Arsenal star BACKS boss but SLAMS fans and WARNS Welbeck!

The next few weeks and the rest of the season could be very telling as to how Arsenal are going to line up and which players are going to be favoured by Arsene Wenger for the starting XI. And the fit again French striker Olivier Giroud seems pretty confident that he will be one of them.

We already have the likes of Tomas Rosicky, Joel Campbell and Lukas Podolski getting frustrated at warming the bench on a weekly basis, but with Giroud back in the frame and Theo Walcott, we hope, close to a full comeback, the situation in the forward line is set to become even more competitive.

One of the main battles will be for that coveted centre forward role, with Danny Welbeck and Olivier Giroud the main competitors, while young Yaya Sanogo is waiting in the wings to take his chance. And while Giroud has praise for his main rival, revealed in an ESPN report, and agrees that signing Welbeck in the summer was a great move for the club, he seems pretty confident that the boss will play him more often than not.

Giroud said, “I’ve never really been worried about my place. I don’t want to appear to be someone who is overly confident in himself, but from the moment where I do the business on the pitch and I’m good, I know the coach will give me my chance. That is what happened.

“The club did well to buy Danny [Welbeck]. We needed another forward. The competition is very healthy between us. It makes each of us better, and we are very complementary.

“It’s normal that when new players come in, questions are asked of those who were already there but the criticism doesn’t affect me. It’s the pitch that counts. I’ve shown that I can contribute.”

Looking at the difference the big man has made when coming on against Man United and Southampton, you would tend to agree with him and can see why Wenger feels that he is a key part of the Arsenal system. And Giroud has returned that backing to his boss in another ESPN report, slamming the Arsenal fans that have been calling for Wenger to step down, highlighted by the banner at the recent win over Borussia Dortmund at the Emirates.

Giroud said, “I don’t even understand how that minority of fans was able to put up such a banner at a time when we were winning.

“There’s no debate. We need to string wins together to make up our deficit. That’s the only way we’ll get into the top four.”

Wenger has been accused of having his favourites in the Arsenal squad before, like Aaron Ramsey, so is Giroud the latest of those? And does Giroud deserve to start in the middle ahead of Welbeck?

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  1. Na na na na na na hey Giroud,
    No offense, but why you gotta be so rude?
    To us long-supporting fickle Arsenal fans,
    When we are the ones who pay your checks, man?

  2. Don’t mind my last comment, just overjoyed that it’s match day again.

    I don’t mind seeing Giroud backing Wenger even though that had to be the most polite Wengerout banner you could find. Shows that there may not be animosity in the locker room, which is crucial. Hopefully it’s not a sign of favoritism…

    Glad too see that you’re happy at Arsenal, Giroud. Now channel your anger at Stroke City. COYG

  3. Bottom line Mr Giroud,us supporters are hungry for success and 1 trophy in 10yrs ain’t goodenough. sometimes you have to rattle the cage to liven things up.COYG.

    1. Have u only been a fan for 10 years? I prefer to look at the big picture. For me it’s 24 trophies in 45 years of supporting the club home and away, there ain’t many clubs that have won more during my time at the club.

    1. That’s exactly what I thought. Wenger has taught his players to think that forth is ok. I won’t say anything else.

    2. Hahaha
      And here I was thinking that I’m the only one that is ok with 4th place!

      4th is good for me, thank you Arsene.
      4th is good for me, thank you Arsene..
      4th is good for me, thank you Arsene…

      Seriously though, Top 4 is clearly the target in the minds of the majority of our players, management and fans!
      It just might change later, though.

      1. 4th is his minimum target, he is always realistic, because city and chelsea can spend £200m in every window.

        Fans are just not realistic, I’m not saying we should be, because our priority is winning trophies, but for a manager there is so much more than simply collecting a piece of silverware.

    3. He probably knows its beyond their reach to get back to the top. He’s being realistic if you ask me.

  4. Are you the same Arsenal fans that wanted Giroud back in France on the fastest train?

    You fickle

  5. Very soon I expect one of those morons waving a “Wenger out” banners to get physically assaulted.

    1. And why exactly would they be assaulted?
      Newsflash matey, this is England 2014 not Germany late 1930’s.
      People fought and died so that you and believe it or not, even the people you don’t agree with can speak freely without fear of intimidation or violence.

      You are a disgrace to the Arsenal fanbase, shame on you.

      1. Omg man…what a ridiculous parallel…Germany 1930??!! Ffs.

        I think Muff said earlier this week that of three games he’d been to this season at the Emirates, something along those lines had occurred and people had been ‘offered outside’.

