Arsenal star prepared to work hard for title bid

The Arsenal defender Mathieu Debuchy has high hopes for the upcoming season. He thinks that the arrival of Petr Cech has galvanized the side and the Gunners can win the Premier League next season.

Cech joined Arsenal this summer after ending a long 11 year association with Chelsea. After losing his first team place to Thibaut Courtois, Cech wanted a team that can guarantee him more game time. And so when Arsenal came knocking with a £10 million transfer offer, Cech was happy to accept.

Debuchy believes that the 33-year-old arrival will help propel the club to better performances. He hopes that the squad is capable of competing for titles, now. The French international is back in training ahead of the pre-season trip to Singapore.

The former Newcastle United defender endured a difficult year last season. During an injury-hit campaign, he made just 15 appearances for the club in all competitions. The 29-year-old is hoping that the injury problems are behind him and he would have a better season this year.

In his absence, young Spanish defender Hector Bellerin showed great attitude and skills to fill up the position. In fact, Bellerin was touted by many to be the player of the season for Arsenal. Of course, for all of them, Bellerin was a surprise package and hence the assessment.

But, Debuchy hopes that competition for places will help improve his own game. If he can stay injury free, Arsene Wenger will have a sweet dilemma of choosing between Bellerin and Debuchy.

In this context, the pre-season is an important tour for the Frenchman. If he can show that he has recovered fully and is ready to step up for the new season, Wenger will be more than happy. Having a squad that has competition at all places is a good sign for any manager who wants to compete for many trophies.

“I’m so excited to go to Singapore and work hard with the team,” Debuchy told Arsenal Player. “I’ve never been before, it’s my first time.
“I need to have a good pre-season,” he added. “It was a hard year last year and I need to do some hard training to be fit for the first game.
“It’s also important for us to play Premier League teams like Stoke City and Everton because in one month we will play in the Premier League and we need to be ready.”

Wenger may have broken his duck of many years through consecutive FA Cups in the last couple of seasons but every supporter will acknowledge that winning Premier League is the utmost challenge and priority for this squad. Wenger missed a keeper who can complete his squad and put Arsenal on par with our competition. With the arrival of Cech, that piece of the puzzle is complete.

“Petr is a very good keeper with massive experience,” Debuchy said. “He has a lot of quality and is a complete goalkeeper.
“I think [Arsenal can challenge for the Premier League] and I hope so too. We have all the chance to win the Premier League.”

There is still time in the transfer window and Wenger may end up making a couple of additions. Even then, this squad looks good enough to challenge for Premier League and Debuchy believes that Cech’s arrival has already helped galvanize the entire squad.

Do you agree with Debuchy? Has Cech lifted the side even before playing for the club?


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  1. Yes, Cech is a great leader amongst men, and we need that solid communication down the back.
    As for Debuchy, I like his attitude and I hope the competition between him and Bellerin can push both of them, for the whole season, and not just for the beginning part.
    I still think we need to add a couple signings though, a DM and a ST/LW. But with Gabriel and double talented full backs on BOTH sides, I think we are looking good defensively.

      1. Good question mate. But I think it’s because Wenger cares for his players as people, and is not as cut throat as some managers. He is always willing to give another chance, which might be his biggest flaw. But his players love him for it. Us fans hate it 🙂

        1. Wenger is a retard if he keeps flamini this season. He will for one last time prove how stupid he is. Come on, flamini?????why?????manure get Scwheni and we keep flamini????why are we so unlucky???how can we reach Wenger and tell him flamini will no longer cut it for us. How can we do that????still can’t get over the fact that manure have got a world class midfielder in Scwheni and we have flamini and arteta

          1. Another great news is that Chelsea are in for Pedro now…just wonderful!!!! Why don’t we sign Pedro???he’s not quality??? Oh I forgot, we have to wait until Chelsea sign him and then regret.

