Arsenal star destroys another myth about Mesut Ozil

Despite the Arsenal and Germany star Mesut Ozil being one of the best attacking and creative football players in the world, there has been an awful lot of criticism directed at him ever since he signed for Arsenal from Real Madrid back in the summer transfer window of 2013.

Ozil has had some bad games and made some mistakes. Of course he has, but then you can say that of every single player to have laced up a pair of boots. It is the ability to do special things and produce performances that can win matches that makes a player great, although doing it on a consistent basis is just as important to be included in the category of greats.

Only time will tell if football history puts our playmaker in that category, although if he can carry on with his recent scoring success along with his usual talents you would have to think that it will. What Ozil has done over the last three years is prove a lot of his doubters wrong and emphatically disprove some of the things that have been levelled at him, like the theory that he is lazy when time and again the stats show that he runs more than most other players during a match.

It is his languid sort of style that brought those questions on I think and I believe that is the same reason he has been accused of not turning up in big games and that is something that his teammate for club and country, Shkodran Mustafi, has declared to be completely false in an Evening Standard report.

The defender said, “He has the skills, vision, intelligence, quality. Mesut’s left foot can play every pass he wants.

“He has so much quality but the most important thing is that he is willing to show it on the pitch.

“Sometimes you see players with so much quality but they can’t produce on the pitch.

“That’s what makes big players – putting their talent on the pitch.”

So instead of going missing in big games as people have suggested of him in the past, Ozil’s ability actually comes to the fore on these occasions, such as the recent big Premier League clash with Chelsea who seemed to have the indian sign over Arsenal.

Mesut was magical on that day and it was our biggest game of the season so far. He also came up with probably the best goal of his career just when Arsenal needed it to beat Ludogorets in the dying minutes, so is that one more Ozil myth that we can put to bed?


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  1. John Legend says:

    We really sincerely seriously need a consistently great run of performances over the course of the next few years from him. If he keeps up with these kinds of performances, we are definitely gonna win something pretty soon

  2. Break-on-through says:

    Goalscoring, he looks like he’s gonna be one of our top scorers from midfield this season. He’s already ahead of most strikers, he puts this to bed and people will struggle to criticise him. I think a good amount would be between 14 to 16 goals, another ten goals which he’s capable of doing.

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