Arsenal Star opens up about performances, his future and Arsene Wenger

Looking at how dismally the season is going, there have been a lot of doubts cast on whether Arsenal can even achieve the bare minimum of finishing in the top four this season. However, another significant point of concern are the futures of the Gunners’ two star players, Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, who are both out of contract next summer. While it looks certain that the former will pack his bags at the end of the season, the latter seems to be still weighing up his options.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Mesut Ozil said: “It makes me happy that the fans support me, that my team-mates and the club support me. But football is my priority, we have aims with the team to reach the Champions League. In the summer there’s enough time to talk about other things.

“I’m very happy. I have a connection with the club. I love London, it’s great to live here but I can’t say today what will happen in the future. In the summer we’ll definitely talk.”

Now although it may be a little optimistic to think that the German will not sign a new contract considering how the team is doing, I believe there is still a great chance he will stay. Firstly, as all his social media followers will know, the former Real Madrid fan simply loves living in London and will not be keen to leave
Second, his style of play fits the Arsenal system perfectly. No other big club in Europe will allow him the creative freedom that he enjoys being the Gunners’ No 10. But on top of everything else, it’s the amount of trust that the Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has in his star man, and Ozil himself conceded that his future has a lot to do with whether Wenger will stay or not.

“It’s not just important for me but for the whole club,” he says. “It’s important to know if he stays or if he goes. We need to think towards next season. He’s very important. In my career I’ve always made decisions not just because of clubs but managers, too. As a footballer, it’s important to have the manager’s trust and believe they can develop you.”

So with that being said, a top-four finish (as unlikely as it seems) and Wenger renewing his contract and spending big over the summer should be enough to see German playmaker stay at the Emirates. Despite many of the club’s fans calling for Wenger’s head, it is important to note that with the departure of the Frenchman, we are likely to see the departures of many star players like Ozil, Bellerin, Koscielny and the list goes on.

Now while that may not be a strong enough reason for the Gunners’ boss to stay, would Arsenal fans trust the board to bring in a quality replacement and give him the financial firepower to build a squad capable of challenging for the title?



  1. Juhi McLovin says:

    Only way Özil could succeed at Arsenal if he was surrounded strong-willed players who fight until the final whistle and would never let their heads drop.

    This is because Özil is a mentally weak player, and I don’t blame him, he is who he is. It’s managers task to put faith into the players. Wenger is weak as well.

    Matter of fact, most of the first team players are weak sheeps. At least someone like Özil has the skillset to succeed on the pitch but other weaklings like OX, Ramsey and Theo, well they are just both mentally weak and not good enough to perform on the pitch week in and out.

    Although it would remain to be seen how these players would do under a manager like Allegri or Simeone, a manager who could inject them with fire.

    “If the soldiers lack discipline, the fault lies within their commander” – Tywin Lannister

    1. Judith Le'Strange says:

      If we had a manager in the form of Allegri or Simeone then I’m sure the team with a few new players and a lot of our dead wood players shipped out to ever is willing to stomp up the cash for them, then I believe we would be challenging for every domestic cup/PL and more importantly the Champions League, but while Wenger is allowed to dictate his own terms to the Board and Kroenke then we will never ever move on, we will become a laughing stock and probably be relegated.

  2. joe from kenya says:

    Hi gooners,the more i watched the uefa games this week the more i realised that arsenal are so far away from those teams as in we are not in the same level to be honest in terms of quality,commitment,tactics we are just inferior sigh.. for example the bayern-madrid game robben was marked by two players almost all game he was neutralized by a disciplined marcelo does wenger even watch such games at home to learn a thing or two about tactics coz when we play bayern robben always scores the same exact goals against us with his left foot ffs,we shouldnt yearn for top 4 as we dont deserve to be competing at that level honestly,sad to be writing this..gooner for life and the next,cheers.

  3. arsenal1 says:

    No other club or top coach would accept his disappearing act

  4. Nebsy says:

    In this episode of football pawn shop:

    So Ozil will stay if Wenger signs a new deal, Arsenal makes it into the UCL and more quality players are brought in? Best I can do is Wenger signing a new deal.

  5. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I hear that Arsenal will offer Sanchez £300,000 a week in an attempt to keep him at the club…
    ????? Or ?????

  6. AndersS says:

    Scary prospect that both Wenger and Özil should stay. That would mean another season without defensive fight and discipline and no chances of major trophies.

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