Arsenal star hails Wenger effect in FA cup win

There have been a lot of happy Arsenal fans this week, finally able to celebrate the Gunners coming away from Old Trafford with a win after nine years. And it has also been the main topic of debate in the football media, with some blaming Louis van Gaal or individual Man United players like Antonio Valencia, Angel Di Maria or their players in general.

Mesut Ozil has a different take on the game, revealed in a Daily Star report. The German international was quite rightly praised for his own contribution and work rate, which has been much better since he came back from the latest injury problem. He was not alone, with the likes of Welbeck, Coquelin, Cazorla, Monreal and more all getting votes for Man of the Match.

Ozil, however, lays a lot of the credit at the feet of the manager Arsene Wenger, as he says the Gunners were merely following the game plan laid out by the Frenchman. This is quite a smack in the face of those who claim the boss is tactically inept and has no plan B. Ozil feels that our performance forced United into mistakes and that our ability to pounce on those errors was very important.

He said, “We weren’t given much of a chance, if you believe the statistics of previous matches against United, but with a passionate team performance, we are now going to Wembley.

“United offered us mistakes and we exploited them well. We concentrated on our work off the ball and followed the manager’s gameplan.

“I look forward to the semi-finals at Wembley and, of course, [hope to] return there in May [for the final].”

Who do you think deserves the most credit, Gooners, Wenger for his tactics or the players for carrying them out?

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    1. The real Pep and his bayern are coasting!
      Chelsea out (no possible chance of a 2nd UCL, I could not bare it!!!) YES!

      1. Well deserved win by PSG, aka the battlers. When a team knocked chelsh!t out you gotta love them for that.

  1. Last few years our record against Manchester teams was poor but this season we have beaten them times already. I hope we improve against Bad Smell Mouthrinho.

  2. Im hearing some rumours from Telegraph and Mirror that we have 50 m pounds to spend next season and we will target GK, CB and CDM next season. Wenger wants to sign Cech, Subotic and
    Schneiderlin. The funny thing is we say we need players in these positions yet we have not solved
    our key issuses for many years now.

    1. as long as its not wasted on cavarni…the number of times i heard his name on this site just beggars football belief…a mediocre over-priced has been

      1. Cavani an ‘overpriced mediocre over-priced has been’ are you serious?
        This is the player who had a record like 33, 38, 36 before coming to PSG and being played out of position?
        The guy is a dangerous MF of a striker when he is played as a striker.

        The thought of Cavani on the end of passes from Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey and Carzola and crosses from Ox, Belerin, Chambers, Monreal, Theo, Gibbs, Welbz while Le Coq, Kos and Gabriel hold the back line. Jesus that would strike fear into any team.

        1. Two decent seasons in a declining league don’t make a 50m player … Would you take rvp because of past performances … Qed

    2. Would personally prefer,

      Dragavich over Subotic
      Kondigbia over Schneiden
      Cech over anybody(lol)

      I would venture to guess Jenkinson, Podolski, BFG, and Campbell will be sold
      Diaby and Flamini released
      Sanoago and other youngsters loaned out.

      The arrival of Wellington Silva and further evolution of the Ox on the wings makes Theos siutation very intriguing. If his contract demands borderline on the ridiculous, ship him to Europe and sign either Dybala or Lacazette with that money.

      Imagine this squad


      Bench: Giroud, Welbeck, Chambers,Debuchy, Gab,
      Silva, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ospina, Coquelin, Gnarby,
      Gibbs, few youngsters.

      1. Flamini won’t be released he has a year left, He will sit it out like he always does then he can choose his own move. I’m not sure podolski will go just yet either, as like flamini will be entering his last year and then move to koln for nowt, where he has said he will always end up. Perhaps both might get loaned out? Mertesacker and campbell are different both have 2 years plus so could still command a fee.

        As for Walcott and wilshire I can see a barcelona bid coming our way in the summer and would we really turn down Pedro and £25m? Or just a straight swap Pedro for walcott.

        No doubt some will have to go as we will have 31 players born 1993 or before come the summer, so 6 have to go and that’s without any new signings.

      1. He’ll bitch about the penalty not given, the missed red card by Luis on Costa? The guy is as deluded as the dumbest of the Chelsea fans(Guiness book holders)

        Would be refreshing just once to hear him admit that his billion dollar squad of crybabys got there butts kicked by a 10 man PSG squad @ his precious fortress.

        Loved Cabaye, in his penny loafers telling Costa to get the F off the field.

        1. Best result so far of 2015 CL,anyone but Chelsea.Now the pressure is on Maureeno to win the Pl.Let us go after him and crush his season.

