Arsenal star is good but not THAT good

At the minute the tactics of Arsenal are pretty clear; get the ball to Mesut Ozil. Our creative genius is absolutely on fire this season and is proving all those pundits wrong that thought that he was not cut out for the Premier League.

Having just set an all time Premier League record of providing an assist in seven consecutive EPL games, the Germany international was once again at the heart of things for the Gunners in the Champions League. He opened the scoring against Dinamo Zagreb on Tuesday night with a well taken goal that showed his skill and growing composure in front of goal while his lung bursting run into the box showed the desire that has also become a key part of his game.

That meants that Ozil had contributed directly to nine goals in our last 11 games but we did not need the stats to know that he is now a vital cog in the engine that is Arsenal. But is he really better than the club legend Dennis Bergkamp, as Metro has reported some Gooners have claimed?

Well in a word no, at least not yet. Ozil may have awesome technical ability, an amazing eye for a pass and is starting to find the net on a much more regular basis but this is Bergkamp we are talking about. Until Ozil has kept his current form and influence up for a lot longer then we really cannot start saying he is better than the Dutch master.

But if Ozil does keep performing as he is, will Arsenal have a new candidate for best ever Gunner?

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  1. the ozil at real madrid was better than all, better than iniesta bergkamp scoles and the rest
    but the ozil we see now. Well lets see whether he can cope with the phisicality and how long he can maintain his form .
    After all this wasnt the first game he showed his quality
    Ps Wenger has said ozil at 42mil
    was a bargain

    1. Do you even watch football ? The Ozil of now is twice the player he was at Madrid, in Spain he couldn’t play for more than 80min, never once carried his team through a rough patch and never had the desire to score goals. All these elements have been added to his game ever since he joined us. If he went back to Madrid I’m pretty sure Ronaldo would be scoring twice as many goals as he used to when both of them were playing.

  2. I have said all along………build the team around ozil…and he’ll flourish..

    It aint a coincidence that when walcot and alexis were in the same team….ozil ‘s form went up a notch…I must say though that giroud and ozil also somewhat clicked and developed an understanding…….I still prefer that ozil must have the pace and finishing of walcot/alexis/welbs/ox/joel and especially ramsey… for him to continue his form….

    lol ozil woulda probably have 15+ assists by now if walcot and welbs was not injured…

    On Topic
    Berkamp is world class…..there is only one dutch master….fullstop

    let the gunners start a winning streak…..beginning with Norwich….by the time we reach 21 December….with the mega clash with city…we should grab maximum points, confidence and momentum…

    Alright I cant wait for arsenal to play…sunday cant come any faster now

    ……I am the Marlon….ssshhh

    Gooner for life

      1. A risky post on a partisan website, but possibly one more suited to a purist debate. Me, I’ll stick with my populist comment above 🙂

        1. See even I get a thumb down. Johan Cruyff is a World legend who even Arsene Wenger sites as an influence so no one should actually vote down comments made about a player as influential to the modern game as Cruyff. Damn, Barca’s youth academy still use his coaching methods to develop there players, and we have a lot to thank that source of fine young players for. Actually, I think DB10 uses Cruyff’s methods a Ajax.

  3. I love them both but Bergkamp >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ozil. At the moment.

    Ozil needs to keep up his scoring and actually win something big with our team before we can draw any comparison with the legend. Bergkamp had more flair and a swag about his play very few players have (before Nasri turned traitor and left us he would have been the closest play Wenger would have groomed to Bergkamp).

    Ozil is Ozil, he has his own strengths and weaknesses, lets love him like that. No need to add pressure on the lad by comparing him or others to our heroes, look what that sh!t did to Jack, Theo, Denilson, etc.

  4. If Özil continues with this kind of form for the next 3-4 years only then will I start comparing him to Bergkamp let alone say that Özil is already better !

  5. For me the only comparison that has to be made for Özil is deciding whether or not he is the best number 10 in the league. This season he has been, but the best number 10 in the league over the past 2-3 seasons (since Özil joined) has been David Silva. Sadly, Silva has been injured for most of this season so it’s difficult to compare them now, but Özil has been so impressive that I don’t really feel the need to compare him to anyone right now – I know he’s best.

    1. Silva was better because he had Aguero and Toure giving him complete freedom, but ever since leCoq joined and Walcott came back from injury Ozil has proven to be the better playmaker. Only 4 assists away from beating Messi as Europe’s top assist maker

  6. Let’s just say that Ozil is on fire at the moment and leave it at that.

    Bergkamp is a legend and has a statue at the Emirates!

  7. I am a huge fan of Mezut Ozil even when he was at madrid i loved watching him play, then when we signed him i actually was lost for words as one of my favourite players in World Football had joined the gunners in a time when we needed stars to come to the club and he started that change in fortunes for us… since he has came we have won back to back fa cups n community shield. Think alot of people tend to forget its been since Ozil came back from injury at the start of the calender year he has been absolutly brilliant, hes been that good his stats are going through thr roof in the premiership atm showing that his 1st2seasons was just settling and he got the WC striker/forward he badly needed for making them runs in Alexis, Bergkamp had Henry also in front of him. Now imagn Ozil with Thierry infront of him?

    Bergkamp has a statue outside The Emirates for a god damn good reason or 50 and you cant compare an absolute legend of the club who served us for years with excellent service with Ozil has had one full calender year in 2015 to show he can be the next best thing to Bergkamp Arsenal has ever had! If Ozil is doing this sorta thing from now to 2018 then we can put him in the same categorie as the great flying dutchman himself…

    You never know if Ozil does keep going and win a fw titles and a champions league in next 3years then he could maybe eclipse him for records and a we statue could be set for him if he does the business for the next 3-4years!

  8. Sanchez has a slight hamstring problem and wenger is still contemplating on whether to play him against Norwich ?
    Campbell is also a doubt.

  9. Listen Baby Please

    Ozil is awesome
    I agree with Wenger when he said that Ozil Was a bargain at £42 millon

    Ozil and Cazorla are the perfect CM

  10. The difference is Ozil does not possess Bergkamp’s ruthless, mean and mentally strong winning edge…..and he never will because he is just not that type of player….not saying he cannot do the job for us though, there are more than one way to break eggs

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