Arsenal star discusses how players feel about Aubameyang’s absence

Arsenal defender Ben White admits it is sad to see Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang exiled from the first team and they miss his presence in the dressing room.

The striker has been banished from the Arsenal first-team following a recent breach of disciplinary rules.

He is training alone and away from the first team and probably won’t return to the group until the new year.

In a recent interview, White insists the Gabon star is a nice guy and the rest of the team misses him.

White told TalkSport: “Obviously it’s disappointing for Auba but we’ve all got our heads down and we’re working hard.

“He’s a really nice guy, we all miss him, but it is what it is.”

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It is normal for his fellow players to miss the striker, but even some of them would admit that his excesses were becoming too much for the club to take.

Auba has the talent and the influence in the dressing room, however, he needs more than that to remain an Arsenal team member or captain.

Hopefully, he has learnt his lessons and he would return to the group with a better attitude than the one he had before now.

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  1. There is a great French expression that explains why Arteta acted as he did towards Auba..

    pour décourager les autres

    Check it out

  2. Fans have been missing Auba from the scoresheet
    longer than his absence from the team. When Laca
    starts scoring there is no problem anymore ..

  3. A well thought out article Marttin. It allows the distinction between someone being affable company but still not grown up enough to be a leader.
    Ben White is, I have little doubt, speaking the truth when he claims the other players are missing Auba. But they are also professionals and almost all, probably entirely all of them, will be more professional about their careers than Auba is being.

    As normally intelligent humans, they can easily put aside any personal affability they feel for Auba, for the good of themselves, their families, their employer the club, and its fans.
    As is becoming more and more obvious with each passing game(all won ) since his exclusion, this predominantly young, yet grown up squad is learning a valuable lesson from the correct and inevitable exclusion of Auba. TOP AND DECISIVE MANAGERSHIP!

    As such, they are behaving PROFESSIONALLY, unlike the never fully grown up Auba, who still seems to think, in childlike fashion, that life revolves entirely around what his wishes are.

    MA ‘s only mistake in this matter was to have left Auba as captain far too long.

    I would suggest he should have immediately been made to relinquish it very soon after MA first took control. MA will now recognise that in not so doing at that time he made an error; one from which he has now learned better.

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