Arsenal star leaks date that Premier League football will return

Dani Ceballos has leaked the real date that the Premier League will be restarted in an interview.

The Premier League teams have started small groups training this week after more than 60 days that the league campaign has been suspended.

The authorities had chosen 12th of June for the competition to be restarted so that this season can be completed.

However, managers have complained that starting on that date would be too early for them as they will need more time to prepare their players for the restart.

Ceballos has now revealed that the campaign will get back underway on the 20th of June.

He said per RTVE in Spain: “We are going to start a week late with respect to what is being talked about in Spain, which is June 12, and we are going to start the league on the 20th.

“We passed the test 48 hours ago and the results of the whole team were negative.”

The Spaniard, who has been on loan at Arsenal this season, had become an important player for the Gunners just before the campaign became suspended.

As teams return to training, he will hope that he can continue to impress Mikel Arteta to retain a starting place in the team.

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  1. Declan says:

    He’s hardly leaked it.
    Saw that on tv news yesterday.

    1. jon fox says:

      DECLAN, there is very little ever on this site that is actually news. In this age of instant communication, almost all we get on here is unfounded or made up so called rumours, most of which are not remotely true. Trying to kid us that articles are news is a waste of time. THIS IS AN OPINION SITE, NOT A NEWS SITE and better that way. The facts are that acual football news -as distinct from nonsense like Auba playing Formula one online – happens only very occasionally and not hourly to siut this site. But I am an irritating realist and will always remain so. I don’t buy into nonsense and cons.

      Unnecessary comments about this site deleted

      1. Admin Pat says:

        Jon, why can’t we be an ‘opinion’ site, and also a ‘news’ site, and a ‘rumour,’ site? Can’t justarsenal be all things to ALL Arsenal supporters?

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