Arsenal star asks for help from UCL rivals – They say Yes!

There is very little that Arsenal can do to keep our Champions League hopes alive other than win the next game, which is against the Croatian champions Dinamo Zagreb at the Emirates stadium after the international break. After that game the Gunners will be hoping that we still have a chance to go through, even though it weill need us to win in Greece for the first time and by two goals to boot.

In order for that to happen though, Arsenal need Bayern Munich to do us a favour and make sure they give Olympiacos the same sort of spanking that they dished out to us this week, and our Big Effing German defender Per Mertesacker is confident that the Bayern players will oblige.

Our centre back thinks this, not only because the German team is very strong or that they still need to beat the Greeks to confirm top spot in the group, but because he has spoken to them about it. As reported by the Evening Standard, Mertesacker has been given some assurances from various Bayern stars that they are keen to help the Gunners out of the hole we have got ourselves into.

He said, “I’ve already had some good discussions with the Bayern players. They want to protect and help us somehow. But we have to look at ourselves, which I think is particularly important after last night.”

So is this an added bonus to have the World Cup winning defender and his fellow German Mesut Ozil in the Arsenal team?


  1. BabyPlease says:

    Listen Baby Please

    Bayern is a different species baby please. They are a complete WC team On a dailyyyyy bruh.

    We have a handful of WC players, but we can still make it through.

    Beating both olympiakos and Zagreb with beating olympiakos by two goals is not impossible. Bayern beating olympiakos is probable too.

    BUT NOW lets focus on Spuds

    A victory tomorrow will help us on the road to recoveryyy on a dailyyyyy


  2. ArseOverTit says:

    Could they help us out even more by coming to play for Arsenal? They could bring their manager come to think of it!!!

    “Protect and help us…”?

  3. Eddy Hoyte says:

    They could help us more by taking walcott and switch Lewandowski to us, and we’ll give them Ramsey for Alaba…thumb me down all you want but i aint saying this cus of the goal he scored, he’s the type of player we need, bro can play over 5 positions qnd with the way our players get injured easily,Alaba will come out handy add to that,he’s world class so what else is remaining?? he should start playing striking role and try to keep so Nueur can become the the striker he wants to become LOL..
    Seriously they can only help us much more by spanking Olympiacos 6 to 7 so the goal different will kill them off,it’ll ease our work when we go to their home

  4. Eddy Hoyte says:

    plus Metersacker is shameless… now a whole Arsenal gotta be asking other clubs for help before we move forward?..its juicy tho and sounds good..but no matter how you twist it, it shouldn’t be happening, Well we got ourselves into this position

  5. InternationalArsenal says:

    Shame shame shame. We’re asking for help now? Help from the team that beat us 5-1? How did we get here and why are some of our players so mentally weak?

    Answer : Wenger

  6. Chima says:

    It is a shame I am reading this kind of write up from admin…

  7. Okayblack says:

    Please zegreb, beat us at d emirates, lets focus on epl at least.
    Seems we’re going trophiless dis season with d crop of players we have. Weak!!!

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