Arsenal star branded selfish and urged to not ‘pretend’ to care

Perry Groves has slammed Mesut Ozil for pretending to care about Arsenal’s success in the FA Cup after he travelled to Turkey to go on his holiday’s before the final had even taken place.

The former German international has not stepped foot on the pitch since the Coronavirus pandemic put a halt to the division, with mention of an issue with his back, but the manager claimed that his initial exclusion against Manchester City was ‘tactical’

Former Gunner Perry Groves has now moved to slam Ozil’s actions, with his departure to Turkey highlighting his lack of care.

Groves said on talkSPORT’s Final Word: “That just sums him up all over. He’s not bothered about Arsenal, he’s just bothered about himself.

“I wouldn’t want my teammates to think that I was that selfish. So it just means that he knows he’s done with Arsenal.

“[If I was his teammate] I wouldn’t even… Don’t text or WhatsApp me, do you know what I mean?

“If you’re not really bothered, don’t pretend you are.”

The 31 year-old has come in for criticism a number of times in recent seasons, with his monster salary regularly brought into the argument, but whilst some may wish to see the back of him, the player appears adamant on seeing out his contract, which has 12 months left to run.

Does Ozil’s actions show a lack of respect to Arsenal?


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  1. OZIL HAS NO PROFESSIONAL RESPECT FOR ANYONE IN THE GAME. NOT HIS CLUB, THE FANS HIS TEAMMATES, HIS MANAGER, HIS PROFESSION OR HIS OWN SELF RESPECT. HE IS FILTH AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED AND GROVES IS SPOT ON. He is the worst sort of mercenary and thank goodness virtually NO other footballers are as bad as he as a human being, at least not professionally. His name will be forever mud with countless Gooners and he will be eternally scorned across the Arsenal supporting world. Correctly and deservedly!

    1. So, just to be clear Jon, you class this post as criticism and not abuse?


      I’m puzzled as to why it seems to be such a heated issue to anyone – MA must have informed him that there would be no place in the squad and gave him permission to travel to Turkey…as it seems he did with Guendouzi.
      Was anyone surprised neither player was there? The decision had been made, the minute they were both dropped after the restart.

      If they hadn’t been given permission, of course, the club would be able to react accordingly, fine them or take even more drastic action and that doesn’t seem to be the case.

      It seems pretty obvious that neither player are in his plans and he didn’t want them there.
      So following the thoughts of fans who regard MO as toxic, if that is true, surely MA made the right call and made it plain to both players what the situation is?

      Waiting for Gooner P to print Arteta’s comments he has made regarding both players, after the final.
      I’m sure it will be up for debate shortly, along with the comparison of the personal message from Guendozi to the one Ozil sent, regarding the great win yesterday, to his current teammates.

      It was Mikel’s, decision 100% and I’m listening to what MA is saying/doing and supporting him 100% as well.

      1. Jon’s language is definitely on the ripe side in some instances on that post but Ken, if nothing else it shows his passion for the club and how he thinks Ozil has behaved. (Guendouzi too)

        You always make a very balanced post but it seems to me you’re able to do so without that raw passion or is it that you automatically see good in everyone?

        I repeat my disappointment that thus far that Ozil Seems comfortable sitting out his final year without playing. He obviously doesn’t need the money so could in fact enjoy his football elsewhere. You’re Arsenal through and through but have been unwilling to lay any blame at his door. This can only mean that you believe he has something still to offer the club even though you support Arteta’s actions 100%. I read on JA that Sokratis is now happy to see out his contract having before said he didn’t want to be a bench warmer. He too has the right but having to watch Arsenal looking to compete with bargain basement funds is not what I expected from our great club. Senior management have to look to themselves, absolutely, but it makes feelings run high when it seems that banking millions of pounds is more important than a continuing career and legacy

        Going off on holiday isn’t the real issue as the walking wounded were at Wembley to support the team which was great. I agree it was Arteta who made that decision to let both men go away. The right one too.

