Arsenal star hands Wenger MASSIVE trophy boost!

I am not going to go into the reasons for Arsenal almost certainly having to go another season without the coveted Premier League title, suffice it to say that there are about as many opinions on the subject, from AKBs and AOBs alike, as there are fans of the club.

But that is the way it is, so as well as another fight for a top four finish, Arsene Wenger could really do with getting his French mittens on another piece of silverware this season, for the sake of the players, the fans and his own sense of worth.

At least the Gunners are still in the running for two major trophies. A decent draw in the Champions League has us all hoping, if not quite expecting, to get into the quarter-final stage for the first time in five years, while a good result at Old Trafford in a couple of weeks will see Arsenal installed as big favourites to retain the FA cup. At the moment the Gunners are 3/1 to win it, and if you use a promo-code you can get a £25 bonus at William Hill, which could win you £75 if Arsenal win the Cup!

So the news revealed by Arsene Wenger today and reported by The Mirror, that Aaron Ramsey is just 10 days away from a comeback is absolutely fantastic for our trophy hopes. It means that the Welshman should be able to get a run out against QPR on the Wednesday before the FA cup clash with United the following Monday.

Ramsey may not have been at the same level this season as he was last year but he is still our best box-to-box midfielder and has the ability to change and win a game with his class. He also has more in his locker, defensively, than any of our other options and this could be crucial at Old Trafford and then again in Monaco for the second leg of the Champions League.

Have Arsenal got Rambo back in the nick of time?

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  1. im glad hes coming back. Am big rambo fan.
    Hes quality just need to play him in correct position an needs to keep his concentration for full game.

    March is gonna be our defining month it seems
    This site is gonna be lovefest 2015′
    Or street fighter turbo.
    I use to be unbeatable with blanka an ryu

  2. I disagree with you that he is still our best box-to-box midfield, think about it again.
    As far as Trophies are concerned, we’re still in big trouble because wenger is forever afraid of united, be it ferguson, moyes or Van Gaal.
    For premier league, somehow wenger is going to lift his trophy again (top 4). As for CL, I rest my case.

    1. @maigari33
      How the h*ll is AW afraid of ManU when he’s not out on the pitch playin against them???

  3. Its not a MASSIVE bost – he was expected to be out for 2 weeks – this news simply confirms it….calm down

  4. Well it’s not an unheard of thing for Ramsey to come back from a hamstring injury and then it turns out he shouldn’t have come back at all and it’s made the problem worse. We need to find the underlying problem with his continual hamstring injuries, they’re becoming a real problem…

  5. How is it a massive boost? In terms of form, Ramsey has been one of our worst performers this season, he has been consistently bad. I would only use him as an impact sub until he starts performing better.

  6. Ramsey is a good player and I’m proud to be his fan but right now i don’t think he is the best choice in CM,Cazorla is even Wenger knows it. Let Ramsey and Wilshere fight for the place for now their chance will come.They are not automatic starters.

  7. It may be wise to not only get another DM like Scneiderlin but also another box2box midfielder Like Pogba, Gundogan, Khedira, Lars Bender, Vidal.

    Because Ramsey has problems with injuries and also for competition sake.

  8. less than 2 weeks away is good news. Better news is that Bellerin was training today so he will probably be available for tomorrows game 🙂

      1. I think this is because lots of us on here goes to school or work during the week. If u notice on weekends there are a lot more comments on here or even after a big game. As for myself, I have school during the week and I would just pop up at nights to get some news on the team and thumb comments up or down. Am quite sure a lot more like me came here and do the same due to their time schedule.

      2. I know it always goes quieter this time of year, but the downtime on the server seemed to put people off (and the site was running very slowly). Hopefully the new quicker, double-capacity server ( and a couple of good wins 🙂 ) will bring back any fans that got a bit put off by the delays.

        Onwards and upwards! COYG!

    1. Wait until we have another lose (Wenger out) articles.. Wait until Wilshere is back… Wait until Giroud has a bad game, Wait until Ramsey is back and keeps having a bad game… Wait for another negative Ozil article. All these should see the site up, running and busy.


  9. Ramsay is our BIG BOOST?!?!? good lord, the guy was a one hit wonder and has quickly faded. All these injuries have taken a toll on him, most of his shots go wide and he’s just not that fast so speed is also a problem for him. If schneiderlin is indeed coming then one out of wilshere or ramsay will be sold, the other one will take diaby’s place on the treatment table (they’re both injury prone)

  10. The more I think about it the more I wish we had gotten Pogba on a free when he left Man Utd. I’ve read the reason we didn’t get him was because we were blocked from talking to him… How is it possible to block a free transfer from talking to another club? Anyway as unrealistic as it might seem Pogba would be the perfect B2B for us but that would mean someone would be sacrificed…

  11. Curious how many of the Gunner faithful that frequent this site actually watch Arsenal on a consistent basis. With the exception of the away fixture @ Gallatasary, Ramsey when healthy has been one our worst players this season. I appreciate his work rate, but his endless number of misplaced passes, annoying flicks, and irresponsible bombing runs forward leave me routinely scratching my head on why he is automatically assured a starting position when he isnt in the treatment room?

    Educate me

    1. I am not gonna come down on him too hard because he at least can point to a period of substantial contribution to the club, more so than some of the others. But if he does that reverse pirouette flick thing one more time I swear I will…………drives me frigging nuts. The boy doesn’t have the footwork of a Santi or Alexis – keep it simple son, keep it simple.

  12. I seem to remember that ramsey was 10 days from being fit several times last year and still missed 4 months!

  13. Ramsey’s motor will always make him a valuable asset but his decision making has got to get better. His performance versus ManC after we went up was probably the most naive footballing I’ve seen in years. I’m a big fan but he needs to sort it out before he’s an automatic choice.

  14. i think the reason for the fall in comments well my reason for not commenting as much as i used to is because of the quality of the articles written and posted on justarsenal has decreased a lot! most time by the time i,ve read the title i am not even bothered to read the article,few examples .carzola wanted by atletico the guy signed an extension last year,just bought a house still in the article it was written that he had 18 months left??come on,what about arsenal face competition for ron vlaar??we just bought gabriel we have other players who can deputise as cb,anyway he is not good enough to play for us i could go on. i don,t know about you but when i see that i am offended the writers can,t be thinking much of us(the readers).justarsenal didn,t only need to change server they need to get better writers!!

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