Arsenal star confirms Man United transfer interest

Football and the transfer activity in the game is notoriously hard to predict, especially when you are dealing with a club like Arsenal and a manager like Arsene Wenger who seems to take a special pleasure in doing things his own way and flying in the face of popular and recognised wisdom.

Having said that, I can confidently predict that the Arsenal and France international defender Mathieu Debuchy will never kick a ball in anger for the Gunners again. The right back should be thankful that his manager allowed him to leave the club on loan last month in order to get the regular football he was not getting in London to help his chances of making the France national team for the Euro 2016 tournament this summer.

Instead he has done nothing but moan about how hard it was for him after the young Spaniard Hector Bellerin became the first choice at Arsenal. Poor old Debuchy is now banging on about us once again, as reported by The Mirror, and complaining that Wenger would not let him go to Manchester United on loan. Did he really expect the Arsenal boss to help a direct Premier League rival and not even receive a transfer fee in return?

Debuchy said, “At the end of the transfer window they [United] came in. They contacted my agents.

“I was disappointed, obviously. If I had the chance to go to Manchester United it would have been magnificent.

“Unfortunately it wasn’t the case. I discussed it with the coach too, who said that obviously he couldn’t help out a rival.”

I was surprised that Wenger let Debuchy go anywhere to be honest because he could have been important if anything happened to Bellerin. From his comments, though, it is clear that Debuchy is not a good team player and I can imagine how his selfish attitude was not welcome in the Arsenal dressing room.

The question is why Wenger signed him in the first place?

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      1. He is (was) an Arsenal (and Newcastle and a France internationakl) star, and he has confirmed Man United interest.
        Where do you see click bait there?
        Admin can you put lots of click-bait articles to annoy Goonerlad so he goes away? I’m getting really tired of windup comments

  1. Anyone seen Szezcesny’s save attempt for Jesé’s goal. I was actually embarrassed. Not even Roma wants him anymore.

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