    1. Chelsea are lucky becuase they are very organized side who don’t concede goals so easily under Mourinho whereas our players panic in big games.

      1. Are you even watching the game? They are not organized at all at the back. They’re just lucky that the referee is having a shocking night so far… NORMALLY you’re right but tonight Chelsea have been dreadful and I’m sure PSG would have won the game without the red.

  3. Wenger still out….

    The House of Rahman and its representatives still insist Wenger should go….

    time for a change

    1. As long as Wenger is around the likes of you and me and the downvoter will spend all their nights watching the likes of Chelsea win things, and we can then continue adoring the Wenger religion. Be thankfull that we are not playing against Psg.

      1. Ks, what trophies have we watched Chelsea keep winning? Last yr 3rd in league, year before 3rd in league, year before 6th… last trophey of value was 3 yrs ago FA, I think? can we deal with some sort of facts? when is the last time we finished 6th?

        1. I have seen them win everything. And we, for the past 10 years, no epl title, and no Cl. Thats whats up. Just stay real man.

          1. football has been going on a lot longer than 10 years. I watched every arsenal home game between august 1971 and may 1989 but never gave up we would be champions again. We even flirted with relegation. Some people make me sick, why is it always the last 10 years and not the last 18 or 30 or 50? Perhaps u have only supported the club for 10 years then if so I forgive u a little bit, or.perhaps u are an armchair fan who listens to too much punditry and read too many tabloids.

            What i do know is u should be careful for what u wish for, changing managers and spending millions has no guarantees as moyes, lvg, pochettino and many many more testament too. Even moureen and pellegrini, arent getting it all their own way.

            1. Afraid of change i see. Remember Arsenal bringing that unknown French guy from Japan, who was a failure at Monaco before. Do you get the hint? You leave when you cant bring the team forward anymore, Wenger is finished! It doesnt matter how old i am and for how many years i am being an Arsenal fan. The fact that i am one is enough.

              I simple cant see us winning the leauge or the cl ever with Wenger. Take an example in monaco beating us to 3:1 and understand the situation.

              1. spot on. If we dont get past Monaco its unaccountable. Even if we put in a good performance, its unacceptable that we get the easiest draw after tons of hard draws and still blow it. And yep, so many Arsenal fans are afraid of change, even though its inevitable. Wenger will leave one day and Arsenal will have to adjust to it.

            2. Spot on atid…. The biggest problem is, we have very young supporters who only concentrate on a few years and forget Arsenal is not a small team like Chelsea and City… Brand Arsenal has been there for long and has trophies to show,,, read more about Chelsea and City,, then argue from informed perspectives.. P/s some fans JUST HATE FOR THE SAKE OF IT…

        2. 90% chance they are winning the league this season, and they won UCL only a few years ago. Let’s not pretend Chelsea hasn’t achieved anything while regularly thrashing us as well… Will things change soon, I hope, but I’ve been hoping for a while now. Wenger still hasn’t found out how to keep Arsenal consistent for a whole season, and I question if he will ever.

          1. and we won the FA cup last year and are in good position to repeat, big effin deal, I dont care what Chelsea won in 2008 or whatever, I still hate the bas tards, plain and simple, good thing you dont follow the 95% of the clubs that never sniff a top 4,

            1. i hate chelsea just as much as you but im not gunna pretend they dont win. and my bad for wanting Arsenal to be the best they can be. Obviously I’m happy with the FA Cup, but Arsenal can do more, and with the high ticket prices, high wages, and even quality of players, we should be. And I swear you are one of the same people who calls for Wenger’s head mid-season when we are getting poor results, so I dont know why you’re pretending right now.

                1. no offense taken, but I have never called for wengers head on this site, tho i would lie if I didnt think at times he could head into the sunset, but I give him 101% respect, I love his style of football, he always seems to act w class, Iwatch chelsea and I hate their style, Arsenal have brought me years of pleasure in the way they move the ball, goals that lift you from your seat without thinking, cesc was diving and crying today, thats mourinho, cesc never seened to do that at barca or arsenal,

          2. Gianluigi Buffon, Zlatan Ibrahimovich, Fabio Cannavaro, Lothar Mattheus, Micheal Ballack, Pavel Nedved, [El Diego] Maradona, [El Phenomeno] Ronaldo, Roberto Baggio are some of the greatest name ever to grace a soccer pitch, yet they never won the Champions League or European Cup while a player like Anderson has won it. Real Madrid spent more than half a billion Euros chasing La decima for so many years. A lot of us come on here bashing a manager whose does not need job application to manage any club he wants in the world, even Chelski’s Roman will make the managers spot available in a heartbeat (if in doubt, look at the Fabregas scenario, they call them rubbish when playing for the gunners but will scramble for their signatures at the slightest opportunity ala Nasri and the little boy). In today’s world, organisations/entities place a priority on sustainable leadership [refer to Leeds United] and in recent years only Ferguson has surpassed Wenger in that area. The spuds had tears in their eyes hearing the Champions League anthem at White Hart lane, we get that season after season its almost like some nursery rhyme we pay little attention to. Wenger is the giant on whose shoulders managers like Mourinho stand on, pioneer of an era, if Pep agrees to come to the Emirates tomorrow, it will be because of the excellent foundations Wenger has built, Pep by the way guarantees more trophies than Mourinho.

