Do you agree with Arsenal’s Leah Williamson that there is a “huge shadow” over Qatar World Cup?

Arsenal star & England Women’s Captain Leah Williamson doesn’t support Qatar World Cup By Michelle

The Qatar World Cup tournament has been at the centre of controversy as a result of Qatar’s poor human rights record, which includes anti-LGBTQ+ laws and the alleged mistreatment of migrant workers.

Last week Arsenal’s Beth Mead said that she would not be backing or promoting the event and Arsenal’s Lotte Wubben-Moy said she has taken the decision not to watch any of the matches in the whole tournament, because of Qatar’s record on human rights, women’s rights and LGBTQ+ rights.

Williamson, who led England to glory at the Women’s Euros this summer, told Radio 5 Live that It’s a shame that we are heading into what should be the greatest show on earth with this huge shadow over the top of it.  And I don’t know quite how we got here, if I’m honest.

Leah continued I’m disappointed and I think it is a shame as growing up, watching the World Cup was one of the things that brought everybody together.

See full video interview below.

After controversially winning their bid to host the World Cup tournament in 2010, Qatari chiefs were accused of paying FIFA officials millions in bribes before the allegations were cleared following a long investigation.

Beer was banned from Qatar football stadiums, just 2 days before the start of the World Cup which kicked off today.  Fans can drink in designated Fan Zones only.

FIFA says LGBTQ+ fans will not get into “trouble” for public displays of affection in Fan Zones in Qatar, despite same sex relations being illegal in the country.  But there is now yet more controversy as England and other European teams wait to hear if they will be ‘allowed’ to wear rainbow armbands in support of LGBTQ+ rights.

What are you football fans doing?  The stadium looked very full at the first match today and there are a million people flying in to attend the event.

Will you be tuning in to the World Cup and trying to zone out the constant controversy surrounding it?

Or, with all the high-profile debate and many public figures condemning the staging of the World Cup in Qatar, are you in agreement and turning off your TV’s?

Michelle Maxwell

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  1. weird they have no problem playing for Arsenal who is sponsored by Emirates and surely also has such human rights issues.

    Conveniently they do not mind using fuel that comes from this source to drive their expensive vehicles either.

    They also eat food transported on fueld from these sources.

    A bunch on hypocrites imo.

    1. I see this just as some people trying to get some spotlight shone on themselves, all for personal gain imo.

    2. What a so factually wrong cop- out! To equate the LEVEL of corporate greed, which I totally agree DOES EXIST, with the ghastly everyday , Neanderthal hatred which Quatar rulers shows to certain perfectly ordinary and decent humans, is a disgrace! And shows zero level of perspective. You are simply trying to make out a reason to excuse your own stinking level of gross hypocrisy. Shame on you!

      1. Strange you support Arsenal that is sponsored by Emirates and Visit Rwanda, yet both countries have terrible human rights problems.

        Maybe boycott our games while you arevat it.

    3. Real talk. N What abt flying Emirates n Etihad? N, by the way, are we also seeing similarly strenuous efforts to boycott MCity n Newcastle who are owned by organization/country with same religion n culture? Oh, n what abt the manner of Arsenal’s own elevation to Div I in 1919? But, u see, corruption only exists in countries like Qatar …..

  2. Imaginary “huge shadow”.
    Huge shadow or small shadow, we will enjoy the world Cup, we love football they can’t spoil it for us

  3. I00% agree with Michelle. Either life principles are more important to us all, or football, however ruined with corruption, is!
    I know what I PUT FIRST!
    To be clear I will gladly comment on articles about the world cup that do NOT discuss the actual reports of games. I will not be watching ANY games, as I did not in Russia in 2018.

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