Arsenal star man not worried about his current dip in form

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang admits that Arsenal is struggling in their attack at the moment and that includes himself.

However, the striker claims that he isn’t worried about that because he and his team are experienced enough to get themselves out of their current situation.

The Gabon striker is enduring his worst goal drought since 2014 as he hasn’t scored a goal in the league since the opening day 3-0 win over Fulham.

Aubameyang has been criticised in some quarters for his performances especially because his poor form coincides with him signing a new deal.

But the attacker is unfazed by the current circumstances and he is confident that his team will turn it around in their attack very soon.

‘We are not finding scoring goals easy at the moment,’ Aubameyang told the Standard. ‘This happens in teams — I haven’t scored for a few games in the league, either. 

‘But we’re an experienced team, with experienced attacking players and we know we will turn this around. I’m not worried about that.’  

Arsenal’s next Premier League game will be against Manchester United and fans will hope that Aubameyang will choose that game as a good time to return to form.

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  1. For the first time in the history of Arsenal, Arteta tried Pepe on the left against Dondalk F.C.. This shows Arteta is trying to be flexible but if he truly wants to be flexible, then he should try this 4-2-3-1 formation with a better pace and recovery time in midfield. With Willian and Pepe rotating at will.






    I hope Arteta is aware that Partey and Maitland-Niles have pace and good recovery time? The whole team should continue to train on first touch ball control and the attacking players should continue to train more on link-up play and understanding with each other. We must replicate the Fabregas days again, it is the benchmark for glory and winning titles.

    1. Franko, I like the look of that line-up, but with Elneny, Partey and AMN as a midfield and Saka out right replacing Willian.

      A 4-3-2-1 formation, speed on each wing, excellent crossing from both sides and a midfield three that will be combative, but also able to feed the through balls to Aubameyang – the defence will look after itself.

      I don’t usually go in for selecting teams and formations, but we need to go out and attack manure, not give them the run of the park and this team could just do that….in my opinion.

      1. That would be a 4-3-3 Liverpool style. Not bad, but Bellerin and Tierney would have to attack and defend in equal measure.

  2. If you really think Maitland Niles is good enough for that position then you must be dreaming with your eyes open.

    1. anie, not dreaming, just watching, listening to the professionals, seeing his performances and looking at who else could play that role.

      As Grandad says, perhaps you could give us your opinions on the team?
      After all, that’s only what Franko and I have done.

    2. Have we all not being saying we should play Maitland-Niles in his preferred position? Where is his preferred position if I may ask you.

  3. Hardly a constructive comment anie.Franko is entitled to his opinion even if it differs from yours.Perhaps you would give us your opinion on the topic raised in the article?

  4. Niles doesn’t know what he wants, such rigid people r not needed in any team with prospects of top four, to me he can do it better than Hector in that spot if he was focused on that, but in midfield its a bit of a joke, otherwise we need a guy who can avail himself for the ball to link up with the towards, en to pull the opposition defensive team off our attackers some how.

  5. en the coach needs to identify saka’s best position otherwise he will be a bit of Niles in years to come if he keeps playing him wherever he feels lyk.

  6. en the coach needs to identify saka’s best position otherwise he will be a bit of Niles in years to come if he keeps playing him wherever he feels lyk.

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