Arsenal star backs Arteta and insists ‘we are united’

Pablo Mari insists that he would go to the end of the earth for Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta, and that his team is ‘united’ as they look to overturn their form.

The defender made his return to action in last week’s Europa League win over Rapid Vienna, after nearly six months out of action, and is eager to help his side overturn their rocky form.

The Gunners have won just one of their last seven Premier League matches, which has led to question marks being raised of manager Mikel Arteta, but the defender is certain that that should not be the case, and that he has the complete backing of his players.

Asked to pinpoint a reason for Arsenal’s struggles, Mari told EFE: “It’s the million-dollar question. Everyone at the club is thinking about what is happening to us.

“In the dressing room, we give 100 per cent in every game, in every training session, to reverse this situation.

“But I think that within all this, football is streaks and I believe a lot in this kind of thing.

“As much as you want to score ten goals each game, there will be times when you can’t score any.

“We are in that dynamic right now, no matter how hard you try, football is not giving you everything that you give it. It is a matter of changing it.”

The former Man City centre-back moved to back those comments up when asked his thoughts on Arteta potentially being replaced.

“The first thing is that I think that quick manager changes are not the right thing to do,’ said Mari.

“When you appoint a coach, it is because he has given you the confidence that his idea of ​​football is the one that you think is best for your club.

“If you don’t give it time for that idea to evolve, you aren’t giving it a chance. When you want to change a dynamic or a mentality of a club, it is difficult to do it in a month.

“About Mikel, I think the idea of ​​the club has changed. The attitude, the mentality has changed.

“He has brought a very interesting long-term project in which I feel like a participant because I signed because I liked it a lot.

“I go with Mikel until the end of the world. He just needs time. Soccer is not always rosy. I am happy because, despite the situation, we are united.”

These sorts of comments only move to strengthen the decision to keep the Spaniard in charge at Arsenal, although public comments and facts behind the scene are not always the same thing.

Do the players look like they are completely behind the manager when on the pitch?


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  1. Mohsan says:

    Hahaha, yes of course I would as well when you are bought from Brazilian league when you are from Europe n you are named in the squad even though you were injured. On one side Areta fan boys talk about Arteta playing ppl on merit but on other side we see such cases.

  2. Wyoming says:

    If I was getting 85,000 quid a week for kicking and heading a football around even when I am injured I’d be saying all the right things too. 🙂 If he gets a new 4 year deal he will make 20 mill quid before endorsements. Money for jam.

  3. Marty says:

    Really, what else do we expect Mari ( or any other player ) to say when asked a question like that. Do we really think he’s going to say something like…No we are not behind Arteta and don’t like the way we are set up and told to play. Honestly I take all these player interviews with a pinch of salt, most are dead boring anyway.

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