Arsenal star oozing confidence! But is he right or wrong?

I have a feeling that there will be a lot of Arsenal fans out there; as well as a much bigger percentage of the football media, who I think have got an unbalanced dislike of the Gunners and a strange wish to see Arsene Wenger and his players fail, that will see the signs of confidence at the Emirates stadium as being misguided and having no real basis in reality.

You must be joking they will scoff, you were miles behind Chelsea last year, you blew your best chance in a decade the season before and you are a bunch of bottlers when the going gets tough. Well I for one disagree and it seems that our brilliant young Spanish right back Hector Bellerin feels the same way.

The 20-year old has been speaking to Arsenal Player and he made it perfectly clear that he has no doubts about the ability of the Gunners to mix it with the best in the Premier League and even the Champions League. In fact there is no club that he feels Arsenal should fear.

Bellerin has not suffered the same disappointing blows as many of his Arsenal team mates like Theo Walcott who has now been a member of the first team squad for longer than any other, nearly 10 years. And I think a lot of his confidence comes with his own personal experience of breaking into the starting line up and doing well, as he admits himself to it being one of his goals already achieved.

Bellerin said, “My goal has always been to improve, work hard and fight for a place in the starting XI. Last season I got the minutes that I was hoping for and I hope that next season I can do the same.

“I’m really, really excited for the new season. The way we finished this season, the team have really come together and we’ve had some great performances, especially since the New Year.

“The team really feel like we can beat any team in the world with the performances we’ve had, so we’re all really, really excited to hopefully start the season with the right mindset and with the right results. Hopefully by the end of next season we can win some more trophies.

“We need to start with the confidence that we finished this season with. That’s going to important for us, to keep pushing and start where we left off at the end of last season.”

The thing is, Gooners, that although some may say this confidence is misplaced, it is also a real bonus. We have all heard about how half the battle in professional sport is in the mind. Positive Mental Attitude and all that, so if Bellerin wants to believe that Arsenal have the strength and talent to beat the very best and win any competition we enter, what is so wrong with that?

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  1. Thats what i love to hear, a young hector bellerin full of confidence! Thats the right kind of spirit you want to see your team players having going into the new season! All the best in the new season hector! Coyg!

  2. The late great Vince Lombardi said that if you went into a game thinking you d lose, you had already lost.
    It is very good for him to be confident.
    I bet Chile was confident before facing Argentina full of stars.

  3. Off topic
    Admin if yiu want to make a lot of money, write an article on how awful Giroud is, then sell the ads related to how many will comment….hahaahah

  4. I hope the Emirates stadium would start resonating that sort of confidence; it’s been our worst player at least the last couple of seasons.

    We CAN beat anyone.. but that’s my confidence as a couch fan.

  5. ___________________EXCUSE ME_______________
    When will Wenger sign that world-class striker and the solid defensive midfielder we’ve all been talking about???

      1. So is Welbeck and Walcott.

        He might sign a striker though you never know with Arsene.

  6. Aging Arteta signed a new contract…… Apparently, our quest for new a back-up D.M looks diminished….. Sorry friends…And walcott will play at C.F ……no new striker will be purchased…… That leaves us with two options….. A WINGER and/or L.B(if necessary)WILL BE BROUGHT IN ……Tiz my own picture of the story

    1. Dammit!! I hate how predictable Wenger is with his transfers… Obviously, everyone saw Ospina getting the boot to bring in a veteran keeper, way to shake it up Wenger!!

  7. Those people mentioned in the article that scoff whenever any suggestion of Arsenal having a chance of winning the league is made tend to be the adolescent Chelsea plastics that think football was invented in 2005. They’re so abundant in my area of South West London. Drives me nuts. Just ignore them, they know nothing of football.

  8. A lot of fans acting like 6 year olds before xmas. Would you relax for gness sake? Seriously, the transfer window JUST opened and we already have a WC player in, yet you still moan. I want us to sign the remaining guys early as well but come on, some of you are ridiculous.

    1. Yes I’m 6 years old in the summer. As football fans, the summer transfer window is our Christmas. We just hope that our parents Mr Wenger and Gazidis don’t wait until Christmas Eve to do all their shopping, because a lot of the goodies are sold out by then.

  9. ________Benzema
    __Ronaldo Gnabry Di Maria
    ______Cazorla Alonso
    Marcelo Boateng Ramos Lahm

  10. Bellerin is a good defender. Still needs to improve and learn his trade though. Next time we play United we need him to chip at Ashley young better than he did in the last game we played United. But he is developing and I like he’s football. Also Monreal deserve alot more credit he has improved our left back position and kept our wanna be winger Gibbs on the bench…Thank God

  11. It’s great to see academy products like Bellerin make it to the starting XI, unlike in other teams, where youth are barely given a chance. When we do win the Premier League next season, it will be sweeter knowing that we stuck to a philosophy rather than just spend our way to the top with millions from owners.

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