        1. Lol. Not at all, just the parallel between a gooner and the 2nd world war are ridiculous. As far as I am concerned he can say whatever he wants…it’s his problem if he sounds like an over reactive, mischief making jerk.

    2. Are you mentally ok? Why would you expect that a person be physically assaulted because he has a different opinion. I agree that Arsene is your daddy, but the rest might have adopted George Graham, Terry Neil or even Bruce Rioch as their daddies. Does that mean that they should be physically assaulted because of that? SMH!

  6. Well said giroud don’t speak to nice about wenger tho the AOB might put you in the akb category and you don’t want these fans who thought you were no good to start slaughtering you again COYG lets be tough today and beat Stoke in wenger we trust

    1. Are u for real….? So what u are expecting is for someone to be abuse physically.?….I can’t de how knowledgeable you are and I don’t know where you leave, but as for me I leave in where there is freedom of speech….
      Grow up.

    2. “Well said giroud don’t speak to nice about wenger tho..”
      Where exactly, in the above article, did he speak nice about Wenger?
      He only criticized the banner.

  7. While I don’t agree with the banner, it has every right to be there. Giroud is just dumb for saying otherwise. He should go **** himself if he can’t take it.

  8. There is a right in this country called freedom of speech.

    Why should Wenger be excused from the same criticism and pressures that other managers have endured?

    A club like Arsenal MUST be looking at performances that are better than fourth every year and a cup every decade.

    I don’t buy the opinion that he is one of the best managers of all time – a fine manager yes but he does not compare to Ferguson or Mourinho.

    The trouble is that Arsenal are incapable of change, adopting a different approach so in effect an underachieving manager is allowed to continue in post because the board members are incapable of making a decision that needs to be made.

    Arsenal need a new direction otherwise its another two years of this…

    1. “Why should Wenger be excused from the same criticism and pressures that other managers have endured?”

      In the qoutes below, lies the answer to your question.

      “We back Arsene when he has a plan. We stay quiet when he doesn’t.” – Sir Chips Kewswick (Arsenal Chairman).

      “Here we have a really good (manager) with the team sixth in the league and into the last 16 of the Champions League for the 15th consecutive season.”
      -Mr Peter Hill-Wood (Former Arsenal Chairman).

      “There’s no debate… That’s the only way we’ll get into the top four.” – Olivier Giroud (First team player).

    2. Some pretty confused people on here as to how “free speech” works. Hoping there is no-one on here that doesn’t recognise that OG is exercising his right to free speech when he criticises the banner?? And the suggestion that Wenger has in any way been “excused” from criticism is a joke right?? The AOBs must be reassured and pleased to see Wenger take very regular criticism on a sustained basis for about 5 years now. I don’t give a monkeys about the criticism, even if I disagree with it, if I can see at least an attempt at objectivity and fairness and that the same critics are consistent in applying their reasoning for other teams/managers. The present classic mantra being trotted out ad nauseum is “where would Arsenal be without Sanchez”? Not you note praise for Arsenal signing him after years of being criticised for not having a game-changing striker. And where the f$%k would MC be without Aguero and Chelsea without Costa etc……..oh yeah I forgot, Mourinho was a genius in the transfer market in getting Costa (although they had effectively packaged him up and put a “reserved” sticker on him 18 months ago through the JM dodgy agent dealings in Portugal/Spain etc).

  9. Fcuk me. What a negative start to the day. Do you guys have anything positive to say…from Mesuts hastily withdrawn first comment…to Giroud can fcuk himself…bs about freedom of speech…to the 2nd world war…youre becoming irrational and depressing guys.

    My thoughts…tough away game today but if we keep the balance and don’t capitulate to the rugby team tactics, defend positively against the set pieces and aerial threat, then we can defo get a result…COYG!!

  10. “There’s no debate. We need to string wins together to make up our deficit. That’s the only way we’ll get into the top four.”….. Giroud..
    Sums it up,, we always fighting fo top four, that’s our ambition…. Nothing More…
    Now um going to relax a bit, knowing Wenger’s job is to mek the top four TROPHY…

  11. Some fans can really be so unrealistic on this site at times. It’s ok for fans to carry a ‘Wenger Out’ banner cos there’s freedom of speech, but it isn’t ok for Giroud to condemn the action (where went the freedom of speech). We’re 13pts adrift from the top, the realistic target is to get back into the top 4 first, b4 talking about getting to the top. Meanwhile, let’s go and battle Stoke to a standstill. COYG!!

  12. In as much as I’m not very much in support of Wengers weird tactics this season I still believes he deserves 2 end the season as our would be harsh on our part 2 sack him half way considering what he has achieved with us in the past..Now let’s destroy that Rugby team called Stoke City..COYG

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