      2. One needs to remind Perry and Jon that Arsenal didn’t care if they are not present for the final either as Ozil was given permission and Guen was banished from the team. Everything you said was spot on. Anyone that is making Ozil his subjects of discussion now is just looking for cheap publicity as the club doesn’t given a thought to what Ozil does with his free time.

        1. When will so called fans take responsibility for the toxic atmosphere they create around the team. Need I remind anybody that several years ago, Wenger had to substitute Eboue who had himself just come on as a sub against Wigan. Wenger went on to say that he removed Eboue to protect him (from the fans). The club narrative about Ozil since the restart has been dubious to say the least. Anyone with a grain of sense would realize this. Arsenal’s treatment of Ozil has been somewhat classless. If they want to get rid of a player, then negotiate a deal. Pay him off so that both parties can move on. But if we subscribe to the rationale of some, Ozil has to cancel a contract that the club was happy to offer him and walk away. A big club sucks it up; Arsenal are acting like a small one. I support a small market ice hockey team called the Oilers. They signed a few years on a hefty contract a player to be on the same line as Conner MacDavid, who is the best player in the NHL right now. As it turned out the said player did not work out. Instead of deriding the player, the coach used him in lesser roles until they managed to move him on. And the fans did not abuse him! We joked about him for sure, but when he was on the ice, he was supported just like any player.

        2. Thanks Mobella, the need to castigate MO at every opportunity is mind blowing.

          SueP, my personal view is that I believe MO is still the most creative player at our club – it seems that Mikel Arteta sees it differently – I support MA 100% – if he decides that MO is not in his plans then so be it.
          It is as simple as that… what I will always do is defend anyone who is being lied about, abused or simply being targeted as a scapegoat for all the ills currently being afflicted on the club.

          To me, that is what passion is all about, defending others from persecution.

          I don’t feel the need to call others fools, idiots, dross, mentally frail, thieves or weak, I believe we are all entitled to air our views, regardless of gender, age, education, religious views or any other factors one cares to mention.
          I believe I have a decent enough vocabulary /education not to resort to calling someone “filth” or declare “loathing” for someone who plays for The Arsenal, let alone a fellow human being who I’ve never met – you may see it differently? Jon certainly does!

          I do not accept that Jon’s choice of words can be described as “on the ripe side” – they are rude, offensive, abusive, intolerant, belittling others and totally uncalled for.
          Jon hides behind the facade of speaking his mind, but that is an excuse for being passionate about our club?

          When Ozil has gone, someone else will become the whipping boy for Jon, just as so many of our players have in the past.
          I’m tired of explaining why I challenge the misinformation regarding our players, I’ll let you decide if it’s right or wrong.

          1. Well thank you for your reply Ken
            I was certainly not being flippant in my answer as I hope you realise. I have a different view on Ozil’s effectiveness and his priorities but opinions are just that. I voice those opinions and respect yours too. I’m not coming down in Jon’s side as he is very clearly extremely opinionated (but passionate)and uses what I have called ripe language but it always seems to me that you and he have a written scrap at every opportunity. In spite of what you may think I most certainly don’t always agree with Jon and his use of words and I don’t use vile language about Ozil or other players as you well know.

            The whole point of contributing is to have an honest debate. I just do not though feel the need to defend everyone, nor feel that anyone should be defended for what I consider no good reason either. I do not have an agenda against Ozil or anyone come to that. But I do have honestly held opinions.

            I was under the impression that you and Jon are good mates. As I do not know either of you personally and you don’t know me, it is all guess work. As for Jon or others picking on the next Arsenal player he or they takes a dislike to, that is not who I am.

            It would take an awful lot for me to comment on Ozil again. It is just so bloody pointless from all sides. I want the best for our club as I presume we all do and the behind the scenes shenanigans do not help at all

          2. Ken Any whipping boys I may ever have again will only be one thing; the enemy of Arsenal. As you defend what you consider “abuse”(which of course I do not call abuse but forceful language, to properly make my real point), so I will always defend the club I love from those employees who harm it. Esp lazy players like OZIL, Walcott, Mkhi!

