Arsenal star joins new campaign to raise money against Coronavirus

As the world of football is being put on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic, a number of efforts have been put towards ending the pandemic.

The virus is spreading so fast that football fans don’t know when the leagues across the world would resume.

However, players have been making contributions towards ending the pandemic and Hector Bellerin has become the latest Arsenal player to join an effort.

The Spanish star is one of several Premier League players who have pledged financial support towards a relief fund geared towards ending the spread of the coronavirus.

Mirror Sport claims that Bellerin alongside the likes of Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Andros Townsend and Callum Wilson have all signed up for the #FootballUnited campaign.

The campaign’s target is to raise £100,000 and all the proceeds from the fundraising would be sent to National Emergency Trust Fund and it will be used to help the elderly and the most vulnerable individuals in the society as the pandemic rips through.

Arsenal was scheduled to return to training earlier this week, but the continuous spread of the coronavirus has forced the Gunners to suspend training indefinitely.

The Premier League will also not be restarted until at least the end of April, a date that could still be extended.

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  1. This initiative is very welcome but sadly £100,000 is a spit in the ocean compared to what is needed

    Guardiola has apparently donated 1 million euros to help the crisis in Catalonia so I’d be amazed if the premier league players aren’t similarly generous

    Equally, football teams could go under without financial assistance in the lower leagues

    Scary stuff

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