            1. seancali quit being a plastic fan. you can think we need an upgrade, but not in those words. flam gives his all every game. get some respect m8

    1. Can’t believe we still have flamini in our ranks while manure are adding players like deepay and Scwheni. The Scwheni signing hurts deep down, it hurts to see manure spend so much on world class players while we keep faith in flamini and arteta…this is a joke

      1. I think wenger has to be more ruthless now, he has improved though with cech signing even though we have two good gk but he has to be more ruthless because we are very close to winning the epl and cl especially with time running out for him. He should have released arteta and sold flamini and gotten another DM to compete with coquelin and play them together in those difficult away games when we need to defend well. And we are aspiring to be on the the same level with teams like barca, real madrid, bayern, chelsea, juventus, and even man city then giroud is not good enough as first choice for most of those teams except us fans compare us with liverpool, tottenham, valencia, sevilla, everton. I like giroud but we need someone with more dynamism even if his goal ratio is similar to giroud’s own because these kind of strikers strike fear into the minds of the opponents defenders. If wenger can sign a DM, ST or a winger like pedro if walcott is converted to a strker and reduce injuries and be more consistent, then we could win the epl this season and do better in the champions league. Right now, our squad is good enough for a top three finish but not sure we can win it.

        1. Lupe, getting rid of flamini and arteta is not being ruthless, its just simple managerial decision that Wenger should have made. It’s not late now, we can just let arteta warm the bench,get rid of flamini and sign a dm. About giroud I have to say I am a huge fan, but even me as a huge fan wants an upgrade on giroud. These are the 2 positions we need to add players. It’s a must. It’s not being ruthless its doing the right thing for the club and for the fans

    2. I love Debuchy, but if I were him I’d want to be back in France finishing my career not sitting on the bench. Bellerin and Chambers are both good Right backs. Debuchy is too good to sit on the bench.

  2. Its a prolific world class goal scorer we need but that’ll never happen under this twat. Not long til we here “we already have a squad capable of winning the league”. The akb brigade have 2 FA cups in their armoury now. Fail to prepare and prepare to fail as per every August

    1. Two fa cups in their armoury? Guess your not an arsenal fan then, Sanchez last year, oz il the year before and only 11 days into the window we’ve got cech and are about to announce huge signing. There’s only one twat around here mate and that’s you.

      1. Justin….seriously???? One world class player every year??????????is that the way to do it????why don’t you look at our competitors???? Manure have signed two world class players already..Chelsea signed 3 world class players last season and won the leauge.. One quality player per season is not enough Justin…it’s not enough to challenge… Why don’t we get it????we can’t fool ourselves

        1. Your problem seancali is you seem to think spending money guarantees success you mention manure , they spent 150 million last summer and what did they win ? Oh yeah f all the last two seasons injuries have crippled us , we’ve added a world class keeper and I’d bet that were not done in the market yet and your on here every day it seems going on and on about we need dm and striker. Why don’t you just wait until the window closes and then moan if we don’t sign someone?

          1. Justin… The Scwheni signing hurts sooooo much…another thing that hurts is that we are still stuck with flamini… Im not moaning, I hope we do make the signings we need. And I hope we get rid of flamini….

          2. I agree with Seancali. We should sign atleast 2-3 world class players per season to win trophies. Signing only one player wont solve our problems. Man Utd spent like mad boys on wrong players last season. Look at Chelsea they signed proven top level players like Costa and Fabregas whereas Man Utd spent money on Shaw,
            Blind, Herrera, Di Maria, Rojo and Falcao. We have to buy CDM and ST.

            1. Money talks, thank you. All I’m saying is for us to sign two more quality players this season. For once let’s sign more than one world class player in a transfer window. We need a DM and striker to have any chance of winning the bpl.thank you Wenger for getting cech but its time to make the signings we really need.