        3. Exactly. Love the way people always frame the question as last 10 years. Why not the last year or the last 15 years. Nothing special about 10 years except it manages to manipulate the argument.

          1. a decade is a pretty standard measurement. I mean, we could go all the way back to 1886 and say since then, Arsenal has won more league titles than Chelsea so there’s nothing to worry about even if we get relegated the next 3 seasons. Would you be happy with that? I think its reasonable to ask what Wenger has done for us lately. I think it would be great if we got 2 seasons of straight silverware and that would be a huge improvement. Nobody trying to slate Wenger’s whole career because he’s obviously made Arsenal what is is today, but in terms of European success and challenging for the title there is a lot of improvements needed. I would love to see Arsene win the league one more time before he goes but I question if that will happen. Yes’ we are doing well right now in the league, but Wenger can’t keep getting Arsenal off to slow starts and then scrap for top 4 every single year.

            1. Fair enough, I agree RSH – I was just saying all the arguments change slightly depending on what time period people deem relevant. Nothing intrinsically special about 10 years in footballing terms – I, admittedly with no better logic, look at the decades in terms of the 80s, 90s, 00s etc and feel better about us and we still have another 5 years to complete our history for this decade!

  4. P$G are so much stronger then lucky Chelski.

    Cavani is 10x the player Giroud is
    Verratti is 5x the player Wilsher is, and 7x the player Ramsey is. ( both of them need to emulate this game style of play, simple amazing).

    Chelsea should also be thankfull that Lucas Moura is not playing. Comon Arab money, go for the win!

    1. Veratti can be a tad petulant @ times but man is he fun to watch and oozes confidence in the midfield. Agree on Cavani an until he was subbed Matuidi was dominating the game. Would love his engine and pace in the midfield.

      Chelsea looks like Madrid yesterday, disintrtested and very fortunate to advance.

      Can’t wait for April 25th @ the Emirates

  5. anyone still wana buy Cavani? lol, he shouldve scored at least 3 times against Chelsea within both legs but is a horrible finisher.

  6. I thought he was the one scored the equalizing goal during the first leg.
    And on this match he heat the post, you can’t fault him for that.Psg is playing with 10 men, they are doing all they can.Beside he didn’t waste that chance.

    1. Good point. Can’t judge him by one game anyway. Everybody has a bad game.

      Remember Messi’s shocking miss in the World Cup final

  7. Hahahaha
    Well done PSG

    Now it would be even funnier if we win 0-3 Tuesday night

  8. now if we can make a miracle happen at monaco and chelski throws away the EPL to either us or Man Shitty I will be a happy man

    P.S Gunners for FA Cup Glory!!!!


    1. At this moment, we are the only team in england still with a shout of the treble, ok may be a wisper

  9. The dejected look on jose mourinho’s face after being booted out of the championsleague! PRICELESS!!!!

    1. The top 7 have got big games this weekend as well.
      Arsenal vs West Ham
      Chelsea vs Soto’n
      Manure vs Tott
      Swansea vs Liverpool
      Burnley vs City (only added because it was a draw in the reverse).

      We play on Saturday so we can put pressure on the other teams.

  10. This is a real embarrassment for epl.None of the three teams that are left in CL ( which are big teams in PL) are not performing in Europe.
    City has a team that can compete with any big team on Europe but they are failing.Arsenal has a better team than Monaco but lost 3-1 at home.Chelsea can not even beat 10 men psg, and the funny thing is psg has played on the weekend and this game was supposed to be hard for them not for Chelsea. This shows how epl is failing behind other leagues in Europe.

        1. @RSH. Hopefully Arsenal will insult
          the French league next week 🙂
          I’m thinking this years EPL is the
          weakest for a decade heck even
          Spurs Sotn and Westham have been in the top 4.

          1. agree. City aren’t even that good either, and Chelsea just showed how overrated they are. I don’t know what’s up with English teams in recent years. i really think England has to stop relying on big names and put way more into youth systems like Spain, Germany who always are producing world class players all the time, and even their average players are miles ahead of English. I’ve been saying this for a while but this current generation has zero world class englishmen. Rooney, Terry, Cole, Lampard, Gerrard are all getting up there in age of are moving on already. There are some good u21’s coming through now though so hopefully that will change.