            I had thought a man of your intellect would, therefore, easily understand why I write as I do. I have long considered Ozil an enemy of our club. He is draining it of funds while giving (right now, not back in 2014) nothing back. That makes him an enemy. (He was alone in refusing a pay cut, which says it all.) At least to those who care to SEE the ample evidence!



  2. Yes 100% I loved ozil and his talent, but he knows he Ain’t going to play again 4 us, yet won’t leave cause his greedy, even though he knows how his effecting us financially, he can pretend he lives afc all he wants, but his proved resently that money means more to him.

    1. Ozil is like a jilted lover, he isn’t wanted yet does not want to let go.. He only stays and soils the atmosphere with his sulking… He prefers to stay and rub his ass in the face of the club.. Like”yeah I know you don’t want me but eat shit”…

      He’s finished as a player, what really does he offer on the pitch? All you ozil fan boys.. If he was that good, why isn’t Madrid etc.. Chasing after him, we can see professionally heas nothing to offer based on the no of clubs chasing him.. (zero).

      I don’t know who his advisers are but the man is still very much a boy

  3. I have a dream. That ozil went to Turkey to have his medicals for a Turkish team and signs for them for the 2020/2021 season freeing up our depleting wage bills.

    Like Martin Luther King Jr, I have a dream and hope my dreams come to fruition.
    I Just want this whole Ozil saga to end as quickly as possible so we can focus on the players we have that actually want to play by working their asses off and move the club forward. ALWAYS FORWARD

    1. Blame wenger that Oil travelled or that he wants to keep collecting huge amount though is giving nothing in return.
      We were simply desperate when that deal was done

    2. Who has final say in Ozil’s pay? Don’t use Wenger as a scapegoat for Arsenal problem. Arsene should left Arsenal to have more titles or glory before the construction of Emirates stadium. Consecutive top 4 for more than a decade with limited budgets, can all of those anti-Arsense keyboard warriors can do it?

      Use your commonsense if you have any.

  4. It’s disrespectful that he is off on a holiday and not even in the country when his teammates are playing in a cup final. At this rate I dont think Ozil will even be in first team trainings anymore. If Arteta is trying to create the right culture, you cannot have someone with this mentality sticking around the club. This is a lingering problem Arsenal must close ASAP. I dont understand the struggle to pay off his contract and get him out. Clearly nobody is happy with the circumstances.

    1. RSH, I think the matter will be resolved sooner rather than later, now that it is patently clear that MA has made a decision (see my post above).

      Your last sentence sums it up perfectly and, forgetting the footballing side of it, there cannot be any way out of the empasse, other than to honour the contract, give MO his registration forms and move on.

      We are so close to being a major force again under MA (if kronkie backs him), there can be no distractions of any kind.


    2. @RSH..

      Yup… shows disrespect ..hmmm…might I add ..lack of class as well. But him being the sideshow star in the team, I completely understand that surely he felt obligated to do his own “thing” while others are focusing on the Cup final. And it certainly look like MA clearly knows and understand Ozil well.

      I think given the circumstances, MA would have given permission to Martinelli, and Mustafi to leave for Brazil and Germany 3 weeks ago respectively if they were to ask. Instead, despite the Covid19 restrictions and all that, they and Chambers managed to show up at Wembley ( I am not sure whether as match day squad players or not:))) . That is what you call being truly supportive of your team and your team mates. Other than that form of support , I would simply call it as what it is, a necessary PR stuffs that needs to be done to show you care.

      1. Before anyone associates me with any one of the haters out there due to my comments here before, I want to make it clear that its not personal and my faith and respect in Ozil can and would be restored if either one of the following two scenarios below were to happen from here onward.

        1) Ozil comes back into the team next season, managed to successfully convince his manager and teammates he deserves to play, and performed like hell when he is given a chance such that we monkeys, feels that Arsenal just cannot move further forward without having him on board.

