Arsenal star fails to inspire insipid England

I am missing club football already, even though Arsenal only finished the season a week ago in high style by smashing Aston Villa into little pieces and lifting the FA cup trophy. So I was really looking forward to seeing some of our Gunners in action for England against Republic of Ireland in Dublin today.

But as well as the game being as dismal as the average season for fans of the spuds, Roy Hodgson only started Jack Wilshere and he only brought the in form Theo Walcott on with less than 10 minutes left on the clock. So Kieran Gibbs had to watch the whole drab affair from the bench, which must have been galling for our left back.

At least our boy Wilshere was the best player on the pitch for England, or he was until Hodgson took him off after an hour or so. And that really cheesed me off as the likes of Rooney, Milner, Henderson, Sterling and Lallana were truly awful.

Jack was at least trying to get England going with some of his trademark bursts and crisp passing. With a decent team around him the Arsenal man may just have provided England with a win but no one else was even close to backing him up.

Oh well, let´s just hope that Hodgson has learned from the experience when he sends the three lions out to face Slovenia next weekend. Roll on August!

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    1. @Greg
      Jack was about as limp as the rest of the players from both teams. If he stole a spot light, he must have got it from one of the grounds men…

  1. Game was dull as dish water.
    Jack did some ok things.
    Did I mention the game was dull as dish water.

  2. What can jack dO? he is playing with 4 Liverpool players. I mean hendo Milner lallana and sterling. thats is mid table form. Ar rodgers said liverpool players can;t handle the occasion but the Villa boys could. lol

    1. Off topic.
      Whats the meaning of transfer ban? Does it mean barcelona can sign players and they won’t be able to register or play them till january ? Or they cannot sign Players at all till january?

      barca has just confirmed the signing of Alex vidal. now the president has confirm that the club is interested in signing paul pogba. How does the ban thing work?

      1. @ Galen

        They can’t “register” any players until January I believe. So what that means is they can still scout and sign players but those players can’t play for barca until they are able to “register” them.

    1. Yeah it be nice if we got to see Welbz Theo Jack Chambers Jenk Gibbs OX just so we can get an Arsenal feel about the game. Would have seen some better play too id imagine.

  3. Terribly boring match. Fans should have received money back with a groveling apology

    I can’t see either team winning the European Championship

    1. delusional if you thought they ever would. english fans hype their players waayyy too much. truth is, german and spain have about ten times more coaches on a grass level and don t catapult up the price of english players with stupid rules that make you have english players in your squad. it makes english players less competwetive.

      another problem is that the wages in england are very high, so you do not really get english players leaving england. check out how many spanish guy apply their trade in europe, then compare to england.

      good luck, sincerey a german guy.

  4. I’m Irish watched the matchin pub with few mates mainly mancs and scouser fans everyone thought Jack was a mile ahead of the rest of the players.

  5. Difficult to find an outstanding player for England today. Some of the changes were positive (Townsend, Vardy, Walcott) but did not change things too much. Walcott’s pace was needed earlier.

    Where is Welbeck. He seems to shine more for England than for his club.

    1. 3-4 Full time score
      Payet scored for France

      Well France made at least made the score more respectable from 1-4 to 3-4

      Fellaini scored two
      Hazard scored

    2. @fred cowardly
      Fekir didn’t score.
      Ntep, Valbuena and Payet were the only scorers for France.

  6. England are missing someone like Giroud….with his deft touches, neat flicks and muscular hold-up! Trust Wenger otherwise why would he play him….he knows Giroud is better than Aguaro, Suarez Benzema etc etc!

  7. How far can Sterling fall. Not long ago he was considered the 2nd coming of the football messiah and he casually dismissed the idea of earning “only” 100,00 per week.

    Since then, Sterling has looked simply awful in every game. He looks to be completely lost without a clue and is not even able to find a burst of pace anymore. Right now he is almost worthless to any team.

    1. Don’t let Champagne Chas hear you say that – mention Sterling and he normally turns up within in a minute or two.

    1. I agree. I would not want Sterling. But the good news is he has been in such poor form that his price could be far lower than previously.

