Arsenal star fired up to shoot down Magpies

I have said it before and I will say it again – Olivier Giroud is a much better player than many Arsenal fans give him credit for. But despite scoring that fantastic volley that helped Arsenal to our crucial away win at Crystal Palace a couple of weeks ago (that everyone seems to have forgotten about) it is true that the big French striker has not has not yet convinced Arsenal fans that he is top quality yet…

But we have seen before that Giroud is a player that thrives on confidence and seems to go on scoring runs when he gets in the flow. He has not been helped too much by the performance of the team in general so far, but we need him to be sharp up at Newcastle today.

So the fact that he is feeling super confident and happy about facing his favourite team again, can only be good news for the Gunners and our hopes of recording another much needed win. Giroud spoke to Arsenal Player about his scoring record against The Magpies, which is eight goals in six games, including two in each of the meetings with them last season.

He said, “You want obviously to continue the good momentum. For me it will be a bit special, but the main thing is to return to London with the three points.

“I am not going to say [why I do well against Newcastle] because then there are no more secrets – I need to keep them for me! It is maybe luck or I don’t know, but I really want to keep scoring against them and help the team win the three points

“It doesn’t matter who scores, but if it is me I will be really happy because it is always nice for a striker to score.


“We need the win, so we will go there with a big motivation before the international break. It is never easy to play there, even if we have been successful in the last games against them, especially there. We are aware it is going to be a tough game and we need to be at 100 per cent.”

It is hard to say why Giroud has done so well against them. Perhaps it is when Arsenal play well he plays well, or vice versa. And it really does not matter if it means he goes into the game full of confidence and we come back to London with a win. Do you think he will score today?

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  1. fred cowardly says:

    If by Wednesday morning, Giroud is our main striker, then we need to support him and hope he performs well.

    I hate it when people call him a “donkey” or “useless” etc.

    Giroud has scored 60 goals for us and that is not WC but still more than decent for 3 seasons.

    I’m hoping and praying that we get a Top striker ie Cavani, Benzema, Lewandowski, Reus, Greizmann, Ibrahimovic, Higuain. However, if we don’t we need to just hops Giroud and Walcott as well as Alexis, Oxlade, Ramsey, Ozil, Cazorla can get us enough goals to win trophies.

    That said, I still have belief that Wenger will sign top players by Tuesday night. I predict we will get Cavani, Draxler and a young LB.

    I say give him 4 days before condemning Wenger. I will be at the front of the queue to yell and scream at Wenger but he does at least deserve 4 more days to see what he comes up with

    1. k-ool says:

      Hey…ummm listen Cowardly Fred,
      No amount of support for Olivier Giroud would miraculously turn him into a Super forward.


      I agree with you. We need to support Olivier to win us the 4TH PLACE TROPHY again. So here I go….
      na na na na na na na na hey hey hey Giroud…. 😀
      Come on Olivier…just 10 to 15 goals that’s all we want. 🙂

    2. Hafiz Rahman says:


      a 34yo Striker???

      does he has the pace????

      Draxler is injury prone…no point signing another as we have heaps of injury prone players in the squad…..

    3. all guns blazing (cavani done deal) says:

      The only possible one there is cavani. I do not see us signing a dm. also why would we need a “young lb”?

    4. ethangooner says:

      It is very unlikely that we will get any world class player by Tuesday.
      And it seems we all need a scrape goat for any disappointment in life – if Real Madrid and Paris SG do not want to sell their best players then it must be someone’s fault – somehow the fault is on our own manager and not Perez or the rich sheik. In Fifa or FM, every player got a price and if you match that price, you got the player but it is not in real life. If Arsenal manage to get Benzema this way then Chelsea would already have John Stone, Pogba and United got Bale, Neymar.
      Even we got Klopp or Simeone in, things won’t change a single bit. Unlike Wenger they may bent by the will of the fan and go getting the best available striker in the market like Benteke (32.5M) ,Mandzukic (18M), Martinez (25M) and let the fan hail them as huge upgrade over Giroud – will it improve our chance of winning the EPL? I leave it for debate but we can only possibly know more in another 10 games or so. For now Giroud scored 1, Benteke 1 offside goal, while the other 2 not yet score in their debut game.
      I rather focus on players we are having, and our game which is not anywhere near to the form last season and that I will blame the manager if he cannot manage to get the best out of the current talented group of player in the coming games.

      1. almostawinner says:

        we missed on jackson martinez for cf. we missed schneiderlin/schewinsteiger for dm. when coq gets injured , wenger will be surprised that “we’ve been unlucky due to injuries”. but they always happen. and he’s not planning for them.

  2. sylvainwiltord says:

    Julian draxler is looking like our only realistic forward option now imo, don’t think we’ll be signing a CDM sadly even cover for the coq would be decent , looks like we’ll have to wait till next summer when arteta and flamini wil go

  3. all guns blazing (cavani done deal) says:

    arsenal have made a second bid, “substantially” higher than the first one that was rejected. Arsenal have been given positive signs regarding deal for cavani.

  4. Gigi2 says:

    Well u can’t help but praise the attitude.

    Mr. Lombardi s famous words…if u go into a game thinking u will loose… WILL lose.

  5. Hafiz Rahman says:

    we need a centreback….

  6. Cashleycol says:

    Hafiz Rahman will always be Hafiz.. Missed u here surely.. Fine, Gooners…. stubborn Wenger has refused to buy, so do we abandon our team/ him….
    None of the above… This is our team, Wenger will not be here forever but the team will….. Let’s rally behind the boys… Gunners all the way… Bring on the Magpies……

  7. kev says:

    Hahaha the writer just said Giroud is a better player than many arsenal fans give him credit for.You must be joking.Sometimes i wish peeps here tell me what i am missing about him.The team is rather making him look better than he really is.If he was in a lower team like Reading fc he would be so poor to be honest.Even Chamakh and Bendtner had more potential.I become so angry when i see him playing anytime but yh i live with it.I just hope we sell him.

  8. Visibles says:

    aaah, so He starts yet again! Great!.. And might I s peculate Aaron Ramsey is also to start at right wing again, huh?

  9. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    My starts: BellerinChambersDeAbreuMonreal. CoquelinCazorla. RamseyOzilSanchez. Giroud. My bench: OspinaGibbsDebuchyArtetaWalcottOxladeFlamini. Can my starts & bench be bettered by anyone out there, save the Boss? Arsenal starts are much easy to start now than in the past. This shows Arsenal starts are stronger, stable and balance. Aren’t they? Draxler? Is he not that player and his club that tossed the Boss around like a coin last 2 summer transfer market? Not for me, the Boss wouldn’t waste his time again.

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