The Aubameyang contract demand that could push Arsenal towards a sale this summer

Aubameyang demanding Ozil-like wages from Arsenal.

Arsenal are reportedly ready to sell Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this summer as they struggle to tie him down to a new contract and risk losing him on a free transfer in 2021.

The Gunners are perhaps justified in being concerned about Aubameyang’s demands, with the Mail claiming he’s after Mesut Ozil-like money in his new deal, and the club don’t seem keen to find themselves in that situation once again.

Still, we’d have to say that while the Ozil contract proved a pretty massive error, it’s hard to see us regretting paying whatever it takes to keep Aubameyang.

Much as we loved Ozil at his peak, you could argue that Auba is the more consistently world class performer, and also now more important to this team than the German playmaker ever really was.

At the end of the day, paying the big money and occasionally getting it wrong is one of those risks big clubs have to take – the alternative is far, far worse. It’s hard to think of a realistic Aubameyang replacement that would not also be hugely expensive for us.


  1. We must keep Auba at any cost and at all costs. The Ozil saga was a mistake and a lot of that is due to Wenger. Auba is of a totally different class and every pound and penny we pay for him, it is worth because his contribution to the Arsenal cause is invaluable. We can sell some unwanted players and compensate for Auba. MA has made it clear that he wants to keep Auba at any cost.

    1. On the face of it I’d have to agree but I’m not sure Arsenal can be held to financial ransom by a player entering the latter years of his career. Who expected Saka or Martinelli to explode on the scene they way the have? Others will follow and if Aubameyang gets too greedy Arteta and Edu may think that there are other areas in the squad which need shoring up instead with the funds available.

      Ozil’s contract extension on such a huge salary was a knee jerk reaction from the club at a difficult time. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have been offered one it was the amount that was agreed which sets the bar and is then difficult to keep a hold on spiralling costs

      1. My friend Auba deserves even more than Ozil salary, we’re on earth can you find such a player? Knowing our condition that we need a scorer like Auba?
        You guys should not confuse people on a truth issues why would you say Auba is greedy?? Are you hearing your self??
        Arsenal have the money to pay him loom at Liver pool struggling KO g time to win trophy now they get good coach who sped big in buying good players see the result.
        You are there saying we should sell Auba I hate hearing that!!

        1. I am not saying they should sell Auba and yes I am hearing myself
          They should not consider paying him anything like Özil’s salary
          Neither player is worth that

          1. SueP, the mistake was when the club offered this obscene and grotesque salary to both appease the fans (who were demanding we acted like a “big club”) and secure his services (at that time, his play was of a w/c player).

            It seems as if we have now reached the same crossroads once again with Auba and whatever happens, it will be “damned if you do and damned if you don’t”.

            Clubs such as Barca and Madrid, Chelsea, City and United, can and will pay the kind of reported salary that auba is looking for and the same criticism will follow by our fanbase.
            Your comment that no player is worth that is correct morally (I have always said that myself) but if Auba scores the wining goal at next years CL final and the club earns over £100,000,000 from it, the other side of the coin appears.

            I’m just so pleased it’s not me who has to make the decision and it’s down to silent stan and his wallet!!!

            Kelvin, if silent stan says NO – then Arsenal haven’t got the money have they?

    2. I totally agree Auba is one of our most important players, and I can think of a few players who I could quite easily sell to raise a few £m, and Auba isn’t one of them.

      1. He is 31 in June and his best days will soon be behind him

        Selling a few players to give Aubameyang a mega deal doesn’t solve other positions on the pitch

        I think Aubameyang has been amazing but ordinarily at his age the value of the contract diminishes rather than going through the roof

        1. His age does nothing to his value here pal. His productivity, what he churns out week in week out is what most determines his value. Auba is the ish and we be talkin positively of his game 3 years to come.

          1. I’m not your pal if you don’t mind?
            For good measure you have no idea whether he will be worth spending all that money on keeping
            He might. He might not
            How do you think the club will finance it

        2. My bad.
          Last I checked, a pal was a comrade (fellow members of an organization).
          Sorry for trying to see you as one. \
          Jah guide.

    3. When did we find out the Ozil contract was a mistake? After the fact!
      When will we find out if Ozil-like contract for Auba is a mistake? After the fact! If he won take what Arsenal is offering, let’s agree to amicably part ways.
      Auba in or out will not be the reason we made or did not make top four next season. We have the boys to make top four, if we continue in this trajectory with Arteta. If we had played Martinelli in the place of Auba, maybe he would have scored, maybe he wouldn’t have.
      No paying ransomed money. I love Auba, but I love Arsenal much more

  2. paying Auba 350k a week is a no brainer !! 3 yr contract at 350k a week for the best striker in the league and probably the world is nothing !! Ozil’s contract is coming to an end and Abua deserves is 350k a week !! it would cost 140 million plus wages or more to replace him !!