            1. The fact that we have so many good teams is the reason why we dont have world class big teams. Bayern can raid every team in the bundesliga, same goes with Real and Barca, but in England its impossible. Can you see the likes of Everton selling Barkley to us for 25m for example? Hell no.

      1. not a single english team in quarter finals?

        premier league will lose there 4 uefa spots if this carries on.

        cant lie punched the air seeing 10 man psg outplay chelseas negative anti football an mourinho blow his top.

        ive always liked david luiz, not sure why, just seemed a proper joker. glad for him

        1. maybe its about time Arsenal stop relying on getting 4th then? Either way i highly doubt EPL will lose their spot just because of this season. German league might overtake us after this season, but Italy still does average as well and aren’t close.

          1. LOL, EPL is 1st, and will stay there, cuz UEFA dont look UCL results, they look whole infrastructure and whole league in general, germany is one team league, thats reason why tv money will make EPL teams the richest in world!!!

            1. Yeah, they might be the richest league in Europe in terms of tv deals or what ever.But in terms of quality play they are failing.

            2. EPL aren’t even first though, Spain is because their teams dominate UCL, and Europa League. Check the coefficients right now, Germany are only two points off of us. We’re going to sink to third unless us and City pull off upsets and Everton win Europa League.

        2. Agree re Luiz. Probably not an English team in last 8 but sounds funny saying “English team” – representing an English league maybe but only half a dozen English players in the 3 teams that played last 16.

    1. That’s the reason they didn’t look sharp. Walking round like kings road zombies searching for Charlie..

      Even with zlatan off they kept strolling. They did it to themselves!

      I wanna see. AFC have a ruddy good go against Monaco and if AW fields a 2nd fiddle team as some are saying I will personally f@ck him up!

      1. If Arsenal bring a Schalke type effort against Monaco, win or loss, I’ll be a proud Gunner. Watching both Schalke and PSG leave it all on the pitch as underdogs gives me a slightly optimistic feeling going into the 2nd leg @ Monaco.

      2. Yes – has using just 12 or 13 players all season caught up with them.? Still looking for the world class Chelsea squad with wc alternatives for every position. GK seems the only position that mught be true. Seems like all Mourinho ever does is tinker with Oscar/Willian – bring Drogba on in the 86th min and give Luis a monthly outing. Have to say Zouma looks a good prospect.

  11. PSG was by far the better side.
    Chelsea looked one dimensional,
    devoid of any creativity.
    Good enough to win in the EPL but out classed in the ECL.
    Just how good Arsenal are we will find out next week.
    Bit of a heads up for Westham don’t underestimate any one.

  12. Monaco is no strong team, we can beat them, it doesnt matter how diff it seems. Remember us against Inter. At that time we had monsters of players, but Monaco is not a team you need monsters for. Comon Arsenal!

    1. glad your positive but they spanked us with half there team missing.

      i will be happy with a good performance

    2. everything is possible, thats reason why football is so interesting, i know its hard to score 3 goals, but remember bayern game 2 season ago, we scored 2 against strongest team in europa at that time, so we need to go all in, we can do it!!!

  13. Cavani was world class he guarantee goals…..Superb

    lets spend 50m and sign him for our u21 team…

    like Falcao hes a top top top player

  14. Wenger will play the strongest side
    every game till the end of the season.
    Monaco would be dumb to buy into
    Wengers mind games.
    Watch for the Monaco coach to label Arsenal
    as the best team in the EPL stacked with the worlds best players.
    Chelsea were never going to win the EPL.
    They won a domestic trophy so can rest
    their tired players and focus on the EPL.
    Means they gonna really wanna beat Arsenal now.

    1. Chelsea lost because they didint spend big and their team is not good enough….

      come summer they will need to spend…

  15. Yeah, they might be the richest league in Europe in terms of tv deals or what ever.But in terms of quality play they are failing.

  16. Chelsea as been Welbeck-ed out from the UCL!!! Ft Louis and Thiago Silva!!! What a very Bitter Sweet week..

  17. Le Fraud needs to step up and proof Mouthrinho wrong, with a win over Monaco and win every game to chase down Chelski and put them down like the dogs they are…..if he achieve either or both will regain my respect and admiration….. MANURE was a sweet victory and the lads played well as a team it was not necessary WENGER’S prowess

    1. slim chance vs Monaco

      but against Chelsea…it will be tough….Mourinho will park the plane….a draw will be a very good result for us….

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