      2. Have to agree with Justin here. Lol maybe not the twat part. I have been impressed with Wenger lately, AND TRUST ME, I wanted him out a couple years back…
        But I think it was staring us all in the face and now it’s clear to see; our drought and selling of our best players started when we spent half a billion on our STADIUM…and now that, that’s paid we are building and buying WorldClass players.
        I think Wenger had his hard times, but I’m not sure any other manager could have done better in that predicament (maybe Fergie, F Jose).
        But we are on the rise…Triple FA and a league tittle anyone? 🙂

        1. Now we’re talking jstarr, Wenger has done an amazing job and the financial shackles are now off , Wenger plays the waiting game in most windows because he knows the huge clubs are under constant pressure to bring in marquee signings and he knows that world class players become surplus to requirements ( ozil and Sanchez springs to mind) some fans say we shouldn’t settle for rejects! Well if those two are rejects then I’ll take it every time especially if Benzema is next! Wenger builds a squad and creates harmony with loyalty, we all know flamini isn’t good enough and I think he’ll be gone before the season starts.

  3. POLL: If Arsene was to strengthened the team, which position will you strengthen? Thumb up for Striker and Thumb down for Defensive Midfielder.

    1. POLL: does it hurt to see manure sign Scwheni. Thumbs up for yes and thumbs down for no.,.

      I’m going nuts,they get Scwheni and we are stuck with flamini…

      1. Just compared both players on Squawka…I’m happy with coq….better overall defensive score last season and had 59 tackles to Bastians 22. Bastian stood out in his passing, that’s all…but we have players for that 🙂 so be happy with what YOU have….and forget MANURE

        1. Ok, I see your really talking about Flamini so I added him to the mix….he has 33 tackles to Bastians 22 in just 3 more games….just sayin

      2. We wouldn’t accept in public that schweni is a great signing but we all know he is.
        We are once again considering that players returning from injuries will be like new signings but that would be when we don’t lose players to injuries again. For the past decade we just haven’t had our luck with injuries so we should learn from past and not live with fake hope of an injury free season because its inevitable at arsenal fc.
        To put the burden of that pivotal defensive midfield role on coquelin alone seems to be a faulty plan to me. Must get schniederlein.

  4. Dear fans plz take a look around at how active our competitors are in the everyone is adding world class players while we are waiting for the final day of transfers to realise we need players. I’m still staying positive but I’m hurt. Scwheni to manure hurts bad…

  5. Muzzi Ozcan just favourited by tweet. Also @SimonPeach is reporting that Schneiderlin has been left out of the Southampton squad to face Valencia or Red Bull. Is Schneiderlin coming to
    Man Utd or Arsenal ?

  6. We MUST get Vargas and Aranguiz. They are both World Class on a yearly, monthly and dailyyyyy

  7. Manchester United have done some tremendous business. In 45 odd million they have got 3 great players. Just have to make sure we dont let them win in the battle of Schneiderlin. Just cannot afford that.

    1. I hear you WB but in fairness Utd really need a good transfer window – the last 2 windows have hit their reputation really quite hard. Is that now £300M in 2 years? And they still need at least one striker, probably a GK and a CB. Another £100M. We can’t get upset every time a rival makes some signings – it’s gonna happen. And they are still convinced they are getting Schneiderlin.

  8. Manure with LVG will never finish above us even if they get Ronaldo back so guys LET’S STAY POSITIVE. COYG

  9. Let’s be real about this spending money on fellani rojo and a injured falcoa and a injured luke Shaw then buying a world class south American who is likely to hate the weather of Manchester and the physical demand of the prem will not guarantee you success. However with the right management and the right desire with balance within the team spending money does get you a fair amount of success. Chelsea transferred their middle table club into prem winners within couple years of spending serious money and the same has to be said about Man City. This was done with great precision and good management and really good signings. Ok Liverpool and spurs spent money too within the last couple of seasons but look at the players they bought. They bought here there and every where uefa level players without deep thought. Manchester United bought anyone with out knowing the type of style of football they want to play week in week out.

  10. O yeah and for those that think vargas is crap you may be right however he is 100 times better than former post man Sanogo.
    Sanogo went palace on loan played terrible and got dropped. Sanogo can’t even make it into a palace team. And yet he was bought to play for arsenal and be the next anelka…loooool

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