Arsenal star denies contact with La Liga club – but agent expects movement in July

The Arsenal transfer rumours just keep on coming, but if there is one thing we are all sure of is that Lucas Perez will be leaving the Emirates after just one year at the club. The Spaniard flew back to La Coruña straight after the Cup Final and his greatest wish is to return to his hometown club. He also would not turn down a move to long-time admirers Sevilla if they come calling but he says he has no contact with the Andalucian giants.

He is currently on his holidays, but has made it clear that he wants out of Arsenal, but when asked specifically about the Sevilla rumours he stated: “Who wouldn’t like to join Sevilla?”

“I’m on holiday, disconnected, and I have no idea. I don’t intend to have another season like this one.

“Both Arsenal and the Coach have treated me very well, but I want to play.

“Wenger has been very sincere with me and, with it being a World Cup year, what I want is to play and if I can in Spain then all the better.

Last week, Perez’s agent Rodrigo Fernandez Lovell also said nothing will be done until after the holidays, but was also hoping for offers from Spain. “The key date is 3 July when Arsenal’s pre-season begins,” he told Radio Galega. “Anything is possible -the president of Deportivo can do wonders while last year I met with Sevilla, who again are interested.”

He has since also confirmed that two Turkish clubs are interested. “Yes we have received offers, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray have made bids,” Lovelle was quoted as saying by Ajansspor.

“We are considering their offers.

I am thinking now that if no transfer offers can be discussed until all the players return on July 3rd, then there will be no movement at all until then, on any of our players. Surely Wenger will need to speak to each of them in his office before any decisions are made?



  1. So whilst Man Utd are getting Ronaldo, Man City are getting aubameyang and Chelsea are getting lewandowski, we are looking at trying to sell our strikers before we can bring anyone in. Typical

      1. even with that 4th place trophy we aint competing
        new stadium promises are being broken

        windows still open wenger – make yourself immortal
        imagine the story , comes changes the league and is a winner- then
        becomes a villain, banners .wenger out campaign around the world
        then comes back from years of that to make us great again

        thats a hollywood exit if ive ever seen one

  2. It will be too late before we do anything and we’ll be left with the runt of the litter yet again.

  3. It’s a shame he’s not French.He would’ve veen given chance upon chance even if he’s average or not.I really feel sorry for him.I even thought he ws bought to lead the line.People say he was great on the wing but I felt his best position would’ve been AMF due to his excellent passing and link up.He’s been treated so badly and I wish him the best of luck.The way he was used tells me that the role planned for him was not clear.We shouldn’t have signed him in the first place if we knew this was how we were going to use him.This was clearly a panic buy.

      1. I concur; Perez is a very good all round forward misused and lacking the opportunities to build on the performances he showed when given game time. He has been a wasted resource at Arsenal and given the playing roster, injuries etc Arsenal can not afford to waste resources!

  4. No problem, sell both Giroud, Walcott and Perez, then try to get high profile striker and midfielder. I predict Arsenal will eventually get Lacazette and Fornals, because of the Champions League, budget and player transfer competition factors.

    Maybe it’s time for me to watch Barcelona instead of Arsenal in the upcoming season. I want to see high level football, but I am tired of waiting for it for thirteen years. Our current players simply cannot handle heavy pressures for more than two ball touches (except the one that is used to Barcelona’s football level).

  5. So now Lewandowski is unhappy, there are so many top strikers available it is undefendable if Wenger doesn’t get one this summer.
    Potentially even aguero.

    Come on Wenger, you got given an extra life when you shouldn’t have (new contract) so don’t ruin Arsenal even further with your arrogance and stubbornness that the current Arsenal team is good enough to win the league.

    1. Out of this he should spend that Lacazette money on Lukaku or Morata or Aubameyang.Morata is a player who I feel should he be given a team where he’s the main man he’s going to score a lot of goals.There’s more to come from him.I think he’ll do well here.It’s a shame he usually warms the bench at Madrid.It makes him seem overrated but he’s not.Lukaku has the height,physique,quality,speed,power,technique and finishing that Arsenal need in a striker.He looks like that kind of player who’ll bang in a lot of goalsif given the chance in a top team.Aubameyang is very very fast and clinical and at his age he’s at his best.If we sign him it’s more likely he’ll be here for a while than most of the two due to his age.

  6. My goodness, this site seems to be inhabited by manic depressives who see nothing but doom and gloom. Pathetic.
    We just won yet another FA cup for goodness sake and you lot still moan. I am optimistic about the future and can’t wait for the new season and I will enjoy it whatever the outcome.

    1. Hahaha ?? Good for you Grounghog .. Oops! ?? I meant Hazeldog.
      Well, I’m afraid the FA cup wallpaper has peeled off already and all i can see is cracks, cracks and more CRACKS! ?? maybe a couple of early (major) signings would have went along way in keeping that paper stuck on the wall… Man, even our adhesive is made out of the cheap stuff. ?

      1. I think you will find the transfer window hasn’t opened yet and can you list the CONFIRMED (major) signings the other top clubs have completed, not the rumoured ones.
        By the way I note your pathetic attempt to corrupt my name, a common tactic of the hard of thinking.

