind to two goals. They only had two shots on goal and happened to score with both. After that it became a difficult game for us. We should take positives from the second half when came back in the game. In the end we had some chances to win it but unfortunately their keep had the game of his life. We should now focus on the next game and try to get all three points.”

    one for the road: “you can not win games in the PL if you don’t play the full 90 minutes. Unfortunately we switches of today for a few moments and got punished for it. We have to be more consistent.”

  6. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Players in the squad that are better than Walcott on the right wing:

    Wilshere *shudders*

    That’s one hell of a list for just one position. Wonder why he is even at the club

    1. AidanGooner says:

      At their best, in that position, that’s probably only true of Sanchez.

  7. When did Walcott became a star? Lol, admin you need to put an end to these clickbait headlines as I certainly thought it was ozil cazorla etc on the floor.
    Just to continue from a previous article, Tottenham not having a supporter in my country don’t mean that they’re hated, it just means they’re nobody.. unlike my colleagues in England, manU is the most hated club for us gooners here followed by chelsea thanks to mourinho.

  8. davidnz says:

    Arsenal players live in a
    parallel Universe to fans.
    Paid 100k p/w when half the
    fan base get less than 10k a year
    and if they are African or Asian they may not get paid at all.
    Playing in front of thousands at the ground and millions on TV.
    Flown 1st class all round the world.
    Staying in plush Hotels waited on like Gods.
    Eating at the poshest restaurants sending their kids to private schools
    Employing nannies and cleaning staff.
    Shopping at all the best stores living in mansions and driving the latest cars.
    They can still throw temper tantrums and demand millions more …and get it 🙂
    “We need to do better” they say even though they know
    they will get paid regardless of their performances.
    W#n#ers. No that is not “winners” either.

  9. ruelando says:

    While pressure is on the club to win titles/cups, i think he should have talked about the pressure on himself, i feel the main reason Walcott is not performing at an ACCEPTABLE LEVEL is the fear of getting injured.

    I really wondered why arsene gave him so much opportunity in the pre-season to play as forward, i think it was to build his confidence or to advertise for sale, either reason did not work.
    Base on the admission Walcott has come to the realisation that the youngsters have caught up with him and wants the wide right position again where he had is best works.

    In truth i do not think we need Walcott no more, however i think he will remain at the club, so i hope he will get some confidence ad start producing again

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