Arsenal star helps Germany into Olympic final

The Arsenal and Germany international star Serge Gnabry certainly seems to be getting his football career firmly back on track after a couple of bad years. Now the 21-year old Gunner is set for the showpiece final at the Rio Olympics, where he and his German teammmates will take on the home nation Brazil and their star striker Neymar from FC Barcelona on Saturday night.

Injury problems and then a loss of form has seen Gnabry play no games for the Arsenal first team since the 2013-14 season and just three times for his loan club West Brom last season. Hopefully that poor period is now behind Gnabry and has perhaps spurred him into greater effort.

He is definitely doing the business for his national team in Brazil, with six goals so far. He did not get onto the score sheet in their 2-0 win over Nigeria in the semi-final yesterday, but the Arsenal man did start the move that led to the opening goal which was scored at close range by Klostermann in the ninth minute.

Germany then held out before securing at least a silver medal with a late second goal. I wonder if Arsene Wenger has been watching and whether Gnabry could find himself back in the squad rather than being sent o9n loan again as was expected to happen.


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  1. Im glad he is performing well and being successful at the Olympics
    He has a lot of potential
    However, he didn’t play much at West Brom and I think should get another loan spell to get a lot of matches in. He won’t play much if he stays at Arsenal
    He needs more PL experience ideally

  2. We’re faced with a conundrum here, he will want more playing time but just based on his Olympics performance does he warrant it, worse of all is that the team needs goals and we truly don’t know if he’ll be able to produce. The problem with Arsenal is we could afford to take risks if we were in a position too, And for a young player it could be detrimental if he fails to step up to the plate especially when we have an inconsistent striker… I feel he should still be sent out on loan to a top team, either to the championship or bundasliga he has to get game time , which he won’t do consider ing the situation at present in Arsenal.

  3. His contract runs out next summer. Apparently wenger wants him to sign a new contract. What we do depends on whether he is going to sign a new contract. If not then sell him now if there is time or loan him out so someone else pays his wages. If he is going to sign a new contract then possibly try a bringing him in to the first team, or probably loan him out but make sure he actually gets game time.

  4. Wenger has already stated that he wants to tie Gnabry down with a new contract.
    I read that Hamburge are interested in loaning him, aswell as a few other German clubs, but it would be better for him to stay in the premier league and gain experience here.

    The way the injuries have already started at Arsenal, I think that it would be wise to keep him at the club.
    Well.. At least until the January transfer window, we could always loan him out then, if he isn’t getting any game time.
    Better to be safe than sorry. .. right?

  5. All our youngsters will be wasted if there is no proper leader in our team.
    Look at how kelechi is doing at mancity that is how youngsters should be raised.
    If we have enough quality then we can afford to play youngsters.
    But if we have only two world class payers then there is gonna be a problem.

  6. i wake up everyday and check if we spent a single pound upgrading our squad, its depressing as hell, i think its going to be a long season, i think kos and mert/gabriel will be fine if they stay healthy, not great but fine. my concern is the lack of goals from the striker positions, last year we were tied with west ham for 4th in goals scored behind city, LC and spuds. goals allowed was only 1 away from the best in the league at only 36 goals allowed, spuds at 35. we need 4-6 more goals this season to compete, where will that come from?

  7. To be honest I was really excited seeing that he was top scorer but I watched their last match and he needs a loan (with playing time) before he is ready for the PL. The guy is pretty selfish on the ball and despite his talent his selfishness led to missed chances as opposed to him creating chances. Once or twice he shot at goal when there was a clear opportunity to pass for a tap in/better positioned player. Not sure about his backtracking either because Germany are so dominant.

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