        2) He worked out a transfer to other club that would not only be to his benefits, but fair to other parties as well. If necessary accept a reduced wage packet at the new club in order to just being able to play. Both this and the above actions would restored my faith and respect in Ozil as a player and person totally.

        If none of the above scenarios were to happen. I would be contented if we pay half or whatever suitable percentage of what is due to him next year, free him to go bang in 45 assists and 50 goals somewhere else next year, just not in the EPL. I think that’s fair for everyone concerns given the circumstances. My respect for him as a player would be restored in this scenario but not totally as a person..

        As the last resort, I would be fully on board with the suggestion posed by Ken, Pay him up the 18 million due to him next year in full, let him go but with the condition that he cannot sign for another team until his contract actually ends. I think in this scenario I am still not happy with Ozil as a player and person but I’ll be contented because this tiresome sideshow has been going on for 2 years already and if its clear he is not going to play in MA team no matter what next season, I do not want this sideshow to continue to destabilize what MA is trying to build at Arsenal. Because you guys know as well as I am, if he still around and not playing next season, once or if we loose 1, 2 or 3 games in a row next season, all hell will break loose here.

        I think Ozil during his time at Arsenal as a player so far has been much more misses than hits but I am totally fine with that because it can happen to any player. It’s the negative baggage and nonsense that came about when he is in the squad but not playing that I can’t tolerate.

  5. Wait for the Mezut Ozil PR machine to kick in. In the past I have seen players leave their sick beds to support their team mates at the ground in a final. In fact we saw Arsenal players attend Wembley on crutches, yet the great Ozil goes on holiday.

    1. ‘Twas awesome to have seen Mustafi and Martinelli join the team in crutches to support and jubilate

    2. Each team were only allowed 10 non squad members at Wembley
      How do you know he’s wasn’t told he’s not in that 10
      When asked is it me or did Arteta not seem.angry he was in Turkey?
      Because if Ozil had refused to show up that’s breach of contract

      1. Now that’s a little technical for some Dan!
        If Arteta was happy with the situation of both players, then what is the problem?

        1. I’m just fed with all the selective realist on this forum. Just last week when it became a news that the club had given him permission to travel people were happy here because this toxic player won’t be part the final squad. Today I read some fan saying the opposite and equate it to lack of care and professionalism from him. This is a player that is fit to play we are talking about here and yet the club gave him permission to travel and some of us that want him out can’t see this as a sign that the club granting our wishes. It is definitely as the Dan sees it, he might be told he’s not going to be part of the final and he ask for permission which was granted simple. Like I said in one of my post, like him or loathe him, he is clearly the winner here whether we like it or not. Play him or paid him off the decision is in our club hand.

  6. The other end of the spectrum is Kieren Tierney who is not embarrassed by carrying a Tesco bag, and goes out of his way to thank our physio who helped him in his recovery and who is moving to Liverpool.Some day, some astute writer will get round to penning a book titled “Ozil ,the truth” and providing the proceeds are donated to charity, I would buy it.Never before in the history of our Club has one player polarised fans like Ozil.

    1. 👍 Tierney’s attitude is everything that is good in a young professional sportsman. He has already won so much with Glasgow Celtic and now has an FA Cup winners medal.
      Grandad, with a bit of luck he may attract his mate Edouard to the Emirates.

  7. Where I normally respect individuals opinions
    I will say with Ozil it’s got to the point where those who want him out are now choosing not to have a balanced view
    So he’s wrong for saying well done ?
    Yet be honest , if he had said nothing or messaged a picture of him doing something non football related that would been seen as wrong

    1. Its not wrong to send contratulatory messages from Turkey…At the very least, it shows basic courtesy on the part of his management. Just wish he made more effort to be with the team such as injured brothers and show support for his team mates because after all, he really is still part of the team and not just some fan on social media. I don’t know, the picture or the whole scenario just dont sit quite right with me, but then we are people, and different people have different values and viewsl..and one is not necessarily better than the other.

