Arsenal star gets stunning praise from Italian great

We all know that the Arsenal and Germany international star Mesut Ozil is having obne hell of a season in an Arsenal shirt. Because of ouy loyalty to the badge, however, no matter how good we think the creative player is there is always a sense that we might just be seeing things through rose tinted glasses.

So it is good to hear your own high opinion of an Arsenal player confirmed by one of the true greats of the game and the Italian midfield master that is Andrea Pirlo is certainly one of them. Arguably the best ever in his deep lying quarterback style playing role, the New York City star knew a thing or two about picking and producing a perfect pass to split a stubborn defence and he reckons that Ozil is the best out there right now.

As reported by the Evening Standard, Pirlo was picking his Premier League team of the season and as well as Ozil he included the Arsenal stars Alexis Sanchez and Nacho Monreal, but it was Ozil he reserved the highest praise for, claiming that our number 11 is unrivalled around Europe in the way he sees the games and creates chances.

The Italian said, “Maybe the most creative player in Europe right now.

“[He] creates an unbelievable amount of chances for attackers playing ahead of him. He has vision like nobody else in Europe.”

Now if someone wouldn’t mind just finishing a few of the German’s moves…

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  1. no pirlo no party
    a modern great, wonderful to watch
    player of his stature deserves listening to , if he voices an opinion – u listen

    but when micheal owen opens his mouth …..

  2. That’s the big point; finishing! Arsenal’s attackers have lacked the required deadly finishing ends to the nemerous chances often created per game by Mesut Ozil.

    Had any attacking Gunners have been converting 1 out of 2 assists given to him by Ozil, Arsenal would have been scoring at least 4 goals per game.

    Now, a BPL recovery battle by the Gunners will start latter today Sunday at the Dean Court Stadium and at the Ems on Sunday 14th, where Arsenal are expected to collect a maximum 6 points that will be at stake in the games between Arsenal and the Bournemouth and latter on Leicester. After which a war to win this season’s BPL title could kickstart between Arsenal and Leicester in this season run-in to the title.

    Arsenal MUST never fail to seize this golden opportunity to recover back their title challenge.

  3. Petr Cech has saved Arsenal
    at least 7 points so far.
    With out Cech Arsenal would be
    trailing Leicester by 15 pts.

  4. Özil was brilliant before the new year. He’s lost form recently. Hopefully he’ll pick up again.

  5. Wenger better pull his finger out!
    Otherwise, Ozil and Sanchez won’t be hanging around here for next season!

  6. Ozil is surrounded by muppets like Giroud and Walcott they don’t score from the chances Ozil creates,if only we had our own Aguero who by the way has 14 goals which is 2 more than Giroud while having played less games!

  7. Most Arsenal fans are as deluded as
    Wenger himself. Any person who means
    well for d Arsenal at dis point would be
    worried, really really worried. Look at this
    City- Pep
    United – Mourine
    Chelsea – Allegri or New Manager
    Liverpool – Klopp with Summer to spend
    Spurs – Top4 finish, Spend in d summer.
    Now, Pep as a manager can attract any
    player, plus they’ve got d money to
    spend as much as they wish, Mourinho
    can attract players plus if he goes to
    United, they’ve got a name that attracts.
    Chelsea will sure have less games next
    season, so will fight in d domestic front
    with new additions. Spurs are a London
    club, relatively young players and playing
    in Champs Lge will attract players to
    them, Klopp of course will Refresh his
    team in summer, with Money and history
    of the club. Now, where does Arsenal
    Stand? We don’t spend big, we don’t
    compete, we have a manager that’s not
    serious, and cares only at making money
    for the board. The only hope we have is
    dis season, but that too is sliding away….
    1. Wenger
    2. Arsenal fans…
    3. The board.
    But the Fans of we weren’t sooooo
    WHAT, could force Wenger Out, and
    board to change. Reason with me, U
    know this is the truth yet, U will thump
    me down. But it’s OK. U have Ur right to.
    But I know I Luv dis Club!!!!
    GOYG, COYG!!!!!

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