      He should stay at Liverpool and build his form. But my guess is he will go to some team like Real Madrid and sit on the bench for a year and a half or so.

  8. Giroud displayed exactly why arsenal need a WC striker!
    Giroud can only play well when others are playing well and there’s nothing wrong with that. But we need some1 who can help us win such games and carry the team like henry and dare I say RVP did.

    1. Yes

      I would suggest Lacazette, Martinez, Higuain

      Higuain has one thing Giroud doesn’t …. pace. He is very fast in the final third. Higuain is better than Welbeck in three areas: Holding the ball, finishing, striking the ball from short and long distance

      Martinez is an out and out goal scorer who scored 30 goals and finishes with either foot. A beast of a striker

      Lacazette is young. So has time to improve. Only 24. Scored 31 total and 27 League goals

      I’m not convinced with Cavani. He has scored approx 34 league goals (16,18)in two seasons out of 65 games for PSG. He played better for Napoli where he scored 26, 23, 29 goals. Giroud is probably at his level really

      Benteke is young 24 so has time to improve. A bit of a gamble

      Balotelli is…….just kidding

      I can’t think of any more at the moment other than impossible transfers like Suarez, Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Ibrahimovic, Costa, Aguero

      1. Lukaku hes world class. fans fav tooo young and pacey…

        we should get both Hugain and Martinez…

        if one gets injured theres still the other…

        When our top striker get injured……….cant trust Giroud especially against big clubs…this will cause us games if he cant score…

        1. In case you were sleeping…….

          Giroud produced goals at better rate than Costa this season. That is a fact. And somehow Chelsea managed to win the title with this player who is worse than Giroud. How is it possible?? I must be dreaming.

      2. @ Fred

        Where do you get your info from cause it’s all wrong. Cavani scored 17, 31,33 league goals at Napoli your numbers aren’t even close

      3. Personally not sold on martinez. I’d struggle to understand why we’d invest so heavily in him when Benteke has flirted with us, would cost roughly the same investment, younger and is proven in the league. Benteke’s movement and intelligence as a striker is very, very under-rated in my books, so I feel he would fit our style. He is guilty of the occasional lazy game, except put him in a big team with some serious competition and I feel he could be one of the leagues best.

    2. You can mention Henry but not RvP. Average of 11 league goals a season for 6 years didn’t carry any team. Turning up in his last season with 30 goals in his shop-window swan-song season didn’t win us anything either apart from UCL qualification. 13 years with Henry and/or RVP and we win 2 league titles – shows what a nonsense this “world class striker” guarantees titles theory is.

      1. Wow! U really are pissed with all my anti sanchez comments.
        And if u don’t agree what do u think will help us win the title?

  9. Arsenal I repeat will not win major trophy with the best striker in the world Giroud. We need a terrible striker like Suarez/Aguero to win BPL or UCL. lol

  10. Why cant Wenger scout quality striker. Except Sanchez all strikers have been flop in the past few years.

    1. Amazing. Using that thinking Costa is just not good enough for Chelsea because the fact is Giroud produced goals at a higher rate than Costa so Costa must be sh#t. Right?

      Fans are willing to ignore everything Giroud does just because they want more. And fans insist on ignoring the reality that Wenger likes to use midfield attackers to score more than most other managers – nothing wrong with that. Giroud has NOT been a flop.

      We all would love adding a top quality striker, but that has nothing to do with Giroud. He has been much better than most fans ever dreamed.

  11. Barcelona will be unstoppable for the next 5 years because of their quality front three. Real Madrid are the team likely to catch them but they depend too heavily on Ronaldo. Bale and
    Benzema are not good enough.

    1. Nah. Two years from now Messi will be 30. Messi is Barcelona. Take out Messi from the team and you have an ordinary team struggling to score. Thing is Barcelona was a team to beat last Saturday. Messi was not Messi but Juve didn’t dared.

  12. At the end of the ucl final the latinamerican comments said that Arsenal were after Vidal but when asked about his future he said he had a contract

    1. Since when do the claims and protests of players/managers/agents/sport writers mean anything when it comes to transfers?? They all engage in transfer game finesse.

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