  8. I encourage people to just look up some numbers , cross verify what im putting out for you …
    since arteta joined , before lockdown arsenal played 15 games out of which ozil started/was involved in 12 of the games ,,, and was the center point of the team…
    before restart arsenal asked its players to take a paycut which was refused by team ozil who asked the club to declare their losses (show the full financial impact) before agreeing to the paycut..
    But since kroenke’s have taken arsenal totally private (it used to publish their annual accounts every year before that; all REAL arsenal fans would know), they probably refused to show it to ozil’s party.
    Anyways moving forward, since the restart , all of a sudden arteta had fallen out of love with ozil ,,,
    which suggests arsenal are freezing him out of the club as the above stats would show.. (playing 12 out of 15 games before restart and 0 after the restart)
    Im just disappointed in the fans, they bashed the players on the ground on social media and everywhere , remember the granit xhaka incident,
    I know ozil’s time is over for arsenal as it seems so, but now you have another situation where aubameyang will probably demand about the same wages as ozil and auba’s 31 , if he doesnt score the same amount of goals every season during his contract , the fans would absolutely bash him later as well.,.. so if i was in aubameyang’s shoes, i would think a million times before signing another contract with arsenal when i know any drop in form will result in continuous bashing on the field as well as off it…
    arsenal fans need to get a grip of themselves…

    1. I agree with your assessment. The Ozil hate is now in the class of it’s own. Never seen something like this before.

    2. gooner1578, again it’s too simple a matter of fact checking for some.
      Just keep repeating made up scenarios and fans will start to believe it.

  9. When I mention the name Ozil, my tongue become soar. So, I dont wanna mention this name anymore

  10. After months of people writing garbage about Ozil, I am still surprised at how low the human species can go when they get into a feeding frenzy on someone or something. Ozil was given a record breaking contract because even if he only played for 2 of the 5 years, the Club would still make a profit – compared to purchasing a creative player. Do the Math. Arsenal have not lost a cent on Ozil, they made a bag of money. If you were his agent you would tell him not to go, because he deserves every cent. Wenger was brilliant and showed the owner how to make money. However, as the gap closed in on the philosophy of “grow them not buy them” Ozil was brought in to save you all – and he did. I am here to embarrass you all but look at the 5 years before him and the 5 after his arrival. Look at his salary and what you got for it. Now check the 4 players who could have replaced him and compare the cost of the cheapest with the salary. Please add some science or real material to this discussion.

  11. I wish that Auba signs the 4 year contract. But I am scared of you all. He is very likely to play well for the next 2 based on his body type. He is not very likely to give us 20+ goals for the next 4. But he would produce a profit if he performs for 2 of the 4. The other option would be to buy a player for 80-100 million pounds. In 2022 I am going to get a it of time off and say let me read something on my team Arsenal and you lot will be on cussing Auba and how he wasted your money. Please stop it. I have actually heard that our fans hinder good players. Remember that Wenger gave you a few hints that some clubs do not win anything for decades (no names called) and the fans are still great. We care too spoilt and frenzy feeding.


    First of all, we need to consider that the club is always bigger than the players.

    Truly, there is issues based on ozil contract and more.

    But why should Arsenal board have problem with ozil? Why should Wenger no be saying anything concerning ozil? Why should Emery have issues with ozil? Why should Freddie Ljurngberg have problem with ozil? And now, Arteta is in the same shoe as his predecessors. So what’s wrong?

    Ozil has a good PR Team. He won Emery, He won Freddie.. And He thinks he is gonna win MA. But Mikel Arteta has been smarter with his dealings. Winning the FA cup while allowing Ozil and Geoundezi to have their holiday was absolute brilliant.

    Mikel Arteta want Ozil as well but He has to consider what is best for Arsenal at the moment. And truth be told.. Ozil is toxic at the moment.(reasons can’t be clearly stated now).

    Watch out for Ozil PR Team. But he doesn’t have to be at Arsenal next season. Trust in Mikel.. Trust the set up!

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