Arsenal star with very bad news for teammate Giroud

You have to feel a little bit sorry for the Arsenal and France striker Olivier Giroud, as not much has been going right for the big fellow of late. Take the Champions League for instance, when he came on and was sent off soon after for a second yellow which replays showed was completely undeserved.

That just about sums things up for Giroud recently, who was jeered by his own fans at Euro 2016 despite playing reasonably well and winning the bronze boot for his scoring feats. He then came back to club football a bit late and has hardly had a lick since, with a niggling toe injury meaning he has not even been on the subs bench.

That and the lack of game time at club level has seen him dropped from the France national side for the current international break and any hopes he has of getting his place back in the Arsenal team are not looking good according to his team mate for club and country.

Laurent Koscielny was reported by Metro talking about the new centre forward for the Gunners Alexis Sanchez and the French defender seems to think that Giroud will have an almighty job on his hands to oust the super Chilean striker as he has been performing miracles for us so far.

The centre back said, ‘It’s difficult for Olivier Giroud at the moment, because Alexis Sanchez is currently ‘walking on water’ at Arsenal.’

If Giroud was looking for some encouragement though, he need look no further than Koscielny himself, as for a long time the Arsenal star was ignored by France but he kept working and is now the main man. How much do you think we will see of Giroud for Arsenal this season?


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  1. Sanchez has been teriffic for the last couple of weeks. But the Burnley game showed that in certain games we could do with something different up front. Giroud would have been perfect for that game. I mean Sanchez can also play on the left wing, he had his best season in that position. Every game is different and needs a different game plan.

  2. Alexis playing best as CF if our opponents more open (attacking tactics). If they sit deep, like Burnley game, our crossing ball from left or right tend to be wasted because Alexis doesn’t have altitude to deal with those tall CB’s. Like it or not, Arsenal’s best aerial ball dueler is Olivier Giroud. This special skills will be useful at certain games.

  3. 4 years of utter dross constant loyalty shown to him by wenger, the guy hasn’t even hit the 20 prem goals mark. Good riddance let’s hope it’s a long injury not in a malicious but purely footballing sense.

    Sanchez , Perez and even welbeck should be way ahead of him.

  4. Not a big fan of Giroud! I hate the way he smiles whenever he misses a chance! as if he don’t care! Cash in on him in Jan! Hopefully Welby will be back by then as well.

  5. Ollie has been nothing but a loyal servant of the club ever since his move from Montpelier. Is he a world class striker? No. But he is extremely good at what he does, and he definitely serves a purpose. People complain that he doesn’t score enough goals, but his hold up play is second to none, and by doing that not only he occupies the defenders, but also opens up an opportunity for a pass and a chance for someone else to score. He provides assists, he’s very good in the air at both ends of the pitch, and overall he’s just a hard worker. Personally, I love the guy, and appreciate everything he’s done for us so far.

  6. It’s okay. It will force Giroud to compete and get into the squad. He can play matches where Alexis is rested or (god forbid) injured. And play FA Cup matches too

    Giroud can help Alexis together get the 25 goals plus other teams get with one striker

    Hopefully, Giroud can continue performing well for France and bring that to us

    I love Alexis but please don’t dismiss Giroud’s importance. He has scored over 80 goals for us will probably reach 100 goals next season or maybe even this season. That’s a lot of goals

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