Arsenal star plays down Bellerin’s possible Barca departure

Arsenal’s Nacho Monreal has given his thoughts on the saga surrounding the future of Hector Bellerin, and he doesn’t believe he will leave.

The young right-back is strongly linked with a return to his boyhood club Barcelona, and the player himself has refused to play down such reports.

Bellerin recently revealed that his family had left him in London to return to Spain, citing family reasons for their departure, before talking up his love for his former city.

The Catalan giants are also believed to be looking to strengthen in his position this summer, having relied on Sergi Roberto as a makeshift defender in the role this term, but despite a number of reasons to believe Hector could be on his way, his team-mate Monreal claims he isn’t.

“Hector is a good player in any team,” he said.

“Barca are looking for a player in that position and, after his performance for Arsenal, it’s logical Barca would look at him.

“He is a young player, but he shows maturity for his age and he is doing very well at Arsenal.

“He is a very fast player and very focused.

“But what characterises him most is the speed.

“He’s an Arsenal player today and will almost certainly remain there,” he added.

“Hector is a very important player for us and the coach has already told him that.”

When asked if Bellerin had mentioned anything about wanting to leave the Emirates, Monreal said: “He did not tell me anything.”

Is Bellerin hiding his hopes of a move from his team-mates? Will the speculation blow over? Could Arsenal refuse to allow him a move or would it have a negative effect on the squad?

Pat J


  1. just in:
    dick law spotted at wayne routledges house…naked
    fair play arsenal are working hard to get these …ahem signatures

  2. Rumour has it that Wenger is pushing a world record fee + O Giroud for mbappe . If only Wenger pulls this off , it will be a huge facepalm to the entire football universe which I really want to see ……..?????

    1. Would be a stupid fee for a one season wonder, although Mbappe does have massive potential. Then again, isn’t it potential that costs us every season? Instead, I feel we should be going for the ready made product, a striker who’s been doing it season in, season out. It’s Aubameyang for me. But like you, I’d still be delighted with Mbappe.

      Even if Wenger pulls off a miracle, and signs Mbappe, it still doesn’t solve all our problems though. We need a WC play-maker to replace Ozil, and we need a WC DM/CM as well. Cannot see why Mbappe would pick Arsenal over Real though. In fact, I’d be surprised if he even chose Arsenal over his current club, because Monaco are winning leagues, and doing great in Europe, whilst Arsenal are regressing at quite some rate.

      1. I would disagree slightly, Mbappe is a generational talent, and we dont have such young potential. Our problem has been none of our young players achieve anything, or does not have too much potential either. They cost more sometimes than their true value, because they are English.

    2. Seems to me like this spoilt child is scared of Chamberlain. In fact the role suit Oxlade more than him

  3. He can go if he wants to go.
    Not like his leaving is breaking a winning team is it?
    Underwhelming is a word I would use to describe this “rebuilding”
    Then again, only the most blind and dense would believe it was anything but a ruse to defraud Arsenal season ticket holders from their money.
    With each passing day my dislike of Arsene Wenger becomes that much stronger….

  4. Mark my words we will never win the league with Mr Wenger regardless bellerin or sanchez stay or move. It has been 14 freaking years. Now we sound more like Liverpool, “this season is gonna be ours”. I’m sick and tried of this. Every season Wenger makes our pathetic fan base believe that we are a good enough squad to win on all 3 fronts. For sake of Christ open your eyes people. We all know what is need to do but still every season we don’t. Last season too before that too we knew but we didn’t all beacuse of the delusional Mr Wenger and I’m not hoping for change or so .

  5. Well, it’s not as if Monreal is going to say “Yeah, Bellerin told me, but he said not to tell anyone” is it? ? ? but it’s funny how one of Bellerin’s international teammates is chirping like a bird, with news that our young star wants to move back to Barcelona but feels attached to Arsenal… Like Err, 5 years left on your contract, kind of attached.
    Personally, I couldn’t give a rats ass and as far as I’m concerned the whole team needs rebuilding, so if any bottler wants to leave then sell him and replace him with someone who will bust a gut every time he puts on The Arsenal’s shirt.?

  6. I cannot believe there are people out there who honestly, truthfully believe that Arsene Wenger can lead Arsenal to Premiership and European success despite thirteen years of evidence that shows us he cannot.
    I don’t even believe the people who so blindly support Wenger are Arsenal fans by any stretch of the term – you want success for the team regardless of who is the manager.
    Arsenal are simply a good team under him – good is never exceptional and to win the Premiership you need to be exceptional.
    Wenger is killing Arsenal – only the most biased Wenger supporter would deny it..

    1. I don’t think anyone in the world thinks that. Even the likes of Ty and Chris are saying it purely out of respect for the man. And I’m all out of respect.

  7. Everton have signed Pickford on a 5 year deal. (£25million + add on’s)
    Morata moving closer to Utd.
    Arsenal to offer £100 million plus Giroud for Mbappe.
    ?? The mighty lamppost with his Monster Beard Will surely make us favourites to sign this kid now? ?

    1. IF that ms true it’s about 125 m and for me he’s worth what ever, people moan about wenger( me inc) but some say he won’t spend and this kids a gamble he’s with it in 5 years he could be worth 300m
      Put him alongside Sanchez or buy dembele and a top top Dm we are better than spuds and Liverpool just a little more and we will be back

      I would pay to watch this kid

      1. Sanchez and Mbappe up front would be scary… with Ozil creating and Xhaka playing those long balls… Hope this rumour is real and it actually goes through

      2. Wishful thinking.
        They’ll buy either Golovin or Andre Gray to replace Sanchez. Sanchez won’t stay, there is no way in the world that will happen. Neither will Mbappe transfer happen.
        All of these fabrications are sponsored by Arsenal, so that we can walk into a sports shop and buy an Aresnal shirt and a scarf.

  8. Guys, look deep into your souls. if you were Bellerin would you want to stay at Arsenal especially when a club of Barcelona’s calibre is after you? This is no rocket science. Step out of it, guys. Good bye Bellerin

  9. Donnarumma will not renew his AC Milan contract which expires next summer. I feel Arsenal should offer them Szczęsny in exchange for him and maybe, plus a few million quid. Szczęsny has solid experience in Serie A and was the golden gloves winner with the second placed team. Besides, Juventus wants him which shows how highly rated he is in the league. I like Szczęsny and would love him back at Arsenal but this is also another way round should he want to remain in Serie A. It would be a win-win for all parties involved.

    1. Tho Szczęsny is mistake prone least with Arsenal he was he still did a good job mostly and when you think which defenders he had in front of him makes it that much better.
      Still dont think hes good enough for us he lacks presence.

  10. Nacho is an intelligent player by trying to settle Bellerins head and at the same time letting the fans know he will be @arsenal next season #Legend

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