    1. How do you for sure know it will cost 140m plus wages to replace him. This is the kind of sensationalism and over reaction that is killing Arsenal and the game. Have
      you ever heard of a boy called Halland. Did he cost Dortmund 140m. I want PEA to stay but If he is asking for too much, he should be moved on. Nothing is impossible in football. I have watched Mane transformed from a 10 goals/season in Soton to a more potent attacker for Liverpool pool. I have no doubt we have a replacement in Nketiah and Martinelli for PEA all we need is patience.

      1. But you don’t pluck a Haaland per chance. I wouldn’t quote 140 mil, but such proper replacements do come rare.
        Keep Auba. it will be a great blend of experience and youth with Martinelli and Nketiah.
        I’d rather release Ozil to create wage space for Auba and find an Ozil replacement which may not come as expensive as an Auba replacement

        1. When do you think Arsenal will release Ozil then?
          Just let him swan off into the sunset with another £18 million next season or get some other team to buy him?

  3. Pls pay Pierre whatever he wants, tell me which striker in d world in arsenal’s price range that can deliver his amount of goals, Auba is literally our savior since he arrived, he is d best striker arsenal has had since King Henry (rem charmark, giroud, Walcot as a 9 etc), mesut ozil situation was a mistake dat happens, doesn’t mean we shldnt pay players dat deserve it, messi is on 600k,Ronaldo 500k,arsenal needs to spend to compete with oda top clubs, we need stop letting our best players leave, KEEP AUBA AT ALL COST

    1. Sir, what do we do if he takes the money and stops performing?At least the other player sells jerseys according to some . For 350k, that is way too much for a player at AFC.

      1. Please, how much difference does that other player make regards to jersey sales and according to who?
        I believe our priority here is ball playing and not fashion sales. priority to serious ballers. It is rather unfortunate that Ozil would be sacrificed at a period where he is gaining his form back.
        Anyway, baring a long term injury, Auba will not stop performing. He is not George Best.

    2. Putting Auba in the same bracket as Messi and Ronaldo beggars belief. He hasn’t come close to winning the Ballon d’Or. Between them, they have won it 11 times and are still going strong. They are in a different stratosphere. I can’t dispute their salaries are unbelievable, but paying Auba £350k pw would be just as unbelievable in my opinion

    1. Agree, and we are neither EPL or UCL champs to offer that kind of money to an aging player.We did the mistake/knee jerk reaction at that time and are paying dividends now in terms of league position and European glory.

  4. its a tricky situation, if we give PEA we set precedent that Ozil size contract was not a once off. In future more players will ask for that size contract if we have history paying it. How many players in the world are on $350k not many.

    We almost need to sacrifice PEA and set precedent that we will not pay more that $250k per week which is high but not extortionately high. Its a tricky situation for the club because he does deserve it but not sure we can allow it to happen.

    1. To my mind he has had his head turned by press speculation of interest from Real Madrid and Barcelona. If this interest is real and it could be in the case of Barca., it would be in his interest to move to such a club with the real possibility of winning the CL . Bearing in mind his age I don’t think this is unrealistic from his point of view. I believe, that if it is true what the press are saying about the £350K, then I think that he knows that the club (Kroenke) will not sanction such an amount and he will be free to pursue other options. However, I also believe that he might be disappointed with what terms some of these big clubs might offer and might have to consider more reasonable terms from Arsenal. After all he is only one player in the grand scheme of things and as many have pointed out no one is indispensable or bigger than the club.

  5. Auba is a great player, and in theory he deserves to be our top earner.
    However, we need to look to the future. I think we are a couple of seasons away from being able to mount a serious title challenge. So we need to prioritize the players, that could be pivotal in 2-3 years. Auba’s age may be against him there.
    I am leaning towards selling, if the money can be reinvested in keeping players like Saka and Martinelli and possibly adding a few others to the squad.

  6. it is ozil’s money causing issues for us now and the club managers then including Wenger a professor of economics who until then had done well as far as player wages were concerned just allowed this to happen. Football clubs must be run like any company and the area of wages and salaries are key to the success of any enterprise when managed well. The times are bad to the extent that media also contributes to abnormal wages rocketing high to players who dont deserve high wages. ozil deserved 200k at the time of his contract extension not 350k. sometimes its we the fans who put the club negotiators into failing to do their job because of our reactions. the club need to set wages for certain players development and contribution visa viz club performance. which club in our position pays players those kind of wages? if ozil or any other player were so good would we be where we are?

  7. Only Auba and the club know what he wants,the daily mail claims are unfounded and pure speculation but if the claims that he wants more money are true we all know the solution ,moving Ozil but for some reasons I”m not very optimistic.

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