            1. Wrong. It opened June 9th for England. You can check the official dates on FIFA website for that.

        1. If you say so, Mr GroundHog wannabe ??

          And you are Right… No one hasn’t signed anyone, it’s all lies,according to you. ??

          1. Did I say no-one had signed anyone, no I didn’t. Read what I said again and try to understand, it’s really not difficult.

  7. this window feels different

    i still believe arsene
    after all the failures under your leadership

    i still believe…theres two for one on all rustlers burgers at asda

    GET EM NOW!!!

  8. Transfer rumors are very depressing
    Lewandowski, Morata, Ronaldo, Aubemeyang, Salah could be coming to the PL. But not to us. Lukaku agreed £150,000 per week with Chelsea.

    I wish we had Ambition?

  9. Anyone seen the poster of Arsenal’s advert for their new Home kit? ?? The word ‘Sad’ comes to mind, well, it’s beyond jokes with its East Enders/ only fools & horses theme ? ? totally embarrassing.

  10. woohoo new kit yaaaaaaaaaaaay

    I wish the club put in as much effort trying to improve our squad, like they do with all these fancy shirt unveilings…..

  11. Nothing wrong with the new kit video though was worrying to see Welbz 7 shirt available to buy but the site has since been changed.

  12. ?? Shock Horror!… ?? nah, no surprises here mate.
    Arsenal to offer lucrative contract to Ramsey, who’s key to Wenger’s future plans. His current £100,000 a week deal runs out in 2019.

    And it’s Wenger & Son n’all … Wenger & son Fc, by far the…. ??

      1. Reports suggest it’s ?£160,000 a week ?? Walcott won’t be too pleased.

  13. My main concern right now is that we are 3 weeks away from preseason and 3 weeks almost into the transfer window and it seems that all the good talks are fading and a similar pattern of dissappointment is unfolding as per usual.
    Kolasinac is our only signing and he probably came because we simply offered more in wages and bonus on signature (goes tobshow that when you dig into your pockets usually things happen). And I believe he is a shrewd signing as one of bundesliga top performer. But that is it and we don’t know what is really going on. We hear countless rumours but no big signing so far…will we start preseason with just one free signing? Will we sign players at the end of the window like we usually do and not have a complete team?
    We hear so much about Lacazette but unlike most I am not too crazy about him not when players like Aubameyang are available. For me even though league 1 is becoming more competitive with Monaco, Lyon, Paris, Nice, Marseille and Lille the bundesliga is still better. Not only that Lacazette is 26 and 5’9″, Aubameyang is 28 and 6’1″. They are both as clinical in there finish specially with Aubameyang beating Lewandoski to top goalscorer in bundesliga ( 31 goals in as many games). They are both pacy and play to Arsenal strengh and game though again I give the edge to Aubameyang in pure speed. Him being taller makes him more of an aerial threat like Giroud. They are both as strong but I’ll also give the edge to play back to goal to Aubameyang. Also he seems available and has had issues with his club. If there price range is similar like the rumours would suggest there is no reason not to have a go at him and it is a no brainer.
    Are we finally selling some players to bring 2-3 top players?
    If Arsenal main business is to change Sanchez and Özil minds to have them resign long term and show there ambition at the moment they are failing in epic proportions.

  14. I feel sorry for him, Wenger didn’t want him and only signed him because he knows Walcott too well. Walcott might have got injured, or he could have just went back to his average self. Perez pushed Walcott to score those goals, even though he was playing s**t he’d put a chance away and then think well that’s my contribution I’m off the hook. We should just let Perez go to whichever club he chooses, if that means losing out on a couple mil we should give it to him.

    1. I feel sorry for Perez as well, Wenger has never shown his faith in him and as such he never really got the chance to show if he can be the guy we needed or not.

      AFC made a panic buy with Perez.
      I can’t help but ask why Wenger wasn’t given the extra funds last year to get Lacazette, Lyon appeared willing to sell if their valuation was matched and it wasn’t a silly money valuation either.
      I feel AFC has now done this twice, got a CF that the manager didn’t seem to want, Welbeck is the other one.
      Think of the combined fee for those two… think if we had the Welbeck fee last year when we bid for Lacazette…

      IMO the players that have disappointed the most are the ones that have not had as much faith shown in them by Wenger, Perez included. If I was to guess, they was back up plans to what Wenger wanted, a cheap imitation. Can’t afford Nike? Got Noke instead =.= That type of mentality.

      If Wenger has as much control at AFC as others make out then I wish he had said “No” stronger to the players he wasn’t interested in… Could have saved Perez a year of bench warming at best.

  15. Congratulations to Danny on the no. 7 shirt

    Congratulations to Alexis on the move to a big club

  16. We have had season ticket renewal, Now the new kit launch, Once the new kits start flying out the door, Kronke will have his money for another season, He does not care, All the Arsenal fans are totally mugged of again, Not me gave up my 2 season tickets, No new shirt got a wardrobe full of them bought my last one around 4 years ago, And watch my local club now got a season ticket for £200 to watch league one football a club that is run brilliantly.This club is embarrassing. Manipulating fans because they no the fans love the club.I still support my club which have done for over 40 years but will not give any money to this regime, Armchair fan until change, I really hope we sign some top top players but i doubt it.

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